Learn To Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card

By | May 24, 2018

Shortcut Virus Removal From SD Card

Learn The Top And Proven Methods To Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Memory Card!

Summary: This post is all about removing shortcut virus from SD card, microSD, SDHC, SDXC and other various memory cards that got infected with virus and all files and folders turned into shortcuts. You will learn to remove shortcut virus using CMD, anti-virus and third-party SD card recovery tool to recover files and folders from SD card that are deleted, hidden or turned into shortcut by shortcut viruses.

Expert Tip: As and when your SD card files and folders turn into shortcuts due to virus infection, then you must immediately try Photo Recovery tool which is appropriate SD card data recovery software.

With the use SD Card data recovery software, you can:

  • Effectively retrieve multimedia files such as photos, videos and audio files from SD card that got infected with shortcut virus.
  • Extract digital media files from card that got hidden or deleted due to shortcut virus infection.
  • Support all types of SD memory cards such as microSD, miniSD, SDHC, microSDHC, miniSDHC, SDXC, TF, CF, etc of all brands.
  • Also recover multimedia files from pen drive, hard drive, external hard drive, digital camera card, USB flash drives that got attacked by shortcut virus.

Recover Files From Shortcut Virus Infected SD Card

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* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

How many of you have experienced to see all files and folders saved in SD memory card suddenly turned into shortcuts? And even after you tried several times to delete shortcut links, they re-appear again and again. It looks like stubborn and notorious virus.

Just have look at practical scenario mentioned here!

Practical Scenario: A User Memory Card Displaying Only Shortcut Files

Memory card displaying only shortcuts


My memory card in my mobile is displaying only short cuts when it is connected to computer as data storage device and it displays corrupted files in my mobile.

Please give me a solution for this.

– Original Post From Forum – Ccm.net

Well, I know your agony. It makes you going nuts and angry. But you don’t need to get panic about this as we have discussed-below about the effective solutions that will help you to remove shortcut virus from your SD memory card and covert your shortcut files or folders into original files and folders.

But before that it is also important for us to know how shortcut virus enter into SD card, so that you can take extra precautions to avoid your card from being getting infected with such shortcut viruses in future.

How Shortcut Virus Enter Into SD Card?

We have a question – Can you get a virus on your SD card?

Yes, we can get viruses, including shortcut virus on our SD card.

Though there could be several source and paths through which a shortcut virus may sneak into your SD card, but here I have only mentioned some common ways through which a virus can enter and infect your card.

  • When you download any freeware files or apps from malicious or unsecure website on your SD card.
  • When you connect your external SD card to PC or Mac containing virus or Trojans.
  • While transferring shortcut virus infected files from one phone to another phone having SD card inserted within.
  • While surfing or browsing net in phone and accidentally you click on malicious link that may download shortcut files on your phone’s memory card.

It is obvious that many of us will get panicked if your files and folders contain important pictures, videos, documents and other important files that unknowing changed to shortcut links.


Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card

But, you don’t need to get panicked. By now, you should know that your card got infected by shortcut virus. So, in order to restore them back you will have to take help of suitable third-party card data recovery software.

But before that let us know some free and effective solutions to remove shortcut virus from SD card and recover data from it without formatting.

Note: The following solutions remove shortcut virus from all types of SD card, SD card infected with shortcut virus used in Android, digital cameras, computer, etc.s

Solution 1: Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card Using Windows Command Prompt (CMD)

This is one of the proven methods to remove any kind of virus from SD card, including shortcut virus.

I have also found that there are many people asking – How can I remove shortcut virus from my pendrive? Or How can I remove shortcut virus from my external hard drive?

Well, the solution is same; you can use the CMD Attrib to remove the virus from pendrive, external hard drive or from any USB flash drives.

Here follow steps below to remove shortcut virus SD card using Windows PC command prompt (CMD):

  • Connect your infected SD card to PC with the help of card reader.
  • On your PC click Start and type ‘cmd’ in the search bar and hit ENTER button.

  • A new command window will get open, now type the following command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d d:\*.* and hit ENTER. (“d:” is the drive letter name of the SD card, hence, you must type your SD card drive letter name showing on your computer).

Now, Window will repair the virus infected SD card and removes the shortcut virus. On successful completion, you can access your files of your SD card. Go back to ‘This PC/My Computer’ you will see that your files now appear as normal.

You may also see some unknown files that got saved in the card that may generate during the process, so you must simply copy your important files from the card to another location on your computer and not on the same SD card.

Solution 2: Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card Using Anti-Virus

Many people keep anti-virus software or app to remove all types of virus from their computer and devices.

So, if CMD attrib mentioned-above does not work in your case, then you must scan your infected SD memory card with the help of paid and genuine antivirus software. Yes, you heard me correct, I said “paid antivirus”, because there are many free antivirus software available that are not capable of detecting.

Scan your virus infected SD card with the help of antivirus program and if it detects any virus then delete it. After that check your SD card and see if all files are normal and accessible.

Now we have another question – How can I remove virus without antivirus?

Well, if you don’t have antivirus, then you can use the built-in Microsoft Security Essentials for free but is not so powerful. You can use Microsoft Security Essentials tool to scan your virus infected SD card and remove virus from without antivirus.

Tip: Permanently Remove/Kill Shortcut Virus

It is sometimes becomes very tough to get rid of shortcut virus from SD card because it is undetectable by antivirus.

Sometimes CMD command also fails to remove shortcut link viruses and if it removes the viruses successfully, then it is temporary.

So, the question is – how to kill shortcut virus from SD card permanently?

Well, if your anti-virus software support the full system and boot time scan feature, then I recommend you to first run it and if the boot time scan and if boot time scan is not able to remove the virus, then I would suggest you run malware removal tool.

Recover Photos, Videos and Audio Files From SD Card Infected By Shortcut Virus

While removing shortcut virus from SD card via CMD or antivirus and if you lose important files or if above both mentioned solutions fails, then it is highly recommended that you must use Photo Recovery which is suitable SD card recovery software. It will help you to recover multimedia files such as photos, videos and audio files from shortcut virus infected SD card.

The best part about this SD card data recovery tool is that it is available for both Windows and Mac computer.

Below learn step-by-step tutorial on how to extract multimedia files from SD card attacked by shortcut virus by using photo recovery.

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Steps To Recover Multimedia Files From Shortcut Virus Infected SD Card

Step 1 – Install “Photo Recovery’ tool and launch it. Click on “Recover Photo, Audio & Video” tab to recover images, songs and videos files from any SD card, external USB drive or computer hard drive. Connect the media to your computer and then perform the process.

Step 2 – Select the drive from which you want to recover files. The external media will be shown in the list, if not then click on “Refresh Drive” button. Now select the desired drive to scan and then click on “Scan Now”. If you want to customize the recovery on the basis of file types then click on “Advance Scan”.

Step 3 – In the Advanced Scan you will have the option to scan as per to the file list, such as Photo, Video and audio or you can also select the data range from the storage device. This option reduces the scanning process time.

Step 4 – Once you click on “Scan Now” button the software will show that scanning is in process. The recovered files listed in a tree structure on the left side of the window panel.

Step 5 – After scanning, you can select the files to preview them and then you can click on “Recover” button to finally save them on your computer.

Step 6 – Select the desired location on your computer to save the recovered files.

Watch Youtube Video To Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card

Last Solution: Format SD Card To Get Rid of Shortcut Virus

After you successfully recover your important files from your infected SD card, you can then move ahead to format your SD card in order to remove shortcut virus and re-use your SD card again.

Here follow the complete – Tutorial on how to format SD card on Windows PC.

Note: Formatting SD card erases all data stored within the SD card, hence you must first recover data by using suitable SD card recovery software that is mentioned-above.


So, those are some of the effective SD card virus remover solutions that can help you to remove shortcut virus from SD card. Additionally, you can use Photo Recovery software to retrieve photos, videos and audio files from SD card infected with shortcut virus.

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Learn To Remove Shortcut Virus From SD Card
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