[9 Ways] Fix “CHKDSK Cannot Open Volume For Direct Access” Error In 2022

Generally, the “chkdsk cannot open volume for direct access” error message pops up upon scheduling the CHKDSK utility. This error can be faced by anyone due to several reasons like the presence of malware, viruses, and bad sectors, etc. in the disk which you’re using to store files.

Such error messages don’t only waste your precious time & effort but also leads to hindrance because of no access to your data. Therefore, it needs the best solutions to fix chkdsk cannot access disk issues quickly.

So, today in this post we will discuss how to resolve “SD card cannot open volume for direct access” and recover data from it with ease. However, while fixing this issue, if you found that your vital external hard drive data gets deleted, you can use the best Hard Drive Data Recovery Tool to recover them effortlessly.

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But before proceeding further, let’s know why this error takes place.

What Causes The Chkdsk Cannot Access Disk Error?

In this section of this blog, I have listed the actual causes behind the occurrence of the below-shown check disk cannot open volume for direct access error.

chkdsk-cannot-open-volume-for-direct-access (1)

So, let’s know the most common reasons behind this issue:

  1. Due to the hard drive is physically or logically damaged
  2. The hard disk being checked or repaired by the check disk command is corrupted or damaged.
  3. A disk is locked by the third-party tool like antivirus software for further protection
  4. Because of the presence of bad sectors.
  5. The storage media has dirt, stains or some other external substances
  6. Your Windows version doesn’t have the latest service pack installed

So, these are the situations due to which you might get this check disk error while using the CHKDSK command.

 Now, it’s time to know the possible solutions to solve chkdsk /f cannot open volume for direct access SD card with ease.

How To Fix Chkdsk Cannot Open Volume For Direct Access External Drive Error?

Try the below-given methods one by one to fix chkdsk f cannot open volume for direct access problems that you are facing.

Solution #1: Restart Your Computer

Solution #2: Disable The Third-Party Applications That May Lock A Partition

Solution #3: Try Repair-Volume For The Windows Powershell

Solution #4: Perform CHKDSK In The Clean Boot Environment

Solution #5: Perform Hard Drive Self-Test from the BIOS

Solution #6. Repair The Bad Sectors

Solution #7: Perform CHKDSK At The Boot-Time To Fix Chkdsk Cannot Access Disk Error

Solution #8: Uninstall Third-Party Software

Solution #9: Format Corrupted Or Damaged Hard Drive/SD Card/USB Flash Drive

Solution #1: Restart Your Computer

When the chkdsk cannot access disk error takes place, first of all, you must try to disconnect your PC from the network. But, if you use the laptop, make sure that the battery is removed. Apart from that, disconnect any other external hard drives, then simply press on the power button for a minute.

After doing so, turn on your system and check if the aforementioned error is there or not.

Solution #2: Disable The Third-Party Applications That May Lock A Partition

Mostly, the chkdsk cannot access disk error might occur due to the third-party service like the disk monitor or virus checker tool which is locking the partition that you need to check. So, just try the below steps to disable any third-party application.

  • First, press the Windows + R keys together to open a Run
  • Next, type the services.MSC, then click on OK, after doing so, the Service window will appear.

services msc

  • Under Services list find out the third-party app like virus checker/disk monitor tool.

Services list

  • After this, make right-click the specific application and choose the Properties to check.


  • Now, change the Startup type to simply Disable any third-party service and press the OK.
  • Lastly, Exit from the Services and reboot the system to run the CHKDSK again to check if the cannot open volume for direct access error message disappears.

Solution #3: Try Repair-Volume For The Windows Powershell

Step 1: First of all, open the Windows PowerShell as Administrator

Step 2: After this, type in Repair-volume -drive letter <DRIVE LETTER> command to simply run the Repair-Volume and hit the Enter.

Step 3: Let the process complete and check if the Scanning & repairing the issue is fixed or not.

chkdsk cannot open volume

Solution #4: Perform CHKDSK In The Clean Boot Environment

Well, the clean boot starts the system only with the required drives and startup programs. Therefore, you can run the diagnostic tests to determine whether the background program is causing this error in the normal boot environment.

  • Simply press the “Windows + R” keys together and enter the MSConfig.


  • Under the System Configuration window, then switch to the “Services” tab.
  • Next, check the “Hide all Microsoft services” and then select Disable all > Apply > OK.

chkdsk cannot open volume

  • Now, go to the “Startup” tab, then click on the “Open Task Manager“.
  • Then, click each item, choose the “Disable“.
  • After doing so, restart your PC and run the CHKDSK again.

Solution #5: Perform Hard Drive Self-Test from the BIOS

  • Initially, turn off your PC and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Now, press Power button to start the system, and access the BIOS Setup.
  • Then try the Left Arrow & Right Arrow keys to navigate by the menu selection to find the Primary Hard Drive Self-Test
  • Next, choose the Primary Hard Drive Self-Test and then hit the Enter key to begin the test.

chkdsk cannot open volume

  • Let the test finish and boot the computer normally.

These steps should solve your problems.

Solution #6. Repair The Bad Sectors

Well, bad sectors on the storage media will definitely cause minor or severe problems. The error “chkdsk c /f /r /x cannot open volume for direct access” might result from bad sectors on the local hard drive, SD card, etc.

To check if your disk is broken with the bad sectors, then you ought to perform the complete scanning process for bad sectors. While the scanning process if any bad sectors are found, then you can repair bad sectors. But, you must be aware that any actions to repair bad sectors will harm the file stored on the hard disk. So, you have to fix and recover data from SD card with bad sectors.

Solution #7: Perform CHKDSK At The Boot-Time To Fix Chkdsk Cannot Access Disk Error

Step 1: First, boot the computer in the Safe Mode & open the Command Prompt command line with the Administrator rights


Step 2: Perform the mentioned below command when opened:
chkdsk /x /f /r

Step 3: Now, check if the error message occurs in Safe Mode too.

If this won’t repair “chkdsk cannot open volume for direct access external drive”, then try the next solution.

Solution #8: Uninstall Third-Party Software

After trying the above six methods, if you still get the same issue, then you can uninstall the third-party software which may lock the partition. By following the steps given below you can uninstall a third-party tool from the computer.

  • Simply, click the Windows & navigate to the Control Panel. You have to click the Control Panel to open it.
  • Next, in the Control Panel, choose the Programs from the shown list.
  • After that, click the Uninstall Program
  • Now, click on third party software which may lock the partition, then click the uninstall
  • Then, reboot your system and try again to perform the disk check-in a command prompt to check if you still get the same error.

Solution #9: Format Corrupted Or Damaged Hard Drive/SD Card/USB Flash 

When you try the CHKDSK to check the hard disk partition and to see a notification Cannot open volume for direct access, you must realize that a file system of the digital device is broken or corrupted. So, to bring your storage device back to the work, assigning a new file system to the device by formatting is useful. Formatting the external storage device can be done in 2 different ways:

#9.1: Use The File Explorer To Format The Disk

  • Just, go to “This PC“.
  • Then, find & right-click on a storage device or the partition which you want to format.
  • Next, choose the option “Format“.

chkdsk cannot open volume

  • Now, select the new file system, the set-up remaining options.
  • After trying these steps, you have to wait until the process complete.

#9.2: Use the Disk Management To Format The Hard Disk

  • First, you have to open “This PC
  • After that, go to “Manage” and then “Disk Management“.
  • Then, make right-click on partition that you need to format & then click the “Format“.

chkdsk cannot open volume

  • Now, set-up the options & begin the formatting method.

Recover Data After Fixing Check Disk Cannot Open Volume For Direct Access Automatically

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Can I Not Access My External Hard Drive?

There could be numerous reasons due to which you can’t access your external hard drive like bad sectors affected the drive, third-party software, wrong file system and more.

Does Chkdsk Delete Files?

No, the CHKDSK doesn’t delete the files. Though, it only finds the unidentifiable areas on a disk and fixes them.

How Do I Run Chkdsk To Fix Can’t Open Volume For Direct Access Error?

The CHKDSK can’t open the volume for direct access error generally occurs on the external drives such as USB drive, SD card, etc.
Step 1: Click on the Start >> tap on Run.
Step 2: Open a command prompt & type a cmd in a search box.
Step 3: Then, click OK.
Step 4: Right-click the cmd.exe under search results>> select the Run as Administrator.
Step 5: Type in chkdsk & press Enter.

Can See Hard Drive But Cannot Access?

Well, if your USB flash drive or hard drive is visible to you in the Device Manager but not in the Disk Management, then you need to update your device driver to see if it works.

Will Chkdsk Fix Corrupt Hard Drive?

Windows offers an utility which is known as chkdsk. It helps the Windows users to fix most of the errors and bugs on their hard disk. This utility must be run from the administrator command prompt to do its work.

Time To Conclude

After reading this blog, you have possibly understood that why “chkdsk cannot open volume for direct access” error takes place. And what you can do to fix this issue and recover multimedia files from the hard drive.

Suppose, if you’ve encountered such situations, it is always suggested that you must keep backup of your important data even if they are stored on portable devices.

The corrupted or faulty hard drives can always be replaced or fixed, but losing important media will never come back. In case, if you don’t have backup then try to use the data recovery tool to deal with such a situation immediately.

That’s all…