5 Basic Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners

By | April 11, 2017


Apply these photography tips and tutorials  and you will be able to take better photos and become master photographer!

Photography is one of the very interesting field and one of the exciting hobbies that you can pick up.

However it is not that easy as you think!

At least for me it is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever studied – even harder than learning programming codes or how to write well.

Picking and pointing the camera and pressing the button is obviously not difficult. The difficult part is – how to get a perfect shot that will match your vision.

It took me more than 6 month to shoot the first photo that I actually liked, and today I reject 49 out of 50 photos I take.

Believe me, though it is a very exciting hobby but it is also a very difficult hobby to pick up and even tougher to make career in photography field.

But it doesn’t mean that it will discourage you from learning photography.

Learning photography tips and tutorials is actually rewarding. And I confidently believe that everyone like to learn a little bit about photography tips that would make you happier.

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So, here are some basic tips for beginners that they must learn first.

Tip #1 –  Exposure

Here you have to consider about basic things related to brightness.

You may have experience this – when you walk into dark room from outside on a bright day, you know that how your eyes have to adjust themselves before you can see anything.

The same way camera work. The photo varies from very bright to very dark and your camera captures all this range in just one single shot.  So, the key for taking better photos is to control this range, which is very simple to do and it is one of the powerful talent that can bring the perfection to your photo.


The simple way to control this is with your camera’s “exposure compensation” button which is always displayed with a +/- symbol. The camera may have dedicated button or dial or an option in the Menu.  When you take photo in an auto mode, the camera have to configure out how bright the scene should be. But automatic mode is not sufficient and you have to manually put things into right direction.

When you have too much of brightness then slide the exposure compensation to the negative and when you take photo in the shadow then move it towards the plus side. Just play around with these things until you get the idea.

Finally, you will notice that you are able to adjust the exposure and now you are able to take better photos than before.

Congratulation for learning the exposure concept in photography!

Tip #2 – Light

Here you have to consider about basic things related to Light.

Now it’s time to play with the light condition. For this you have to find out the situation and the best situation is during something which is known as “Golden Hour”. The golden hour is time period just after sunrise and before sunset.

Considering golden hour is also very much important because it create superb shadows. At noon, there is no shadow at all because sun is directly above you while at sunrise/sunset the sun is low. And because of this low angle, it creates shadows.


That interplay between dark and bright areas is known as “contrast” and this is something that will help you in improving the look of your shots. Slice out some time during the golden hour, take lots of photos and you will definitely notice that how rapidly the change of light improve your photos.

Congratulation for learning the light concept in photography!

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Tip #3 – Perspective

Here you have to consider about basic things related to Perspective.

In general, most of us use to see world between 5 to 6 feet off the ground. But you will get surprise to know that there are several perspective through which you can see the world around you.

Different lenses affect the perspective. For beginners, in this regard you have to only need to know one thing, that is – experiment. You can try different angle such as: get lower, get higher, get below or directly get above your subject. Try to zoom-in and zoom-out and show how your subject looks in the world around you.


Experimenting things can bring up lots of beauty to your digital photography. Now with the help of zoom lens try to take photos in different angle from below, from above, from left, from right and you can see different world in different ways. Always try to do something new to see things in a new way around you. So the basic things for this tips is to Experiment, Experiment and Experiment! Do this for long enough and you will notice that you have become master of this.

Congratulation for learning the perspective concept in photography!

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Tip #4 – Focus

Here you have to consider about basic things related to Focus.

When you take photo, the important part that you have to keep in mind is that you have to focus on your subject so that details are crisp. On smartphone it is very easy to do, you have to simply tap over the screen on which you want to focus and click. But for other cameras things becomes complicated. However, if your camera has a physical shutter button then you can easily focus your subject by holding it halfway down. And when camera thinks it is locked, it will as usual surround the subject with green box and give a positive beep sound that indicates everything is good to go. You have to just press the button and the rest thing your camera will do and you will now have in-focus photo.


There are lots of various advanced settings available, with which you can play and can do selective focus. But for starter, you have to simply target on what thing you want in focus. With availability of software these days, you can fix most of the problem that you may have with a shot, but you can’t fix focus. That’s right said, here are some basic things you have to keep in mind – while taking landscapes you have to keep everything in focus and this thing camera doesn’t understand. However, most of the cameras these days come with “landscape” scene mode for taking photos of these conditions. While capturing portraits photos of animal or people, it is best to focus on their eyes after all they are widow souls of our heart.

Congratulation for learning the focus concept in photography!

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Tip #5 – Composition

Here you have to consider about basic things related to Composition.


Composition consists of three things – what you want to keep in frame, what you want to leave and where you want to put things in the frame. The first two part is every easy but the third part is little bit complicated. As a starter we always try to keep our subject in center, but things get boring very quickly.

If you keep things out off the center is also very appealing. In photography there is very simple method of composing which is called as “Rule of Third” that you can apply in your shots.

Put your subject on one of the four point where line cross and by dosing so you will have most of the time you will a well balanced composition in your photo.  These days most of the cameras comes with this feature that show up the rule of third guides over your screen while you take photos so that you can easily and quickly put your subject over there.

Congratulation for learning the Composition concept in photography!


So, if you are beginner learning the photography tips and tutorials then this blog cover lots of basic things. These are initials elements of photography which are very easy to work around. While taking photos keep this five things in your mind and you will see some drastic improvements in your photo.

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