How to Fix JPEG Error #53 Easily? [5 Tested Methods]

Are you encountering “jpeg error #53 when trying to access the pictures on your system”? Do you want to know why is it happening & what can be done to solve this problem? If your answer is ‘YES’ then do not worry about it. I am saying this is because, in this tutorial, you’ll come to know the best 6 ways to fix jpeg error #53.

Therefore, do not skip reading this article as you’ll lose something very important that will help you to know how to fix jpeg error #53 successfully. But before proceeding further, let’s know something about “jpeg error #53”.

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What Is JPEG Error #53?

With this error, you cannot access your JPEG file anymore, and this could be mostly due to corruption in the operating system.

When the JPEG Error #53 Code Occurs

The JPEG 53 error code mainly takes place because of the following reasons:

  1. If a bad sector exists in the memory card.
  2. If you take photos when your device’s battery is low then saved pictures can be corrupted.
  3. When your storage device gets infected by a severe virus/malware attack.
  4. Improper memory card removal or abrupt card handling.
  5. When the header of your photo file gets damaged/broken.
  6. If any third-party app is running in the background on your system then it might cause this error.

All the above-given factors are mainly responsible for the occurrence of the JPEG file Error 53. When you get such an error message then the saved pictures become inaccessible or may not open in its original file format.

Apart from that, you can also face some other JPEG error messages that I have listed below:

Common JPEG Files Error Messages 

How To Repair JPEG Error #53 Using Best JPEG Photo Repair Tool?

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Follow the step by step guide to know how to resolve jpeg error 53 in a hassle-free manner…

Workarounds To Resolve JPEG Error 53

Try the below solutions one after another to know how to repair JPEG error easily…

Workarounds #1: Perform Windows Clean Boot

Well, you can execute the clean boot in your Windows PC to troubleshoot JPEG error #53. This process will help you to detect & solve the problem.

How to Perform Clean Boot:

Follow the below-given steps to perform the Clean Boot on your Windows PC:

  • First of all, type the “MSConfig” in a search box & click on OK.


  • Choose the System Configuration Utility and then click on General >> Selective start-up.
  • Then, uncheck a Load startup item & select the Services.

How To Clean Boot to Windows 10 with No All Startup Program and ...

  • After this, you need to choose the Hide all Microsoft services & make a tap on the option Disable all.

Hide all Microsoft services

  • At this time, go to a Startup tab, simply enable each of the startup items & click on Disable.
  • Finally, click on OK and then restart your PC.

If this solution won’t work, then try the next one.

Workarounds #2: Change the File extension

Sometimes, changing the file extension can resolve the different types of errors and image file related problems.

How to Change The File Extension:

To change the image file format, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: First, open your JPEG image in an Adobe Photoshop or some other picture editors.

Step 2: Next, save your JPEG picture with a new image file format.

Step 3: Then, open the Window field and select a new file extension such as .png or .bmp. After that, press the Save for saving your image via the new file format.

Step 4: At last, see the image & check if you can open it or not.

Workarounds #3: Restore The Previous Version

Well, if you’ve made any alterations in the system prior, then restoring your system to the previous version might prove to be a helpful way.

How To Do This?

  • Firstly, restart the system & login as an Administrator
  • Next, type the System Restore in a search box, choose the Create a restore point option.


  • After that select the System Protection & make a tap on the Configure

How To Enable / Disable Windows 7 System Protection

  • Now, enable the system protection & make click on OK
  • At this step, choose a specific restore point & click the Next and wait for a while to finish this process.

Workarounds #4: Try Alternative JPEG Viewer

In order to fix JPEG error #53, you can also change the viewer application. Just try to open your image with the entire installed program or use some other third-party application.

Does this solution work for you? If not, then the last way should help!

Workarounds #5: Download the File Again

When downloading the JPEG or other image file is not 100% complete & each time you try to access that file, at the time you might get an error like ‘your image file is corrupt’ or “Unable to read the JPEG header” etc. Hence, in order to solve the image file corruption issue, you can download your JPG file again & then try accessing it.

Sometimes, the source isn’t reliable or a downloading process is hindered; in such case, you’ve to again try to download your file from the trustworty source.

Bottom Line

After going through the above section of this post, now you have come to know the 5 best jpeg error 53 fixes to resolve this error while opening JPEG photos. All the aforementioned workarounds will surely help you to fix JPEG error as well as to recover the JPEG file.

In case, all the manual solutions fail to fix jpeg error #53, then it is suggested that you must try JPEG File Repair Tool to fix and open them without any error message.

Thanks for reading my article…

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