Spy Pen Data Recovery: Recover Deleted/Lost Videos, Audio & Photos From Spy Pen Cameras

By | January 9, 2018

Spy Pen Camera Data Recovery

Easily Retrieve Lost, Deleted, Missing, Formatted Videos, Audio And Pictures From Spy Pen Hidden Camera!

Summary: Lost or accidentally deleted important videos, audio or photos from Spy pen digital camera? Looking for a suitable spy pen data recovery solution? Well, here in this post you will know about professional Spy Pen Data Recovery software that will help you to recover lost or deleted data from spy pen camera.

If you do not want to read the complete post then immediately apply expert recommended Photo Recovery which is suitable Spy Pen Data Recovery Tool that will help you to get back lost files from spy digital pen camera. With this tool, you can:

  • Retrieve lost, missing, deleted, formatted data such as videos, audio and images from spy pen camera.
  • Restore data from other digital spy camera such as car-key chain, spy glasses, HD pen camera, mini spy DVR camera, socket camera, etc.
  • Also get back corrupted data from virus infected pen camera.
  • 100% read-only program, Safe, secure and easy to use.

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Spy Pen Camera is one designed to be hidden, so as to be used covertly for spying just like a duties of secret agents and investigators. There are various form of spy pen hidden camera such as car-key chain, Spy HD button camera, DVR spy watch, PI camstick socket camera, HD pen camera, mini spy DVR camera, spy glasses and so on.

These cameras are in small size but they possess the power to record clear videos and audio and captures images in high quality. The main purpose of Spy devices is to monitor and collect the evidence in the form of videos, audio or images.

Spy pen camera comes with storage capacity of up to 32GB and has rechargeable battery and therefore users have not to worry about anything else.

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Since, digital gadgets like spy pen camera has simple working format but has complex internal structure and hence there is a high chance of data loss.

For Example: Just Look At the Following Scenario

“I am using Spy Pen camera, yesterday when I connected it to my laptop via USB cable to transfer some video recordings and photos, during the process my laptop all of a sudden got shutdown. After restarting my laptop I reconnected my spy pen camera, but I could not find any files on it; all my recorded videos and photos were gone! The videos and pictures were not present on my PC or on my Spy pen camera device. Is there any way to recover lost files from my Spy pen camera?”

Beside above example, there are other various causes that can lead to the loss of data on spy pen camera. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below.

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Common Causes For The Loss of Data From Spy Pen Camera

  • Accidental Deletion: You may delete valuable videos or photos accidentally or mistakenly, while deleting unwanted files from the spy devices.
  • Formatting: If you format the spy pen memory card then you will lose all data stored on it because formatting the Spy pen SD card erases all data.
  • Virus or Malware Intrusion: If your spy pen camera gets infected with virus, malware, Trojans, etc then it can easily corrupt the files saved within the pen camera and hence you can’t access files.
  • Spy Pen Camera Errors: Sometimes, when you connect your spy pen camera to computer, then you may get various error messages such as “Spy devices not recognized”,Spy devices showing as drive letter but fails to show files” or “spy devices not formatted”, etc. These error messages also not allow you to access your files saved within the pen camera.

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Best Way To Recover Lost or Deleted Data From Spy Pen Camera   

If you have backup of your spy pen data, then it’s become very easy to restore lost data from the backup. But in case if you do not have any backup, then what you could do to restore spy pen data?

Well, in such case, you will need the help of third party data recovery software for Spy devices. One of the best and professional Spy Pen Data Recovery software is Photo Recovery that will allow you to retrieve lost, deleted, corrupted, data such as videos, audio and photos from Spy pen camera.

Download Photo Recovery For Windows Download Photo Recovery For Mac

Beside Spy Pen camera, this software allows users to get back lost, deleted, formatted, corrupted, data from other spy gadgets such as DVR Spy Pen, Spy Glasses Camera with Hidden HD Camera, Mini Spy DVR Camera, Spy HD Button Camera, DVR Spy Watch, PI Camstick, Spy Bluetooth Glasses, etc.

Below find out step-by-step guide on how to recover lost or deleted data from Spy pen camera.

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Steps To Retrieve Lost or Deleted Data From Spy Pen Camera

Step 1 – Install "Photo Recovery" software and launch it on your computer. Click on "Recover Photo, Audio & Video" tab to recover photos, videos and audio files from any SD card, external USB drive or computer hard drive. Connect the media to your computer and then perform the process.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 1

Step 2 – Select the drive from which you want to recover files. All the hard drive and external media will be shown in the list. Now select the desired drive to scan and then click on "Scan" button.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 2

Step 3 – Once you click on "Scan" button the software will show that scanning is in progress. The software will search for all multimedia files from your selected drive or attached media.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 3

Step 4 – After scanning, all the files that are found in the selected volume, hard disk or other storage media devices are listed. You can now select the files to preview them and then you can click on "Recover" button to finally save them on your computer.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 4

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Tips To Avoid Spy Pen Data Loss

  • Make a backup of important videos, audio and pictures on any other external data storage devices as soon as possible.
  • Once you noticed data loss or fault in spy camera then immediately stop using it to increase data recovery chances for lost data.
  • Make sure that battery of pen camera is fully charged before you start to record video or take photos. Stop using the pen camera when it indicates low battery.
  • In case if your spy pen camera display any error then stop using it then and there and immediately try spy pen data recovery tool to retrieve data from it.


Spy pen camera is electronic device and its main purpose is to record video, audio and capture photos secretly. But spy pen data loss has also become common and in order to recover lost or deleted data from Spy pen you must try Photo Recovery tool. Also, we have mentioned important tips to avoid data loss from pen camera.

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Spy Pen Data Recovery: Recover Deleted/Lost Videos, Audio & Photos From Spy Pen Cameras
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