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By | November 22, 2014

Photography is the art to get master in photography you need learn techniques to get expert in it.  Whether you are a novice and want some advice on landscape, wildlife or nature photography then here are some advanced techniques and information which you need:

1.  Common Mistakes Made by New Photographers

There are small group of errors that are repeated constantly, practically by less experienced photographers. A photographer needs to build up right foundation of skills before they successfully turn away from them.


  1. Colors should not be too strong or unrealistic: There are many photographers who look for images those appear on their screen which look off to everyone else. This can because of the screen problem it never can show you true tones. New photographers have the common tendency to make their photos look like paintings. Instead of raising the saturation slider photographers need to find the images where the natural color in the scene is already strong. They need to find the subject at the bright color surrounded by muted tones.
  2. Not sharp enough shots: A good photographer needs to have control over the sharpness of image. While clicking a portrait, the focus point should be on the eyes. The eye must be the sharpest part of your image, not the nose or the ear. And also you need to pay attention to back focus in certain situations. It is where the camera focus can lose the aim when the instead focus is on the background behind it.  So when you are clicking with a full frame camera with a 50mm lens then shutter speed need to be 1/50th of a second. On an APS-C sensor a 50mm must be equivalent of 80mm lens and on a micro-4/3rds camera must be equivalent of 100mm lens, which needs 1/100th of a second shutter speed. You can think of raising the ISO to get some sharper shots, particularly in darker lighting situations or sometimes during the day. A higher ISO will let you use a faster shutter speed and a smaller aperture like f/16 which ensures that the image will be in focus.
  3. Not close enough:If your photos aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” You should be far away from the subject.  Try to get the close a wider angle lens. It can work for any type of photography whether it is portraits, landscapes or any other.
  4. Off Contrast, exposure, black and white levels:  You must maintain a vital image and the overall tone should have a good contrast, exposure, black levels, and highlights.  Always you need to try getting exposure as close to perfect as you can in the camera.  To get a perfect contrast is tough but you need to be careful about overdoing contrast as it can be very common mistake. You must add same amount of contrast to every image as the amount of contrast needed depends on the lighting of the scene.
  5.  No subject: To click a good photography beauty, light, and color is very important but sometimes the image needs some subject in them. Generating a great photography needs merging of both form and content.. If you can mix a beautiful image with an interesting subject matter then you are the best photographer.

2. Simple Ways to Create Stunning Eyes on portrait:

Here are some techniques to make eyes really stand out in portraits:

  1.  Light: Light can make your photographs admirable, the eyes look best when they are lit well with beautiful catchy lights. Catch lights are the reflection of a light source in the eyes. The size, shape, and brightness of catch lights totally depend on the light source.
  2. Expression: You are what you think so whatever arises in your thoughts make your world. So capture the expression in the eyes. If your subject is nervous or distracted it will be reflect in his or her eyes.

3. Cheat Sheet: Getting Control over Your Camera in Manual Mode: Try to adjust the settings to get a real and the best pictures out of your regular image.


4. For Sharp Backgrounds how to Find and Use Hyperfocal Distance: If you are photographing a landscape and have a nice foreground and background in the frame and you want a much focus then  you need to set the small aperture to get a nice wider depth of field. You can focus on something very close at the risk of blurring the background or you can focus on something far away and risk blurring your foreground elements.


5. Improve Your Eye for Composition: Eye for composition is the one thing that you need to elevate the work of the best photographers. The best way to learn composition is focus is applying it at a time. You can make it an exercise to improve the composition skills as same way the piano players practice scales.

  1. Use a single lens: lens has a enormous influence on the photos look the best way to learn the effect then you need to spend some time with one lens. Then zoom and fix the lens over one focal length.
  2. Work in black and white: Color is the powerful element that dominates the photos. It is difficult to see appreciate underlying building blocks of composition like texture, line, pattern and tonal contrast. So take away the color and start to improve the composition of your photos.
  3. Lines: Straight lines stretch across from one side of the image to the other. The horizontal lines can create a peaceful feeling, whereas diagonal lines are exciting and dynamic. Vertical lines are in-between. The photo has the advantage of diagonal lines.
  4. Negative space: It is the empty space in a photo. You need to improve a photo by getting closer to the subject. You need to use a wide-angle lens (24mm on a full-frame camera) to fit in as much of the landscape as you can. It is the best tool to learn composition images.

6. Biggest Kid Photography Mistakes: You may notice many families at the beach over the school holidays. There are many mistakes that can arise while photographing kids.


  1. Ask kids to sit still which is very difficult but you have to make them. You can even say them run & play. You can click some of the best images when the kids are allowed to run on the beach or at a park.
  2. Ask them to smile: take them to zoo or circus or become a good friend of them, say them funny things to click amazing pictures.
  3. So the next time you take photograph of kids let 3 tips in your mind. The photo shoot must flow and everyone much can have fun including you.
  •  Let the kids run and play.
  •  Be a clown and let the kids laugh naturally.
  •  Get down to their level.

7. Posing Guide for females: When you are shooting female subjects then you can follow posing samples as a “posing cheat sheet”, photographers can use such a technique when preparing for and during the photo shoot.


8. Posing Guide for Males: Men’s are usually less comfortable when they are process of photographing. It is to get him to be at ease with the process to get good result. It is better to prepare before the photo shoot. Each sample pose might and should be adjusted depending on your shooting environment and scenario.


9. How to take photograph of Dramatic Clouds at Sunset: The difference between a nice sunset and a dramatic sunset is the clouds. Clear sky at sunset might turn the shade of pale blue or pink to make beautiful and calm but the right amount of clouds in the sky can become alive with fire and drama as the days last rays reflect off the clouds which makes them red, orange, purple and pink.


10. Reflectors: These are the secret weapon for taking amazing Portrait Photography: Natural light in portrait photography can give you best result. When natural light does not do anything then reflector can do. To reflects the light there are hundreds of different types of reflectors which can be different in size and color (i.e. white, silver, gold, etc.).  A reflector can usually reflect fabric, stretched over a bendy ring, allowing it to fold, and easy to carry. 12 ” of reflector can be small and handy and can generate amazing portrait pictures.


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