Why Photos Becomes Corrupt or Unreadable After Recovery – Reasons and Solution on Windows/Macs!

By | December 13, 2013

photo recovery after recoveryDigital photography has left traditional photography far behind and it has lots of advantages. One can easily takes digital photos in few clicks using digital cameras or phone and can store it in some storage device and later on they can watch it. The terms of re-writable memory of storage device such as memory card, pen drive, hard disk, etc, allow user to delete previous image and add new image to it.

Digital photos are best way to keep life important moments and memories, and are very convenient to use.  And why not? You can have lots of photo stored in your camera, phones, computer, etc. You have thumbnail and double click on it, image display always, so you believe it always will. But it is obvious that life doesn’t remain clear-cut always. It takes only few minutes and you can lose all of your favorite images from your storage device. The reason could be accidentally deletion, virus infection, a scratch on memory card, etc and suddenly your photo might be trashed and no longer you can view it at all as it is corrupted and damaged.

Though, there is specialized photo recovery software that can help you to recover your lost photos back. It is suggested to have photo recovery tool if you do not have backup of your deleted or lost photos, so that you can easily recover them by the use of photo recovery tool. But sometimes you could find that recovery of photos is corrupt and you could not view the clear or complete photos, even though you have recovered them by using specialized tool.

Basically, most of the digital cameras, mobiles and other photos capturing devices use JPEG file format for their photos files. When you recover photos using specialized tools you may find such corruption in your recovered photos. The corruption may be:


  • Photo overlapped by another photos
  • The photo get divided into two or multiples part.
  • The photo gets shifted and you can’t view the full contents.
  • The color of upper part is different from the color of lower part
  • The upper and lower part of photos is of different photos.

There could be many damages and corruption you can find in your recovered photos.

Reason of photos corruption after recovery

Their cause behind such actions of few photos after their recovery with the use of specialized tools is the tool corruption. This result:


Before recovery if photos get partly overlapped, you get such results after recovering it through specialized tool.

May be specialized tool do not perform efficiently or lack some features which results in corruption of few photos throughout the recovery procedure. It means that tool is not having the capability or features may be one of the reasons of such corruption.

At such conditions, when JPEG file photos or photos/images get unreadable when you recovered the lost photos with the help of specialized tools, then it is highly recommended to use professional JPEG photo recovery tool. A trustworthy tool to recover photos and repair damaged and corrupted photos file without affecting it original quality. Such tool comes with user friendly so that you do not have any problem while using the tool which allows user for smooth operation in recovery of photos.

Precaution to avoid such photos corruption:

  • It is always recommended to use authorized tools for recovery of your deleted or lost images. It generally happens we use free software for photo recovery but at the same time it lack full features. Basically free software are malevolent that may harm your computer instead of recovering photos. Hence, it is better to use trustworthy and paid photo recovery tools.
  • To avoid photo corruption try to use memory/media card reader for importing and exporting images from computer. Do not directly connect your device such as digital camera or mobile through USB cable, it may corrupt photos.
  • Try to eject the external attached device (memory card, pen drive, card reader, etc) in proper way. In not doing so, it may overwrite images partially. Do not directly disconnect the external drive.
  • It is suggested not to use same memory card in multiples of mobiles and digital cameras. In doing so it will not only corrupt your memory card but it can also corrupt your images or data stored in it.

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Steps to use photo recovery tool To restore Corrupted Photos:

Step 1– Download, install and run this recovery tool.




Step 2– Connect your memory card and select it from the list. Click on “Scan Now” option.



Step 3– Select the desired file type to recovery and click on “Scan Now”


Step4– After it select those Files that you want to recover. Enter the path location where you want to store the recovered items and click on “Recover button”.