5 Tips for Maintaining Your Memory Card

By | November 22, 2014

5 Tips

Memory card is one of the important part of any digital devices like Digital camera, Smartphone etc. Without this small electronic card no one device becomes complete because it provides a huge amount of space for storing our important data. If you are a digital camera user then are friendly with its importance, it able to maintain a large amount of data and makes you able to transfer or receive data swiftly.But it is also necessary to maintain the memory card to avoid any type of unwanted situations, some tips are given bellow apply them to maintain your SD card and protect your stored information.

1. Format the Card in Your Camera: Before storing any data onto any memory card it is necessary to format the Media card. Storing data on any unformatted memory card may affect your data as well as card. The benefit of formatting card is that it readily synchronizes with the camera or other device as soon as you start recording data. If you want to insert a used memory card into another device then format it before inserting.

2. Acknowledge Your Capacity:

To maintain the quality of your memory card and to use card effectively always keep some free space on your media card. This is because all memory cards needs some free space to operate read write efficiently.

3. Use an efficient Card Reader:

To transfer data from card to computer USB is not good because of it drains unnecessary battery power from the device. So using a card reader instead of data cable is good option, it will provide high speed of data transfer with safety. But always use good quality of card reader such as Lexar professional card reader, a fluctuated card reader may also affect the memory card and make it damaged. A professional card reader can able to provide a safe and very fast file data transfer speed as high as 133 Mb/s.

4. Try to Not Delete Images on Your Camera:

Using delete all option instead of formatting is such a worst idea, deletion of any image cannot remove the data permanently from the memory card and so that it become trouble for the media card. If you want to delete all the photos from your data card then use format option, this feature will make your memory card completely fresh.

Note: Please create a backup of your entire memory card before formatting it.   

5. Don’t Remove the Card suddenly from the Camera:

Removing memory card suddenly from any device like mobile, camera, and computer may harm your data and make it inaccessible. So it is important to remove memory card from any device by using safely removal option, it is the option designed to remove any external hardware safely. This function is not only given to the computer systems but also available in all the Smartphone and digital camera memory card.

In case the memory card becomes wet or damaged, then don’t get panic, because it is possible to recover data from your corrupt memory card with ease. First don’t try to store any data on your memory card after corruption. If you have an updated backup of your memory card then use it and restore your data (Avoid using an outdated backup because it may make your data permanently inaccessible).

In unavailability of backup you can apply a third party Photo Recovery Tool. This type of tool is specially designed to deal with the data loss situation. It able to get back inaccessible camera photos without need of any backup file.

Download Photo Recovery For Windows Download Photo Recovery For Mac

Simply download this recovery tool and install it, after few clicks your data will become accessible. It is the professional way to retrieve data after corruption.

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