How To Restore Lost AMR files from SD Card

How To Restore Lost AMR files from SD Card

Retrieve Lost/Deleted/Corrupted or Damaged AMR Files From SD Card Easily in Just a Few Clicks

Want to recover AMR files your SD Card? Have you mistakenly lost .amr audio files due to unexpected reason? Are you looking for a way to retrieve all those deleted or lost audio files from your SD card? Well, do not worry if you want to get back deleted or lost such files then you can use Digital media Recovery Tool. With the help of this tool, you will be easily able to:

  • Restore Deleted, formatted, erased or missing AMR files
  • Also recover various format of videos and photos file format
  • Apart from AMR audio files, it also recovers other audio files like WAV, RM, AIFF, MP3, AAC, M4P, AC3, MIDI, RPS, M4A, AU, OGG, WMA, RA etc.
  • The software is compatible on both Windows and Mac
  • Easily recover media files from several media storage devices such as memory cards, smartphones & tablets, memory sticks, hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive, digital cameras, USB drives & camcorders, etc
  • It is read-only program and 100% risk-free & easy to use

Recover AMR Audio Files From SD Card

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* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Practical Scenario

“I stored a few important AMR audio clippings on my Samsung smartphone memory card. But yesterday, while going through these audio files, I accidentally pressed the Delete button and all the AMR audio files are lost from the phone memory card. Is there any way with the help of which I can recover all my lost audio files from my Samsung smartphone?”

Losing your important audio file is really very painful. So sometime you may also find your selected audios invisible or deleted from SD card. Different Audio files can be saved in your SD card such as recorded speech, AMR, mp3 songs etc. removal drives are very much safe to save your data but it doesn’t mean that it is perfect for against data loss prevention. Memory card easily get corrupted and loss of your audios, videos and photos is very common from SD cards. It doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to retrieve back your crucial audio files.

There are different situations comes, in which you find audio files lost or deleted from SD card. Suppose you have recorded important audio clippings on your device and saved it with .amr file extension on phone’s SD card. And one day while operating it unexpectedly you pressed delete button and erased all your AMR audio files from SD memory card. It can be the worst situation for anyone who lose their audio files and don’t know how to retrieve back. Like this, there can be several situations by which AMR file loss on SD cards.

Most common situations of AMR file loss on SD cards are:

  • Accidental deletion of files:

The deletion of AMR files on SD card is sometime happens due to the fault of users which they generally do at the time of selection of deleting their unwanted audio files, on pressing Delete All option while accessing SD card files on gadgets.

  • Formatting SD card:

Sometimes you may have also noticed that your SD card shows Format error when you connect it with the system or any other gadget. If at that situation user follows the instruction and attempt for format the card then all its files will get lost.

  • SD card corruption:

It may happen that your SD card may turn unreadable when inserted into any of your gadget. The factors behind this problem can be like virus infection, using the same card on multiple devices, abrupt termination of card from gadget, saving new data even though its memory is full, etc. all this will finally results you to inaccessibility of its files.

  • Interruptions while AMR file transfer process:

This situation may also happen when you are transferring files from SD card to system or vice versa. Interruptions like system shutdown, power surge, removal of SD card, etc. will also tend to loss of your AMR files.

If any of the following situations occurs when AMR files from SD card are lost or deleted users might think that they have completely lost up their file. You need not to worry a lot for this because when a file is removed from SD card by deletion or for any reason, file will not be lost permanently. Though its access details like index pointer will be erased from Registry, the file still exists in the same memory location. But the important step which you can take at the moment you suspect such loss of audio collection files is that immediately employ SDHC card recovery tool. This software is the best option to perform SD card AMR file recovery after any data loss crisis.

Recover AMR file from SD card

SDC card recovery tool is the best software tool that is having strong file recovery algorithms to offer perfect SD card audio file recovery. Using this incredible utility you easily can recover .amr files from SD card. It also supports all popular audio file formats for example .amr, .wav, .mp3, .amp, .midi, .aif and many others.

Steps to recover videos from SD card

1. Install and launch SD Recovery tool. Connect your SDC to your system via card reader. Click on “Recover Photo, Audio and Video” tab.

step 1

2. Once the tool detects your removal SDC card select it and click on “Scan Now” and if you want to perform advance scanning then click on “Advance Scan” button.


3. Once the scanning process finishes, the tool will display all the recovered items. You can click on Audio category to recover video files. Now select the videos that you want to recover and click on “Recover” button.


4. Select the output destination path to save your audios on your computer.