[11 Ways] How to Fix A Distorted, Flashing Or Skewed Image?

Are you stuck with pixelated, skewed, color lines image problems on your PC or laptop? If ‘yes’ then you have reached the correct webpage. This article contains the 11 best solutions to fix a distorted, flashing or skewed images on PC.

By trying the solutions mentioned here, you will be able to open the image on your system without any interruption.

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Reasons: What Causes The Distorted Flashing Or Skewed Image On A PC?

There are numerous reasons that can lead the distorted or skewed pictures on your system. Some of the common factors are as follows:

  1. Wrong display setting of a system.
  2. A connection of your commuter is loose/faulty.
  3. The existence of the virus badly affected the application in your system.
  4. Unfinished Window update/bugs.
  5. Malware/virus attack.
  6. Hardware issue, etc.

Here I have told you about the common reasons for distorted, flashing images on your PC computer. Now you must be thinking that how to solve distorted, flashing, or skewed images issues.

In the next section of this page, you will get some good & faster methods to resolve this problem.

How To Fix A Distorted, Flashing Or Skewed Image Issue On PC?

Try out the easy DIY troubleshooting techniques to resolve flashing image issues on the monitor:

Technique #1: Check Cables & Connections Of A PC

Many times, it happens that distorted images or other problems might occur on your desktop due to the damaged, broken, or loose cables. Therefore, in such a situation, first, you need to check the cables & connections of the system.

Make sure that all cables including a VGA or video cables are plugged into the device correctly.

Technique #2: Restart The Computer

Restarting the computer can sometimes remove the cookies from a PC and resolves several errors and issues related to PC or file formats. So, if you want to repair distorted image displays on your computer, simply reboot your device. Doing so will help you to re-initialize hardware & driver parts.

If this basic troubleshooting method won’t help you to fix distorted, flashing, or skewed image then you can go with the below solutions.

Technique #3: Remove Connected Devices

Another method by which you can try to troubleshoot this issue is to remove all the connected external storage devices from the system.

Sometimes external storage media that connected to the PC can build up the electromagnetic field which results in scrambled, overlapping, or distorted image on your screen.

Technique #4: By Pushing A Degauss Option

A Degaussing is a process to eliminate the waves of a magnetic field. Occasionally, these kinds of the magnetic waves might be the main cause that can lead to the faulty displays.

Thus, if you’ve a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) PC, try to solve the display issue by degaussing. In order to fix with Degauss option, follow these steps:

Step 1: CRT PC has the degauss option. You need to hit it to remove a magnetic wave of the computer.

Step 2: Turn off & turn on the computer. That’ll be capable to degauss a few computers automatically.

Step 3: Some computers have the option to launch a screen menu. choose it to the degauss.

Well, this solution is limited to the CRT & not LCD systems.

Technique #5: Reset The Monitor To A Default

Using the PC continuously, a screen setting might get changed. So, you need to reset your monitor to the default settings. By following the below instructions, you can do so:

  • First of all, press on menu/settings option in your desktop. This opens up a main menu.
  • Next, select the option Restore Factory Settings.
  • A menu setting varies with the brand & model. For example, Dell monitors generally have the ‘Factory Reset’ whereas Samsung monitors display ‘Reset all’

Technique #6: Adjust The Monitor’s Screen Resolution 

If you’re encountering the widescreen monitor, pixelated, blurry, or stretched display on a laptop then adjust a screen resolution.

Follow the easy steps To solve Distorted photos In the Toshiba Laptop

  • At first, open your PC desktop.
  • In the second step, you need to right-click >> click on the Display In the search bar, you can type the ‘Display Settings’.
  • Then, scroll down the Scale & layout >> then set-it to the ‘Recommended’.
  • Next, go to the Display resolution. Then, again set it to the ‘Recommended’.


  • Next, close a settings option. Check if a distorted or blurry display issue is fixed.

Also, you could simply visit a manufacturer’s website & check your PC’s manual for the correct resolution of a CRT, laptop, or LCD.

Technique #7: Update PC Drivers

In order to update the computer driver, you need to follow the beneath steps. Following these instructions can help you to fix skewed images on the screen.

Follow These Steps In order to Update Drivers

Step 1: In a search box you have to type a device manager.

Step 2: Choose Device Manager.

select Device Manager

Step 3: In-Display adapter, you need to right-click a graphic card >> click on the Update driver.

Update Driver

Step 4: Then choose the Search automatically for updated driver software option >> tap on Update Driver.


Technique #8: Replace The Video Card

Well, a faulty graphics card might also lead to flashing images on your desktop. Just replace the video card & then check if it fixes the distorted display issue.

Note: If your system is old, replace the complete motherboard. As the old PSs used AGP technology that may not be found currently. Recent graphics cards run on a PCIe interface.

Technique #9: Reinstall The Drivers

Though, if updating graphic cards or replacing the video card doesn’t help then try to reinstall them. Though, reinstalling the drivers resolves almost each and every issue like overlapping, distorted image, or damaged display of the screen easily.

Here Are The Easy Steps in order to Uninstall Drivers:

Step 1: First, right-click the My Computer/ This PC.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to tap on Manage and then Device Manager.

Step 3: Double-click on the Display Adapters which you can see in an appearing list.

Display Adapters

Step 4: Make right-click a graphic driver >> tap on Uninstall.

Uninstall The Disk Driver

Step 5: Tap on OK option.

After completion of these steps, reboot your PC. Windows will reinstall drivers automatically.

Technique #10: By Replacing The Monitor

In case none of the above 9 manuals helped you to fix a distorted flashing or skewed image issue then change your monitor.

However, all the aforementioned solutions have a few flaws as well. Although this process might take a lot of time to perform every process and low-speed execution & even needs some technical knowledge.

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Automatic Solutions To Fix A Distorted, Flashing Or Skewed Image

If the above manual solutions unable to solve pixelated, skewed, color lines image, it must be the file corruption problem.

Photos turn grainy, blurry, pixelated, greyed-out, or distorted on your screen when they get corrupt. In such a situation, you need a powerful third-party photo repair software like Photo Repair Tool.

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This tool can be applied to both the operating systems; Windows as well as Mac.

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Final Words

Here, I have discussed different methods to fix a distorted flashing or skewed image on your PC or Laptop. All the provided solutions are very effective and anyone can easily try those ways to fix a distorted image on monitor.

Apart from that, I’ve also suggested you try professional Photo Repair Software for an easy fix.

I think this post will definately help you out to select the best approach that will suitable in your case. Good luck!

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