TS File Recovery: Recover Corrupt or Inaccessible TS Video Files on Windows/Mac

By | January 22, 2015


TS stand for Transport Stream File Format that is used for storing numbers of videos, audio and other data information on DVDs. TS file format is particularly designed for MPEG-2 part 1 systems and that holds several pieces of data in a container format on your DVDs and hence is highly preferred by users these days. However with the increase in popularity, TS files also have gained high rate of complaints regarding corruption and inaccessibility problem by users that faces problem while accessing important audio or video files when they try to play using DVD on their system.

There are various reasons that affect its proficiency over the use like as virus infection, corrupt DVDs, deletion of files from RW DVDs, etc that ruins your mood as well as your data saved on your device. That make users upset, but wait, you can get back your deleted, formatted, corrupted data like audio or video TS files back on your DVDs using the third party TS File Recovery Software.

Some of the Common reasons that spoil the running of TS files on your system are:

  • Virus Infection is the foremost cause for TS based MPEG file loss and inaccessibility. This badly affects your data saved on DVDs with this file format and hence aborts your access over it.
  • Unintentional DVDs formatting is the another cause for data loss scenario. If your system has the antivirus application installed, it may ask you to format your DVD during playing it on PC, in case if it contains virus infection in any file saved over.
  • Accidental deletion is one of the major causes behind the great loss. Unfortunate deletion of TS files from DVDs is like any earthquake for users that may happen any time now and then.
  • Sometimes hard drive corruption, DVD player malfunctioning on your system may also cause TS files inaccessibility or loss. This badly corrupts your data and ruins its running over the system.
  • Inaccurate MPEG file associations could also result in inaccessibility of your data whether it is an audio file or video on your PC.
  • File extension errors usually occur when the appropriate player or program is not installed in your PC.

Whatever is the reason, one must not worry for such loss from their DVDs and are advised to backup those data saved as TS format on their system as soon as they purchase it so avoid loss condition. But if you are not having any valid backup of your DVDs data, at that time, you are recommended to install the third party TS File Recovery Software on your MAC or Windows to perform reliable recovery of lost or inaccessible files on your system in easy and safe manner.

Some of the features that TS Recovery Software Carries are:

  • Supports TS recovery and also supports several other file format recoveries.
  • Have easy to use interface that make it more reliable to use.
  • Supports DVDs recovery as well as it also assists file restoration process over pen drives, USB drives, and flash drives etc.
  • Avoid the further risk of loss or corruption and give a result of recovery within a minute or two.
  • Software supports and is compatible with Windows as well as MAC OS.

 Recover TS Files following instructions:

  • Click to install this software on MAC or Windows.
  • Run the scan process to recover TS Files from DVDs or any other device.
  • Preview the files and Save to specified the location on your system.

So don’t spend much time over searching for the solution because TS File Recovery Software is enough for your need and that successfully recovers your MPEG transports stream files lost from your system.

Steps to perform TS files Recovery from System Drive or SD card:

Step 1: Download Software onto the computer. Install and launch

1Step 2: Scan your drive or memory cards

Step 3: Preview the recovered and scanned files

Step 4: Click to download and extract TS files. Save it to specified location to store back these files without any worry or tension.