Old Photo Restoration: How to Restore Old & Damaged Photos?

restore old photos

Old photos are not just memories but they are the precious moments of our life. However, with the passage of time, these cherished memories fade, become dull, or suffer from discoloration. So, in this guide, I am going to show you how to restore old photos to their original form using the best photo editing apps by removing scratches, stains, spots, dust, sepia, etc. Also enhances the image quality, sharpens color, and transforms the old damaged pictures into cherished ones.

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MPEG File Recovery: How To Recover Lost MPG Files?

recover MPG files

MPG is a popular video file format widely used in movies, web videos, & animated graphics because of its high-quality videos and compression. However, like any other video file format, MPG is also prone to deletion or loss due to some factors like – file corruption, formatting, virus attacks, or during transformation.

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3 Ways To Fix “Could Not Find The Recovery Environment” Error

Could Not Find The Recovery Environment

Could not find the recovery environment” is a common Windows error that you often encounter while trying to reset your PC. This error message simply indicates that the recovery environment (WinRE) is either disabled or unable to locate the necessary files required to initiate a recovery process.

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How to Declutter Similar Photos and Videos on Your Phone?

Declutter Similar Photos and Videos on Your Phone

Tired of media files piling up on your phone, unused and forgotten? It’s time to declutter and revitalize your device. With easy steps from Apple and Android, you can identify and remove unnecessary files. Don’t let disorganization slow down and overwhelm your phone. Get rid of duplicate photos and videos without the hassle. They take up valuable disk and cloud space and clutter up your files. You can remove duplicates with little to no effort using a variety of cloud platforms. Such services as Apple Photos and Dropbox also allow you to select the best pictures.

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7 Secure Methods for Storing Digital Photos

Methods for Storing Digital Photos

Don’t be disheartened by the loss of material possessions in a natural disaster. While it is true that furniture & appliances can be easily replaced, the loss of crucial photographs is what is truly devastating. Especially if those pictures hold sentimental value as the only physical copies of your family’s treasured memories. Take control over who can access your information and ensure your privacy remains intact. Follow this tutorial today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is secure.

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[FIXED] Windows Resource Protection Found Corrupt Files

Windows resource protection found corrupt files

While running the SFC (System File Checker) scan on Windows, you often receive an error “Windows resource protection found corrupt files”. This error message usually indicates that your SFC tool has detected some corrupted or missing system files that are essential for the proper functioning of system. It can happen due to several reasons like – software conflicts, hardware failures and malware infections.

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Alternatives to VLC in 2023 for Mac

alternatives to VLC for Mac

alternatives to VLC for Mac

For so many years, VLC has been the go-to video player for millions of years. Its versatility and long list of features make it a great choice for Mac, regardless of their needs. However, as great as this application may be, there’s always something better around the corner. Or, you maybe just want to try out something new. If that’s the case for you, this article presents notable alternatives to VLC for Mac users.

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How To Fix OBS Recording Stuttering?

Fix OBS Recording Stuttering

OBS recording stuttering or lagging are quite common issues that can disrupt your recording experience while capturing the gameplay or video content recording. This issue can be really frustrating especially when you’re trying to create high-quality video content or live stream. However, there are some effective ways available in this post that can help you to deal with such problems.

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Perfect Solutions To Fix XVID Codec Error

Fix XVID Codec Error

Xvid codec errors are common problems that often encountered by users while encoding or playing videos using the Xvid video codec. If you are currently dealing with this dreadful Xvid codec error, do not worry.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the baffling world of Xvid codec errors, demystifying their common causes along with their effective solutions to troubleshoot them.

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