Panasonic Camera RAW Photo Recovery: Recover Lost RW2 Image Files

Are you looking for an effective way to retrieve Panasonic RW2 image files? Tried different recovery solutions but still unable to recover them? If “YES” then do not worry, because you can now easily recover them from saved backup or by using the advanced Panasonic Camera RAW Photo Recovery tool with ease.

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To recover RAW pictures on Panasonic digital camera , we recommend this tool:

This software will restore data from corrupted, formatted, encrypted storage media and works in all data loss situations. Now recover your lost and deleted data in 3 easy steps:

  1. Try this Media File Recovery Tool rated Excellent on
  2. Select the storage media from which you want to restore the media files & click Scan.
  3. Preview the recoverable files, select the items you want to recover and click Recover to save the files at desired location.

Can I Retrieve Deleted RAW Photos From My Panasonic Camera?

Well, the answer is ‘YES’, you can easily retrieve RAW photos from Panasonic Camera.

Everyone wants to get their deleted pictures or other stuff instantly so that they can relax. But actually, nothing can recover instant? You will take some time to get those images back.

Nevertheless, if you have saved a backup then, you can recover deleted RAW photos from there. In case if you don’t have backup then you can directly try the expert Photo recovery tool.

But do remember one thing, if you overwrite the existing data by adding new files then the recovery chance gets low by using this data recovery tool.

How To Get Back Deleted RAW RW2 Image files?

As I have already recommended using the suitable Panasonic RW2 File Recovery tool that will help you to retrieve all the lost or deleted photos and raw .rw2 image files.

This software easily restores photos from a formatted memory card inserted within the Panasonic camera. It thoroughly scans the entire storage device as it has a powerful scanning technique that can easily retrieve lost RAW RW2 image files from Panasonic Digital Camera.

With this RAW RW2 image recovery tool, you will be able to:

  • Easily retrieve deleted, lost, formatted, missing Panasonic camera  Raw RW2 photos with ease
  • Support various photos, videos, and audio file types
  • Preview recoverable media files within the software, before recovering them on the system
  • 100% read-only. Safe and secure to use.

The best part about this program is that you can download, install and run this software on both the Mac & Windows system respectively.

emidTry Photo Recovery For Windows emidTry Photo Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable items.

Supported Digital Cameras/RAW Photo Files/Camera Cards

Camera/RAW Image File Formats

Canon CR2/CRW, Nikon NEF, Fuji RAF, Pentax PEF, Samsung SRW/SR2, Hitachi, Olympus ORF, Kodak KDC/DCS/DRF/K25 Sigma X35, Mamiya MEF, and more.

Camera Cards

SD card, SDHC, SDXC, SanDisk SDHC, Sony SDHC, Transcend SDHC, Strontium MicroSD, Lexar SD card, Kingston, Olympus xD picture card, Eye-Fi Pro SD card, Verbatim SDXC, MMC card, etc.

Other Photo File Formats


Follow the step-by-step guide of this recovery tool to retrieve lost Panasonic  RAW RW2 Image Files.

After finishing the RAW photo recovery process, you will get all the recovered image files in your preferred folder.

Execute Panasonic Camera RAW Photo Recovery Via Backup option

backup and restore

Well, a backup is a primary and foremost option for every user who are randomly facing this type of data loss issue. So, if you have saved a backup of the deleted RAW images, then those deleted pictures can easily recover the .rw2 file format from the backup option.

Hence, it’s always recommended to keep a valid backup of your essential data on two or three different locations so that whenever those files get deleted, you can restore them from there easily.

What Are RW2 Files?

Panasonic Digital camera produces a RAW image with RW2 as its file extension. Whenever a Panasonic produces any image, the data is stored in its memory card and so your RAW RW2 image file gets lost easily if any kind of mistake is done, such as formatting or deletion on your Panasonic digital camera.

But there is still a chance to rescue deleted Panasonic RAW RW2 image after formatting or deleting. Well, if you want to recover Panasonic RAW RW2 images in any data loss situation then you can use the below-given ways.

(Reasons) How RAW RW2 File Gets Deleted From Panasonic Camera?

There are several reasons which may result in data loss of precious photos from a digital camera, memory card, hard drive, or USB drive. So it is always required to handle these gadgets with care so that no data loss happens and all content may be safe.

But the reasons for the data loss situation are important to know for every user and hence, they are mentioned below:

  • Data loss may happen when accidentally deleting files and folders
  • Due to the formatting of the device without keeping backup
  • Inserting digital media on an incompatible device
  • Because of the harmful virus attack, the data get lost
  • Any type of interruption while transferring data from a card like sudden power failure, harshly removal of the card, etc
  • Ejecting the device forcefully at the time of accessing data
  • Using the same storage device on several gadgets can lead to data loss
  • Even the file system which is used to store data gets corrupted because of improper handling which makes the data inaccessible

How to Avoid Further Data Loss?

Data loss is a very irritating situation so here we have described some effective tips that will help you to prevent this type of situation in the future.

  • Always make a backup of all your important files or folders
  • Never use the device when showing a battery low
  • Avoid shortly removal of the card during read/write process
  • Don’t remove the files when the file transfer process is in progress
  • Scan your system completely with a good antivirus to prevent virus attacks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can Photoshop Open Rw2 Files?

Yes, Adobe Photoshop can open the RAW RW2 files with ease.

How Do I Open A RAW File That Has Been Recovered?

In order to open a RAW file that has been recovered, you can follow the below steps:
Method #1: First locate the image file on the PC & make double-click on it. Doing this will open an RW2 file in the default application.
Method #2: You can open an Adobe Photoshop, then go to a File menu which you can see at a top of the window >> select the Open. Now, browse the PC, go to the location where your lost RAW file was restored. Just select that file and double click in order to open it.

What Program Opens RW2 Files?

Below I have listed some of the programs that can help you to open RW2 files in Windows 10:
1. RawTherapee
2. FileViewer Plus 3
3. IrfanView
4. FastStone Image Viewer
5. XnView, etc.

How Do I Convert RW2 To JPEG In Lightroom?

You can convert RW2 image file to JPEG in the Lightroom, by trying the below instructions carefully:
• Choose & open a RAW RW2 file in Lightroom which you need to convert
• Then, select JPEG as a format that you wish to convert your file to.
• Tap on Convert option to convert your RW2 RAW file.

Final Verdict

No matter whatever the reason may responsible for RAW RW2 image deletion, the provided solutions will definitely be going to help you out to perform Panasonic camera RAW photo recovery.

Therefore, before trying the manual solutions, firstly use the Panasonic RW2 File Recovery tool that will help you to retrieve lost RAW RW2 image files from Panasonic camera.

And I tried my level best to put together the best possible ways and methods to sort out your issue.

So, now the recovery becomes very easy to get rid of data loss problems from digital devices.

I hope, you liked this article.