GoPro SD Card Errors [Detailed Guide]

GoPro SD Errors

While using the GoPro cameras, it is not surprising to encounter different GoPro SD card errors like ‘SD ERR,’ ‘NO SD’ or ‘SD Card error,’. When any of these errors occur then it simply means the card you’re using is failing to interact with your GoPro camera. In such a situation, checking the connection between the SD card & GoPro camera can help you to fix this issue.

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Fixed “Couldn’t Unmount Disk” Error on Mac [5 Ways]

Couldn't Unmount Disk

Couldn’t unmount disk error message generally occurs on Mac devices when trying to repair, format, partition, or modify the boot drive/internal disk using Disk Utility. No doubt, it’s the most annoying issue encountered by Mac users. Luckily, it can be fixed by using recovery partition & command line.

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Fixed: “The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadable” (7 Ways)

The Disk Structure Is Corrupted And Unreadable

“The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable” error occurs when you connect your corrupted/damaged partition drive to a PC and try to access the data stored within it. You can receive this error due to either logical or physical issues on your disk drive. By re-plugging the drive into a PC and running chkdsk utility, you can fix it.

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7 Ways to Fix the Directory Name Is Invalid USB [2023 Updated]

The Directory Name Is Invalid USB

USB error the directory name is invalid occurs when trying to access the connected USB drive files, documents, or location on the PC. This error mainly triggers due to connecting the corrupted USB drive to the PC or using a damaged USB port. Reconnecting the USB drive and running the chkdsk can solve it.

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7 Ways to Fix Dash Cam Not Recognizing/Reading/Detecting SD Card

Fix Dash Cam Not Recognizing SD Card

Dash Cam not recognizing/reading/detecting SD card either due to a corrupted/damaged SD card or because the SD card format is unsupported by the Dash Cam. Fortunately, you can make your Dash cam SD card detected by removing & reinserting the SD card and checking the Dash Cam’s settings, etc.

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6 Ways to Fix Hard Drive Not Spinning Issue

Fix Hard Drive Does Not Spin Issue

An internal or external hard drive not spinning issue occurs due to electrical failure on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or the read/write head of the drive getting stuck on a platter. Nevertheless, the problem can be fixed by troubleshooting PCB and checking the power supply or surge.

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5 Ways- The File Is Too Large for The Destination File System!

The File Is Too Large For The Destination File System

The file is too large for the destination file system error usually arises when you’re trying to transfer or copy large files that are over 4 Gigabytes (GB). Even if the data storage media/drive has adequate storage space to store the file. Fortunately, it can be fixed by converting the file system or formatting the data storage drive.

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7 Methods to Fix VLC Player Error Opening File for Writing

Fix VLC Player Error Opening File for Writing

VLC player error opening file for writing arises when users try to update or install VLC media player on their Windows PC. Corrupted system files or installation problems due to the default browser are the two major factors triggering this issue. However, closing all the tasks of VLC, running the SFC & DISM scans, etc. can fix this issue.

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SD Card Not Showing Up in Android/Windows PC!

SD Card Not Showing Up On AndroidLaptopPC

SD card not showing up on PC/phone due to loose connection between devices (SD card & card reader/phone’s card slot), virus infection, etc. However, the SD card doesn’t show up can be fixed by checking the device’s compatibility, running the chkdsk command on PC, and formatting the memory card.

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Fixed- Dash Cam Saying SD Card Is Full Error (4 Ways)

Fix Dash Cam Saying SD Card Full Error

Dash Cam says SD card is full error occurs due to faulty or corrupted SD card. Besides, insufficient storage space on the memory card can also trigger this error. However, the Dashcam SD card full error can be fixed by shortening the time of “loop recording” feature, reducing the G-sensor sensitivity, and formatting the SD card in the camera/PC.

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