How To Recover Deleted LOST.Dir Files From External SD Card

Summary: This post simply introduces what is lost.dir folder in Android devices and how to recover files from lost.dir on the external SD card used within the Android-based phones and tablets.

Nowadays, information apps are taking up lots of storage space in smartphones. Very few people purchase an SD card to expand the storage space of their phones. When trying to manage files, many people notice a folder in SD card named LOST.DIR with files that have nothing to do with your smartphone. Are LOST.DIR files useless or your previously deleted files are hidden in it and it is a way to recover those files. Want to know about LOST.DIR then go through this complete blog.

But before I proceed further, I would like to give you a straight forward answer for lost.dir files recovery. You can easily recover deleted lost.dir files from memory card using SD Card Recovery Tool. Yes, this tool has the capability to restore lost media files from digital devices in any scenario.

This media recovery tool not only recovers data from SD card but also from memory card, pen drive, external hard drive, etc. The best part is that – it is compatible with both the platforms; Windows and Mac.

With the help of SD Card Recovery Tool, you can also:

  • Get back lost media files of any image, video and audio file formats
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* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable items.

I know it’s time to know the user guide but before I proceed further, I would like first mention something about Lost.DIR in SD card and its causes of deletion. And also, I would like to share a scenario faced by a user after reading which I have decided to write a blog on this topic.

In the above example, users have mentioned several problems, but the overall problem of the user is that he/she has lost files from lost.dir on an external SD card and wants to recover it.

Similarly, there are several users out there encountering the same kind of problems.

But how they get into such problems?

Well, read below to find the reasons for yourself and something more informational.

What is LOST.DIR On SD Card?

There are people asking – what is LOST.DIR folder on external SD and what it contains?

The Lost.dir is a system folder. It’s a location where Android OS places files that get recovered during a system boot up.

LOST.DIR is a folder and it just like recycle bin that store files such as images, videos, audio files, and other stuff and it help you to recover the lost or deleted data.

It is obvious that there is no app named LOST.DIR installed on your device. Also, the memory size of the folder may vary, sometimes it could range in gigabytes (GB).

Sometimes, it happens that your Android device gets switched OFF while you are saving the files on your device or you might have pulled out the SD card when the read-write process was on progress. In such a scenario, your device creates LOST.DIR folder in the SD card, saving all the unsaved data. And from this LOST.DIR folder on SD memory card, you can easily restore back your missing and lost data.

Reasons For The Loss or Deletion of  LOST.DIR Folder in Android

There are some mistakes done by the users and thereby they encounter such problems. The mistakes are:

  • Ejecting the memory card from the device, while some files are in the read-write process.
  • Removing the SD card improperly or abruptly out of the Android phone.
  • Interruption while downloading files or incomplete downloads on Android device.
  • Freezing or hanging of Android device operating system.
  • Turning OFF the device while some files are in the reading and writing process.

When users do any of these mistakes then, one may find that their files have been missing from Android device. In such a situation, Android OS create LOST.DIR folders in which all such lost files, incompletely downloaded files are placed in. Hence, the user can restore lost files from LOST.DIR when Android device is being booted.

But users find it very difficult to find the lost files because lost files moved to lost.dir system folder are saved with some random numbers and it is not saved or placed on some valid directory.

So, now the question arises – how to recover lost.dir files from SD card or memory card?

Well, find out the solutions below!

How to Recover LOST.DIR Files From Memory Card?

In order to recover deleted files from LOST.DIR on SD card, I have already mentioned that you can use SD Card Recovery Tool. But you should apply this software immediately because any delay in recovery can cause permanent loss of files because missing or lost files can get overwritten by other data.

This SD Card Recovery tool will help you to restore missing files such as photos, videos and audio files from LOST.DIR on SD card. This LOST.DIR folder recovery tool is designed with advanced technology that deeply scans the SD memory card and retrieves all types of multimedia files. The software allows previewing feature so that you can preview and each and every recoverable file within the software before final recovery. So, what are you waiting for, simply download the trial version of the tool try it.

Below, find out the step-by-step guide on how to recover LOST.DIR folder from Android External SD memory card.

Step 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. After selecting, click on 'Scan'.


Step 2: Preview Recovered Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media files after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on 'Recover' option to save them at the location you want.


Other Alternatives To Recover Deleted Lost.DIR Files From SD Card

Method #1: Add Filename Extension

In this method, for LOST.DIR files you need to add filename extension. A filename extension specifies the type of file and to view that file you need certain software to makes it open.

There are few files which open only with the help of certain software. Luckily, you can recover some LOST.DIR files by adding filename extension.

Here are the steps to add filename Extension:

  • Find the LOST.DIR folder in your Android phone by typing the file name.
  • Check all the LOST.DIR files to Batch rename.

  • Now, you can add filename extension in this step.

Is It Safe To Delete LOST.DIR Folder? Or Can I delete the contents of LOST.DIR?

Yes, you can delete the contents of LOST.DIR as it only acts as recycle bin, but make sure that you have all the files and data that you want and now you don’t need the files of LOST.DIR folder. You can also delete the LOST.DIR folder by yourself, but it will re-appear once you reboot your Android system. Actually, when your Android says – ‘Preparing external SD card’, it’s actually checking the contents of the LOST.DIR and if not able to find the directory, then it creates one.

Besides that, you must avoid improper removal of SD memory card from the Android phone.

Always back up important photos, videos, music files and other data of your Android phone to computer.

Tips To Remember About LOST.DIR Folder

In order to avoid LOST.DIR file you must remember some points that will help you to keep your LOST.DIR files save in the near future. Here some tips are given below go through them carefully.

  • Keep your phone running well
  • Prevent your phone from sudden shutdown
  • Clean junk files regularly
  • Run antivirus program
  •  Eject Sd Card properly
  • Close unused apps
  • Switch off your phone periodically


I hope that after going through the complete blog, you will try the solutions mentioned here. The recovery solution is very effective which is to use SD Card Recovery Tool. This tool will definitely help you out. You can also try another alternative I have mentioned above to recover files from lost.dir on SD card.

Also, you can look at the causes above due to which you lose lost.dir files from android SD card. However, you can avoid those causes and prevent lost.dir files deletion. So, all the very best to you…