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[Fixed]: “Class Not Registered” Error When Opening Photos

Learn 8 Effective Solutions To Solve ‘Class Not Registered’ Error When Opening Photos! Summary: This guide offer 8 effective and working solutions that will help you to fix ‘Class Note Registered” error when opening photos (such as JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF images) on Windows 10 computer or laptop.

Learn To Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card

Learn The Top And Proven Methods To Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Memory Card! Summary: This post is all about removing shortcut virus from SD card, microSD, SDHC, SDXC and other various memory cards that got infected with virus and all files and folders turned into shortcuts. You will learn to remove shortcut virus using CMD, anti-virus and… Read More »

How To Repair Corrupt, Damaged or Broken DJI Video Files

Effectively Repair/Fix And Recover Corrupted or Damaged Video Files Captured By DJI Phantom Mavic, Spark, Inspire Drone And Make Them Playable! Summary: In this specific blog we have listed the causes for the corruption of videos files that is recorded with DJI Phantom Drone. And also the best way to repair corrupted or broken DJI video files with… Read More »

Learn To Remove Virus From SD Card Without Formatting It

Summary: This tutorial article describes few effective and working solutions on how to remove virus from SD card without formatting it. We have mentioned manual method as well as third party software to recover files from virus infected SD card without formatting. Simply read and follow the instructions mentioned in the post.

How To Recover Files From LOST.Dir on External SD Card

Summary: This post simply introduces what is lost.dir folder in Android devices and how to recover lost or missing files from LOST.DIR on external SD card used within the Android based phones and tablets.

Learn To Use SD Card On Smartphones: Guides, Best Practices & More

Everything You Need To Know About Using SD Card on Android Smartphone: The Ultimate Guide! Storage space has been the major issues for smartphones and hence, Smartphones comes with external SD card slot that allow users to expand the storage space so that they can store more stuff on their mobile devices. The overall idea is very simple… Read More »

How to Fix “Seagate External Hard Drive Not Recognized” Without Losing Data

Summary:  In this specific post we are going to provide effective solutions to fix Seagate external hard drive not recognized or not detected issue. And also how to recover data from Seagate external hard drive not recognize, if loss of digital media files occur.

Recover Files When SD Card Says “Folder is Empty”: [99.9% Success Rate]

Summary: In one of my earlier post I have provided the solutions on how to fix “Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System” error, in the same phrase, today I am going to provide effective solution how to fix SD Card “Folder is Empty” or “memory card empty” error message and how to recover data from it.… Read More »

5 Basic Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners

Apply these photography tips and tutorials  and you will be able to take better photos and become master photographer! Photography is one of the very interesting field and one of the exciting hobbies that you can pick up. However it is not that easy as you think! At least for me it is one of the hardest things… Read More »

[100% Working]: Things To Do To Recover Deleted or Lost YouTube Videos

You will agree when I say – “there are many people out there who have accidentally deleted their YouTube videos from their media storage devices” And you will also agree when I say – “people who accidentally deleted their YouTube videos and are unable to recover them successfully, may be they are still looking for solution.” There are… Read More »