5 Best Working Solutions To Fix SD Card Keeps Unmounting Issue

I have decided to write a blog on the topic ‘SD card keeps unmounting’ because when I went through some forum sites, I found there are several people who are facing this issue. So, here, in this blog, I am going to provide solutions for those who are looking for ‘SD card keeps unmounting’ fixing issue.

Do not skip this reading this blog otherwise, you will lose something very crucial that can actually help you to fix ‘SD card keeps unmounting’ issue.

But, before I proceed towards its fixes to repair SD card keeps unmounting issue, I would like to share a practical scenario with you. After I read this scenario, I actually felt that I should write a blog for such people and provide effective solutions to fix SD card error of such kind.

Practical Scenario

IP2M-841 camera. I’ll go to check screenshots and notice my SD card isn’t there. Requires a rebooting camera to show up. This is getting to be a huge problem as screenshots aren’t getting recorded. Someone broke into my neighbor’s car last week and don’t have any screenshots because camera couldn’t save to SD card. Why does this keep happening? It’s pretty much defeating the purpose of a security camera.

Original Source: Amcrest Forums

After going through this scenario, I would like to first let you know what causes SD card keeps unmounting itself error to occur. So, just go through the below section of this blog:

What Causes SD Card Keeps Unmounting Error To Occur?

Here are the most common causes that lead this SD card error to take place. So, go through the following causes below:

  • SD card is not formatted: If your SD card is not formatted then you can first format the SD card before you mount it. However, if you format memory card or SD card then it will delete all the data present on it. So, make sure that you have a proper backup of the data.
  • Connection Error: It may be possible that the connection between the digital device and the SD card is so loose that the device fails to detect it.
  • Incompatibility Issue: There can be an issue of incompatibility between the SD card and the device. So, it is always suggested to first check the instructions and the version of both; SD card and the device to see whether they are matched or not.
  • Connecting Device Is Damaged: Before you connect your SD card to your digital device like phone or digital camera, it is first suggested to check whether it is connecting to the PC. If it is working perfectly while connecting it to the PC, it means that there is an issue in the digital device you are connecting your SD card with.
  • Virus Attack: If your SD card is infected with virus then make sure that you remove shortcut virus from SD card. Also, scan your SD card on a regular basis to prevent further virus attacks.
  • Broken SD Card: If your SD card is broken it is possible that you will get ‘SD card keeps unmounting itself’ error. However, you can fix broken SD card issue and make SD card readable on the device. Also, if it’s broken very badly then et a new one.

Solutions To Fix SD Card Keeps Unmounting Issue

Here, you can now look at the most possible solutions to repair SD card keeps unmounting issue. Also, you can try these solutions to fix SD card is unexpectedly removed error.

So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at the solutions below:

Solution #1: Reinsert SD Card

If you are getting SD card keeps unmounting issue then make sure that you reinsert the SD card and then restart the phone or digital camera to fix this issue. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • First of all, turn off the device; phone or digital camera
  • Now, remove the card from the digital camera of phone
  • If there is an option to remove the battery from your device then remove it and wait for just a few minutes
  • After 4 to 5 minutes, switch on the phone or camera and make sure that the SD card is properly removed
  • Again, turn off the device and then reinsert the SD card into the slot
  • After this, switch on the device and check that the unmounting issue is resolved

Solution #2: Format SD card Without Any Data Loss

When the SD card keeps unmounting issue, it can be a great symptom of having corrupted SD card. If it is corrupted then people used to format it with the computer. But, after formatting the SD card with the PC, you should also format SD card once again after you insert it into the device. To do so, follow the steps:

  • Make sure that you use a card reader to connect the SD card with the computer
  • Next, go to My Computer and then find the external drive
  • After this, right-click on the drive and then click on the option ‘Format


  • Make sure that you perform the formatting operation on a regular basis with fat32 instead of quick formatting
  • It takes about an hour to finish the process; however, the time can vary depending on the storage capacity
  • After completing the format operation, insert the SD card into the device and format the card again to make it work properly

NOTE: If you forget to take a backup of SD card and still have not formatted the card but the data has become inaccessible then try to recover data from corrupted SD card using the CMD option, etc.

Solution #3: Factory Reset

If the SD card keeps unmounting error still exists then after your format is done, you can factory reset the device to fix this issue. But, remember that factory reset will delete all your data so make sure to have a backup first before performing a factory reset.

Solution #4: Unmount & Mount SD Card

Another solution you can try is to unmount and mount SD card again to resolve SD card keeps unmounting itself issue.

  • The unmounting option is actually quite similar to the option called ‘Eject Media Safely’. Make sure that you use this option to remove SD card safely without losing any data. To do so, follow the steps below:
  • Firstly, go to settings and then go to Storage and then tap on unmount SD card or other external storage
  • Now, click on the Unmount SD Card and then OK just to mount the SD card again
  • After this, remove the card from the camera or the phone and then switch off the device and insert the card again into the slot
  • Next, you have to go to the Settings and the Storage and then again click on the option ‘Mount SD Card’ and then check if this error occurs again

Solution #5: Get A New SD Card

If even after trying all the above solutions to repair SD card keeps unmounting error, you are still getting this error then stop using that SD card right there.

Make sure that you take a backup of the SD card data and buy a new SD card and use it and see whether you still get the same error.

If you are not getting the error anymore then try to copy the data in the new SD card you kept as a backup recently.

Ultimate Solution: Try SD Card Recovery Tool To Recover Data From SD Card

If your data from SD card is deleted while fixing SD card keeps unmounting issue then you need not worry. This is because you can easily recover lost files from unmounted SD card using SD Card Recovery Tool.

Yes, this tool is specially designed to recover lost media files from not only SD card but also from other external storage devices like external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, etc.

This tool is completely safe to use and is 100% risk-free. There is no need to have the technical knowledge to apply the steps for SD card recovery. Just see the screenshots and try the steps mentioned below.

emidDownload Photo Recovery For Windows emidDownload Photo Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable items.

Steps To Recover Photos, Videos, Audio Files From SD Card

Step 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. After selecting, click on 'Scan'.


Step 2: Preview Recovered Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media files after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on 'Recover' option to save them at the location you want.


Some Tips To Prevent SD Card Errors and Corruptions

Follow these tips to prevent future SD card errors and corruption and make it unreadable and so you need to fix microSD card unreadable:

  • Stop using single memory card on multiple devices
  • Avoid filling up the SD card completely
  • Remove the card after turning off the device to prolong SD card life
  • Never take photos and shoot videos when the device has low battery
  • Do not perform ejection/insertion of SD card when it is still running

Time To Conclude

Here, I have tried my best to provide the best possible solutions to fix SD keeps unmounting error in easy ways. So, make sure that you try all these fixes and get your issue resolved.

Hope, you will now able to easily repair SD card keeps unmounting itself issue. However, if you notice that the data you have saved in the SD card have been deleted unintentionally then stop using the card right there.

This is because you can easily restore lost data from SD card using SD Card Recovery Tool. This tool will definitely help you recover deleted photos from memory card and other media files easily.

I hope this blog will not let you down.

All the best…….