How to Recover Lost Pictures from Corrupted Memory Stick on Windows/Mac?

By | December 19, 2013

memory stick photo recovery

Efficiently Get Back Inaccessible, Lost, Missing, Erased Photos from Memory Stick!!!

Summary – Are you not able to access pictures on your memory stick? Have you accidentally deleted or lost your valuable or memorable photos from memory stick? Do you want to restore those erased or missing images? If “yes” then you can use powerful Digital Media Recovery Tool to restore photos from damaged, corrupted memory stick.

With the use of this media file recovery tool, you can:

  • Effectively restore lost, inaccessible pictures from memory stick
  • Retrieve photo file format (jpeg/jpg, png, tiff/tiff, bmp, etc) as well as video (mp4, avi, mov, wmv, mkv, etc) and audio (flac, mp3, m4a, ogg, wav, amr, etc) files
  • Support recovery from various brand of memory stick such as SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Transcend, Kingston, Apacer, etc
  • Beside recovery from memory stick, the software also restores media files from memory cards, hard drive, USB flash drive, digital cameras, mobile devices, etc
  • Preview recoverable files within software before you proceed to save them on your PC
  • Read-only program, 100% safe & clean and easy to use

Download Memory Stick Photo Recovery To Restore Photos in Minutes

Free Download Photo Recovery for Windows Free Download Photo Recovery for Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Digital cameras are the most popular portable electronic device for capturing memorable moments in the form of pictures. These pictures are gets automatically stored on the memory sticks as soon as you take the pictures. These Storage media is basically used to store high quality photos that are taken from camcorder or digital cameras.

Memory Stick is removal flash memory card that was launched by Sony. This technology of digital data storage capacity of 10 times capacity of a 3.5 diskette. This is the new way to share and transfer pictures, audio and other types of data between different compact electronic devices such as camera or camcorders. These sticks are of small size but it includes all the smart media and compact flash memory.

Losing data from these storage device is very common nowadays, but at the same time it is very annoying issue. These can be caused through various numbers of reasons, such as virus infection, deletion of formatting accident and mistake, sudden power failure and system corruption during the time of transferring data.  Memory Stick is another type of memory card that can be used for digital cameras for storing digital pictures. The photos that are stored on the memory card may get lost due to deletion, formatting, error or memory stick damage.

Common reasons for losing photo or picture files from the memory stick are-

  • Abrupt computer shutdown while transferring of pictures from the card to the computer- If any interruption such as power failure, accidental shutdown of PC etc. occurs during transferring of images may lead to loss of data. This abnormal shutdown can lose all the data and then the recovery of them becomes almost impossible until a efficient recovery software is not used.
  • Continuous capturing of pictures without waiting for completion of single image processing- While capturing photos pictures needs some time to get capture and then store on the memory stick. But before ending this process if you take another picture than there are very strong chances of losing all your data.
  • Accidental deletion- The files that gets deleted from the Memory stick cannot be restored easily via Recycle Bin. It permanently gets deleted by bypassing Recycle bin. So the accidental deletion from the memory stick results in permanent loss of pictures.

How to recover pictures from Memory Sticks?

If the memory card gets overwritten then the there is the chance of losing all the data it stores. So it is recommended that if such accident occurs the first thing one should do is to stop using the memory stick, and then use the professional recovery software so that recovery is achieved as soon as possible.

Rescue Digital Media is professional Memory Stick recovery software that helps to restore any type of data loss, whether it gets deleted, formatted, corrupted and even removed data and files from the memory sticks. This powerful software helps the users to enable recover multiple files at one time without any risk. Along to these it is very easy to operate to any level of computer users. It even supports all types file types like music, images, pictures, videos and audios.

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Steps to recover Images from Memory Sticks-

Step 1: The Memory stick recovery software provides you easy to use options for recovering photo, audio and video.

1Step 2: Then select on the memory stick to continue with scanning process by clicking on the “Start Now” Button.

2Step 3: Here you will find the “Advanced Scan” option which enables to customize the recovery on the basis of file type. This customization helps to minimize the scanning process time.

3Step 4: After finishing up the scanning process a window will show the preview of the output file. After this select the desired file were you want to save the output data, click on the “Recover” button to save them.