3 Ways to Recover Lost/Deleted Partition on External Hard Drive

Recover Deleted Partition on External Hard Drive

External hard drives are mainly used to save, transfer, & backup files among the different systems. Also, they can be divided into numerous partitions such as the internal hard drive. All the info about the partitions is saved on an external disk partition table. But at times, these partitions can be deleted from hard disk for several reasons. However, you can recover lost/deleted partition on external hard drive by using the best Hard Disk Partition Recovery Tool mentioned below in this post.

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How To Fix & Recover Unallocated Space On USB Drive [2022 Updated]

Recover Unallocated Space of A USB Flash Drive

Have you ever come across a situation where your USB drive or any other external drive shows you unallocated space on your PC?

Now if this happens to anybody then I can understand how frustrating the situation would be to fix and recover unallocated space on the drive. Actually, unallocated space can be seen on a USB drive or SD card is because of the loss of partition.

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OTG Pen Drive Recovery- How To Recover Deleted Files From OTG Pen Drive

OTG Pendrive Recovery

Summary: Read this post & learn how to recover deleted files from OTG Pen drive in 3 easy ways.

Many users rely on pen drives or other removable data storage drives to save & protect their crucial data. Photos, videos, music, and other documents are stored within these drives from cameras, smartphones, tablets, & other handheld devices.

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How To Recover Data From External Hard Drive [2022 Updated]

Recover Data From External Hard Drive

External Hard Drive, also known as HDD is a very important device that is extremely portable for one to carry from one place to another and also allows to backup any important data from a computer or laptop to it.

Moreover,  an external hard drive that contains your valuable backed-up data can be affected by accidental deletion or virus attack without any prior notice. As the case may be, this happens as an unpleasant surprise that makes you feel as if you have lost something very dear to you which is your cherished backup data on the external hard drive.

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PSP Save Data Recovery: 4 Easy Methods To Recover Deleted Files From PSP Memory Stick

PSP Save Data Recovery: Recover Deleted Data From PSP Memory Stick

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a game console in which a memory stick is used to store stuff. But, like other memory sticks PSP memory stick is also prone to data loss. Thus, if have lost any of your media files from the PSP memory stick then this article will definitely be going to help you to perform PSP save data recovery. So, keep on reading this post and get the 4 best methods to recover deleted files from PSP Memory Stick.

You can recover deleted data from PSP memory stick through backup or by using the Photo Recovery tool.

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Swann CCTV DVR Data Recovery – Get Back Lost/ Deleted Swann CCTV Footages

swann cctv data recovery

Swann is a global leader in providing security monitoring solutions to smart homes, offices, and stores around the globe. Its surveillance system or you can say its CCTV cameras record everything in hard drives of its DVR so that you can watch the video footage later. But at times these CCTV footage gets lots from DVR due to numerous reasons.

So, if you have lost videos or recordings from Swann DVR and want to recover them then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get to know how to recover Swann DVR data and get back videos that were deleted or lost due to any of the reasons mentioned here below.

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[Best Guide] Samsung External Hard Drive Recovery

Samsung External Hard Drive Recovery

How to perform Samsung external hard drive recovery? Just read this article till the end and get the best ways to bring your lost data back from Samsung hard drive with ease. 

Samsung is a popular company which manufactures electronic gadgets such as Smartphones, TVs, Laptops, external hard drive, etc. But, if we talk about Samsung external hard drive specifically then it provides great quality, compact and reliable drive to store a large amount of data (photos, movies, music, etc.) as a backup.

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How To Recover Data From PS4 Hard Drive? [4 Best Methods]

recover data from PS4 hard drive

Like any other storage media, the file deletion on a PS4 external hard drive is quite common. Once users come across the data loss issue on the PS4 game console, then they start searching for the solution on how to recover data from PS4 hard drive, right?

But, let me tell you that, by reading this article you’ll find various methods as well as the best PS4 Data Recovery tool to recover data from PS4 external hard drive. So, stay tuned with me to know the complete information regarding how to recover deleted files from PS4 without any concern.

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