How to Choose a Digital Camera – Guide To Buy A Perfect One!

By | December 11, 2013

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You probably have read dozens of articles who talk about which camera model is best that you should have for awesome photography. No doubt there are number of renowned brands in the market who offer best digital cameras that suits your need and budget completely. But to choose the best among them is not an easy task.

So, you have to keep some points in mind as discussed below before you go to pick your one.

Steps to choose right digital camera

  1. First you have to set the budget and according to that you may select the best of digital camera within that range.
  2. Settle on your practice level – Decide are you a novice or expert photographer. If you are novice (normal photographer) you can go for point and shoot camera it is compact and the lens cannot be changed or replaced. Expert’s photographer requires manual operated camera over the exposure that is digital SLR-in this user can change the lens and can use them according to their necessity. But if you’re looking for casual snapshots then you must opt for Point and shoot camera.
  3. If you have decided for Point and shoot camera then you must consider the zoom range of the camera. You can get camera having 30x options which is known as “mega zoom”, such cameras is expensive.
  4. Choose better resolution (megapixels) camera – You may need about 5-8 megapixel camera to take quality photos, but choosing high megapixel camera allow you take pictures high quality. In market you can get camera up to 20 megapixels, but you may not required such high resolution camera. Take note do not purchase camera by only considering megapixel of camera.
  5. Look for exposure modes – Every digital camera out there has fully automatic exposure modes, but for the photographer along with Automatic modes he has to look for Shutter priority and aperture priority modes. Shutter priority modes allow user to select the shutter speed and aperture priority modes which allow user to set the aperture while the camera select the corresponding settings.
  6. Consider for what you want to capture with camera (scene modes) – consider what you want to capture from your camera. If you are looking for taking pictures with scene modes such as landscape, wildlife, snowfall, sunset, twilight, etc then go for point and shoot camera. But if you are looking for close snapshots or expert’s photographer style then go for professional SLR camera.
  7. Consider if you want to do video recordings – If you are looking for HD recording then look for 1080 resolution camera and if you want sound along with the recording look for camera having microphone input.
  8. Make a list of features you want in your camera such as flash modes (red eye reduction), viewfinder, camera body colour and weight, shock/water proof, movie recording features, storage capacity, etc. You may not get probably all features for what you are looking for.
  9. Choose what type of batteries will be useful for you-In digital camera both AA batteries and lithium-ion batteries is used. AA batteries can be replaced and it can also be recharged by using AA batteries rechargeable. Lithium-ion batteries are compact long lasting and easy to recharge, but once when it wears off it becomes difficult to buy another battery and replace them.
  10. Check out the reviews and price on the Internet – check out the reviews on the internet for the camera you have selected. When you have finally decided which type of camera you want to purchase look out price of the camera on internet. The best way to get price comparison is to check online shopping websites; it would help you to get camera in best price. You can also check the price to your local’s camera shops.
  11. Consider the warranty – Mostly there are camera out there in market have 1 year warranty, but there are also camera which have extended warranty, choose among then so that you can feel comfort if your camera malfunctioned between warranty period.
  12. At last buy your favorite camera – after deciding all those above needs for your camera what you need from it. You can finally purchase your camera. You can purchase it online or through local shop. Purchasing camera online has become trends these days, but purchasing camera through locals store would be better though you have to pay little higher amount but you can visit that store anytime if your camera stop working immediate after purchase.



Infographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-GuideInfographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-GuideInfographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-GuideInfographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-Guide Infographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-Guide Infographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-Guide Infographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-Guide Infographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-Guide Infographic-How-to-Buy-a-Digital-Camera-Guide


Frankly, I hope that this article has definitely helped you. Honestly. We can’t provide everything you need to know about how to use a camera. I mean it contains a vast course to understand each and everything in deep. For this there are various universities out there who are providing courses for photography tips and tutorials and there are many people paying thousands of dollars each year. However, we have tried our best to pick out the right one.

How to Choose a Digital Camera - Guide To Buy A Perfect One!
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How to Choose a Digital Camera - Guide To Buy A Perfect One!
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