4 Methods To Fix & Recover Folders Turned Into Shortcuts

Fix & Recover Folders Turned Into Shortcuts

If your files & folders in USB drive, SD card, Pendrive, or other data storage drive turned into shortcuts and you’re unable to access them, then check if your files are hidden, run antivirus program and attrib command. Doing this will help you to solve how to fix folders turned into shortcuts and recover shortcut files in USB drive/Pendrive/SD card.

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How to Fix Smart Hard Disk Error 309 HP [7 Ways]

smart hard disk error 309 HP

If you are getting stuck with the Smart hard disk error 309 HP while turning on your laptop or booting your PC, don’t panic! In this article, I will show you how to fix Smart error on hard disk with 7 quick and easy ways.

But before learning the solutions, it’s important to figure out the reasons behind it. So, let’s get started….!

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[Solved] Kodi Not Working on Xbox, Firestick & Android TV

Kodi stopped working

This article contains complete information regarding how to fix Kodi not working on Android TV, Xbox, or Firestick successfully. Besides that, here you will also learn what triggers the Kodi app isn’t working on your Firestick, Android TV or Xbox. Read further to know more.

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9 Ways To Fix “Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem” [2022]

Windows detected a hard disk problem

There are many users out there who are encountering the “Windows detected a hard disk problem” error. Even I have seen the same question asked by various users on several forums and community websites.

Since this problem is increasing day by day, that’s why I have decided to share information on how to fix hard disk errors Windows 10.

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How To Fix “SD Card Unexpectedly Removed” Error [2022 Guide]

Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error

Smartphones and digital cameras always come with limited storage space. But the best part is that you can gain extra storage space by adding SD card with different storage capacities. Although, you can sometimes get an error “SD card unexpectedly removed” due to various reasons.

Here, in this optimized blog, I am going to discuss the fixes for how to solve SD card unexpectedly removed problem.

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How To Format Write Protected SD Card [Full Guide]

how to format write protected micro SD card.

Write protection on an SD card is a mode to protect your data from unauthorized access or accident deletion. When you attempt to modify or add a new file on an SD card you can get “The disk is write protected” error message.

Many users reported that they’ve received this error when trying to format the SD card. Thus, if you are one of them who are unable to format memory card due to this error, then keep on reading this post.

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How To Fix SD Card Read Only Error [2022 Guide]

How To Fix “Read Only” Error Of USB, SD Card & Internal/External Hard Drive

Receiving an “SD card read only” error message when trying to access the data stored within the SD card has become problematic for many users. Thus, if you are one of them who are facing read only memory card error and struggling hard to get rid of it then keep on reading this article.

This optimized article contains a few different ways to tackle this situation in a hassle-free manner.

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Fixed- GoPro SD Card Errors [2022 Guide]

GoPro SD Errors

GoPro SD card errors can be triggered due to corrupted memory card, virus attacks, or physical damage to the SD card. Checking the connection between SD card & GoPro camera, scanning the card with CHKDSK, and updating the GoPro firmware to the latest version are a few ways to get rid of this issue. Nevertheless, if you want to know more solutions, just go through this article.

The GoPro cameras are the world’s most versatile action cameras. It is famous for its unbelievable capability to shoot high-quality videos. But users often face GoPro SD card errors on this camera. Well, it is very common to encounter “SD card error”, “No SD card error” and more on errors on GoPro SD cards.

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How To Fix SD Card Is Write Protected Error [Tried & Tested]

Fix Card Is “Write Protected” Error Message

Is your SD card is showing an error message “SD card is write protected” when trying to save new data to the SD card?

Want to know how to remove write protection on micro SD cards as it is restricting you to write new files to the SD card? If your answer is yes, then just relax, here you’ll get some tried & tested fixes for the memory card is write protected in camera/PC.

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