Fixed: There Is No Disk In The Drive Error (9 Ways)

There Is No Disk In The Drive Error

There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive is a common error that people encounter very often while trying to access the drive. This problem mainly occurs when there is no removable disk in a removable disk drive or external drive like lomega Zip drive is configured as a drive letter “C”. Although you can fix this error by reconnecting the drive, restarting your PC, disabling the drive in a Device Manager, and formatting the drive using DiskPart.

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Fixed- Can’t Format SD Card On Windows PC Or Android Phone (2022)

how to fix cannot format Micro SD card

SD cards can be easily formatted on Android phones, Windows PCs, or digital cameras. But at times, you may encounter the situation when you can’t format SD card due to several unknown reasons. In such a case, removing the write protection from SD card, running the chkdsk, cleaning SD card with Diskpart, and formatting the card in Windows Disk Management can solve the SD card won’t format Android/Windows issue.

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How To Fix USB Is Not Accessible Incorrect Function (5 Ways)

USB Incorrect Function Error

Recently many users have reported about the USB is not accessible incorrect function issue. They’ve specified that they received this “incorrect function” error when trying to format the USB drive in Disk Management and use it as an external drive for shifting data between two PCs. Thus, if you’re one of those troubled users, then try to fix this issue by rescanning your drive, removing the write protection from the USB drive, and reinstalling the drivers.

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7 Ways to Fix Error Checking USB Drive Scanning and Repairing Stuck

Error Checking USB Drive Scanning and Repairing Stuck

When your operating system detects any issues with the USB drive’s file system, it runs the scanning and repairing process to check its consistency and attempts to fix them. But at times that checking process takes longer than the required time and you encounter error checking USB drive scanning and repairing stuck problem. So, when such a situation arises, try waiting for a while or check your drive connection.

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4 Methods To Fix & Recover Folders Turned Into Shortcuts

Fix & Recover Folders Turned Into Shortcuts

If your files & folders in USB drive, SD card, Pendrive, or other data storage drive turned into shortcuts and you’re unable to access them, then check if your files are hidden, run antivirus program and attrib command. Doing this will help you to solve how to fix folders turned into shortcuts and recover shortcut files in USB drive/Pendrive/SD card.

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MP3 Recovery- Recover Lost/Deleted MP3 Audio Files [Tested]

how to recover deleted MP3 files

This article is all about how to perform MP3 recovery with or without backup.

If you are a music maniac, listening & dealing with thousands of MP3 files in your playlist, then you probably have come across MP3 audio/music file deletion situations. I know that losing an essential audio file is a very painful as well as annoying thing.

Furthermore, the situation seems even havoc when you don’t have a backup of your lost audio files.

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How to Fix Smart Hard Disk Error 309 HP [7 Ways]

smart hard disk error 309 HP

If you are getting stuck with the Smart hard disk error 309 HP while turning on your laptop or booting your PC, don’t panic! In this article, I will show you how to fix Smart error on hard disk with 7 quick and easy ways.

But before learning the solutions, it’s important to figure out the reasons behind it. So, let’s get started….!

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Kodi Not Working: Firestick, Android TV & Xbox

Kodi stopped working

This article covers the whole information regarding Kodi not working issue along with its major causes and fixes. Therefore, if your Kodi app isn’t working on your Firestick, Android TV or Xbox then go through this complete post and learn how to get rid of this issue.

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