How to Declutter Similar Photos and Videos on Your Phone?

Tired of media files piling up on your phone, unused and forgotten? It’s time to declutter and revitalize your device. With easy steps from Apple and Android, you can identify and remove unnecessary files. Don’t let disorganization slow down and overwhelm your phone. Get rid of duplicate photos and videos without the hassle. They take up valuable disk and cloud space and clutter up your files. You can remove duplicates with little to no effort using a variety of cloud platforms. Such services as Apple Photos and Dropbox also allow you to select the best pictures.

Backing up your files is crucial, but do you really need multiple copies of the same photo or video scattered across different devices? Read this detailed tutorial to discover how to put everything in order and make your pics easier to find. You will learn how to identify and remove exact duplicates that are taking up valuable space on your backups. Forget about redundancy and create a more efficient storage system. In addition, you will learn how to perform culling, which will allow you to keep only the more attention-grabbing pics. Don’t miss out on our expert tips for streamlining your backup process and reclaiming precious storage space.

Declutter Similar Photos and Videos on Your Phone

Make the Most of Google Photos

According to stats, 91% of people take pics with their smartphones. When it comes to storing photos and videos in original quality on Google Photos, you have the option to delete locally stored originals and access everything from the cloud. Simply redownload them when you need local copies. Google Photos no longer offers the option to automatically sync your cloud library with a local folder.

Use a CleanUp app

You may use the iPhone CleanUp app to identify and delete duplicate photos and videos stored on your computer. Are you wondering: “Is there an app to clean up iPhone?” Don’t settle for just any iPhone storage cleaner, invest in a professional solution for a more comprehensive and reliable experience. This clean-up app for iPhone is a respected duplicate file finder that works quickly and thoroughly, even locating similar photos. You won’t face any difficulties when using this solution even if you’ve never used similar tools before. Thanks to its streamlined functionality & well-thought-out interface, it is extremely easy to use.

Utilize Apple Photos

In this section, we’ll discuss how you can easily find & remove unwanted media files if you’ve a Macbook. You just need to find the Photo app, run it, and select the Duplicates option. When using a mobile iOS device, go to the same app, select Albums, and click on Duplicates. It will allow you to quickly merge similar photos and get more free space. Don’t worry, your duplicates will be temporarily stored in the Recently Deleted album for 30 days, giving you the chance to restore or permanently delete them. Forget about clutter and enjoy a streamlined photo library today.

Do you want to know: “How to manage photos on an iPhone?” If you’re running iOS 16, simply open the Photos app and head to the Albums tab. Look for the Duplicates album in the Utilities section at the bottom. From there, compare and delete any unwanted images. But remember, the iPhone’s Duplicates album may not catch all similar pictures. For a more efficient process, consider using a third-party photo-deleting app when dealing with large amounts of photos. When deleting photos, keep these important points in mind:

Deleted photos aren’t immediately gone. To permanently get rid of deleted photos, go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted. Tap Select and then Delete All. Reclaim storage space on your iPhone and optimize your photo library today!

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Get Dropbox

Discover and eliminate duplicate files with ease using Dropbox’s built-in duplicate finder. Don’t limit yourself to just photos or videos – Dropbox can handle any type of file. Are you wondering: “How to sort photos on iPhone?” Click on the “Organize” >> select the option “Find Duplicates”. After that, you’ll be presented with a clear overview of all the duplicate files found. You may even open the dropdown menu to view your photo gallery. Deleting duplicates is a breeze and the changes will be instantly synced across all your devices with Dropbox installed.

Clear Up Your Storage

Need to speed up your sluggish phone? Take a look at some hidden menus you may have never visited before. Start with your messages. On iOS, you can change how long your phone stores messages so it automatically clears out old threads. Just go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages. Set the desired duration for message storage before they self-destruct. If you want to remove the attached files, head to iPhone Storage, scroll down to Messages, and tap Review Large Attachments. This screen will show you all the big files. Android’s Messages app doesn’t have this setting, but you can archive old threads by swiping left or right. Most third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have options to clear out old messages.

The biggest storage hogs on your phone are usually photos and videos. Back them up to a popular online cloud backup service. After creating copies of your pics, you can remove them from your photo and access them from anywhere later if you need them.