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How to Fix Unreadable Micro SD Card In Simple Steps!

Easily Restore Data like photos, videos and audio files from unreadable Micro SD card!!! Overview – Free Download Micro SD Card Data recovery software in order to recover unreadable micro SD card data, before you proceed to fix unreadable micro SD card or any of the card issues like RAW file system error, card logical damages, memory card… Read More »

Why Photos Becomes Inaccessible After Recovery?

There are so many advantages of digital photography over traditional film-based photography. Now people have their own digital cameras, smartphones through which they can easily take their photos and, therefore, they do not have to visit professional photographer for generating a photo. Today almost everybody captures photos with their digital cameras and smartphones and, therefore, they do not… Read More »

Symptoms of Damaged or Corrupted Memory Card

Summary: In this article, I am going to discuss on – how tell if your SD card is corrupted? How to know if your SD card is corrupted or damaged? As well as faulty/bad SD card symptoms. Along with the recommended solution on how fix bad memory cards and recover photos, videos and audio from it.

How to Fix Missing or Unread Files Error from Memory Card?

Recover unreadable or missing photos, videos and audio files from memory card!!! Overview – Are you getting unread or missing error message while accessing photos, videos and audio files from memory card? Do you want to restore your valuable and important image, video and audio files from error throwing memory card? If “yes” then you have landed on… Read More »

How to Fix Card is “write protected” error message?

“Memory card is ‘write protected” error message will arrives when memory card is write protected. To make a memory card write protected or protect the data of a memory card from unwanted modification a button is given on the side of the memory card which make user able to protect their memory card data.

How to Fix “Computer unable to read the card” problem!

Micro SD card can become unreadable on computer for strange reasons. If you using the SD card for many times but if you suddenly you use it on the computer then your card may become unreadable. Then it becomes hard to restore the lost photos and other files including videos and music.

How to fix “Card cannot be used” error message?

When you connect SD card with system and all content get inaccessible and card show error message “Card cannot be used”. This scenario may also happen when you connect your memory card with your digital camera, computer or laptop.  This error mostly occurs when it is inserted in to digital cameras like Sony Cybershot DSC-W730, Nikon D2X 50… Read More »

How To Get Rid of Memory Card Is Locked Error?

Summary: If your camera memory card or SD memory is showing “Card is Locked”, “Memory card/SD card is locked” error, then don’t worry! In this article post, you are going to learn some effective methods that will help you to fix and get rid of Memory card is locked error.

Why Photos Becomes Corrupt or Unreadable After Recovery – Reasons and Solution!

Summary: Used any photo recovery software to recover corrupted or deleted photos but after recovery the photos becomes corrupted or unreadable? Well, do not worry, in this post you will learn why photos becomes corrupt or unreadable after recovery and solutions to recover corrupted or unreadable photos.