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10 Common Mistakes Made by New Photographers

Anyone can easily judge between a professional experienced photographer and a new one only by noticing the pictures clicked by them as small and almost unidentified mistakes are happens when a new photographer takes photo. So to be a professional photographer you need to avoid such mistakes. As a photographer, you need to build the right foundation of… Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Windows 8?

Easily Recover Deleted Photos from Windows 8 in Few Clicks!!! Data loss in common problem that is faced by the users and here we come across the situation when the pictures get erased or deleted from Windows 8 PC. Well, this can restore from the recycle bin on Windows PC, but if the files are not presented there… Read More »

How to Keep Your Memory Card Healthy?

The most frequently neglected parts of the digital photography is the Memory card. But they are very important as they are responsible for storing your photos safely to the time when you transfer them to your computer. Sometime you want to keep photos safely in your memory card until you transfer to your computer so it is very… Read More »

Digital Camera Memory Card – Using and Caring 13 Tips

“How to take care of digital camera’s memory card to make it last as long as possible?” a common question that comes in everyone’s mind who are found of using Digital camera is The memory card of the digital camera is one thing that unites any brand of digital camera is its media cards where the photos are… Read More »

How to retrieve deleted pictures on Samsung Galaxy Tab on Windows/Mac

Get Back deleted or Lost Pictures From Samsung Galaxy Tab in just a Few Steps Have you lost your precious pictures from your Samsung Galaxy tab due to some unexpected reasons? Are you looking for a way to get them back easily? If YES then you can easily retrieve them back using Digital Media Recovery. This recovery tool… Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Sony Xperia on Windows/Mac

Sony Xperia Photo & Video Recovery: Restore Photos and Video Files from Sony Xperia Phones!!! Summary – In order to retrieve deleted or lost photos and video files from Sony Xperia phones, you need to first stop using your phones from adding any new data on it, this make sure that your deleted photos and video remain there… Read More »

How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures From Android Smartphone on Windows/Mac

Step by Step Guide to Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures From Android Smartphone Are you using android smartphone and have you lost all your precious pictures from your android phone? Are you looking for a solution to get them back with an ease? If this is the issue, then you can retrieve them back with Digital Media Recovery… Read More »


Q 1: I have accidentally formatted my memory card. How I can recover the data using photo recovery software? Q 2: I am not able to see my camera in the software? What am I doing wrong? Q 3: How to recover Photo, music and videos using the photo recovery software? Q 4: What new file types are… Read More »

How to Recover Digital Media Stuffs From iDevices, iPhoto Library on Mac?

Get Back Deleted/Lost or Corrupted media Files From iDevices, iPhoto Library on Mac Easily Have you lost your photos and other multimedia files from iDevices, iPhoto library or from your Mac computer system? Do you want to get them back with an ease? If YES, then do not worry because here, in this blog, you will get the… Read More »