7 Ways to Fix Pixelated Images/Photos [Best Guide]

Fix Pixelated Image

A pixelated image is a low-quality picture which appears unclear and grainy. It is generally caused by resizing the small photo or when trying to zoom the picture and make it larger. However, creating the soft layer of a pixelated photo or adjusting the resolution of the pixelated picture using Photoshop can fix pixelated images successfully.

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[2023] 4 Ways To Repair Encrypted JPG/JPEG Files

Repair Encrypted Jpg File

How to repair encrypted JPG files? Read this troubleshooting guide till the end and learn the 4 best fixes to get rid of the issue.

Encrypting pictures is one of the best ways to keep privacy & prevent the personal photographs from unauthorized access. Just like any other photo file, encrypted JPG images might also get corrupted. Regardless of the reasons behind encrypted picture corruption, you can easily decrypt encrypted JPEG files by applying the fixes mentioned in this post.

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RAW NEF Repair – 6 Ways To Fix Corrupted Nikon NEF Images

NEF File Repair- 6 Ways To Fix Corrupted Nikon NEf Images

Not only photographers but most of us are also used to capture our valuable memories with Nikon digital camera. Though, at times the pictures stored within the camera might get corrupted because of unexpected reasons. Therefore in this article, we are going to specify the root causes of the NEF image corruption & put forward towards 6 NEF repair solutions to fix corrupted Nikon NEF images.

You can repair corrupted NEF files by opening the file in another image viewer, by downloading the Microsoft camera codec pack r by using the Nikon NEF Photo Repair Tool.

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Repair BMP Files: 5 Ways To Fix Corrupted/ Inaccessible BMP Images

Repair BMP File: 5 Working Ways To Fix Corrupted/ Inaccessible BMP Images

Unable to open your .bmp or Bitmap images as they got corrupted? Struggling hard to repair BMP files? If it is so, then read this article till the end and learn some best BMP repair solutions. Moreover, you will also come to know what BMP files are, the reasons for BMP image corruption.

You can repair corrupt BMP files by converting the BMP format to another photo format, renaming the Bitmap file, or using the Photo Repair Tool.

So, let’s get started…

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How To Fix Half Grey Pictures Or Full Greyed Out In 2023 (6 Ways)

Pictures Half or Full Greyed Out copy

Recently noticed that your photos greyed out or pictures showing half or full grey or black? Tried several fixes but still not able to solve how to fix half grey pictures Windows?

Just calm down! In this tutorial, I am going to present the 7 best solutions that will help you to fix half greyed out pictures or images showing half or full grey/black.

To fix the bottom half of picture is grey issue effectively, you can download your photo again, use the command prompt or Hex Editor For an instant solution to fix grey box covering your images, it is recommended that you must use Photo Repair Software. 

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Keep on reading to know more…

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[5 Best Solutions] How to Fix Grainy Photos Effectively?

fix grainy photos.

If you have captured a grainy or blurry picture and want to fix it, you are in right place. Continue reading this article to know the best solutions on how to fix grainy photos.

We used to click photos to capture special moments of our life & to cherish those memories. But sometimes it may happen that while capturing photographs, they’re getting destroyed because of numerous external factors. And, grainy photos one such issue. There could be times when we click pics it becomes blurry and as a result, you will end up with a grainy photo.

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[Solved] Unsupported Format Error When Open Photos On Android

file type not supported

Are you encountering “file type not supported” while trying to open photos on your Android phone? Struggling hard to make an unsupported file supported? If this is so then you’ve reached the correct webpage. This article contains the best solutions that will assuredly help you to fix unsupported format error when open photos on Android with ease.

You can fix unsupported format error when opening photos by restarting your device, checking the internet connection, reducing the image size, and using the recommended Photo Repair Tool. 

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3 Ways to Fix Broken Or Corrupt JPEG Header

Fix Broken Or Corrupt JPEG Header

While trying to open your JPEG pictures if you’re getting a “No Preview available” error, it simply indicates that your JPEG file gets corrupted due to some reason. One of the major reasons behind this corruption is- a broken/corrupt JPEG header. Using the Hex editor or replacing the bad JPEG header can help you in fixing it.

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How to Fix JPEG Error #53 Easily? [5 Tested Methods]

fix jpeg error #53

Are you encountering “jpeg error #53 when trying to access the pictures on your system”? Do you want to know why is it happening & what can be done to solve this problem? If your answer is ‘YES’ then do not worry about it. I am saying this is because, in this tutorial, you’ll come to know the best 6 ways to fix jpeg error #53.

Therefore, do not skip reading this article as you’ll lose something very important that will help you to know how to fix jpeg error #53 successfully. But before proceeding further, let’s know something about “jpeg error #53”.

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