Pictures Half or Full Greyed Out? Here Is The Real Fix!

By | September 28, 2018

Fix and Recover Half Greyed Out Photos

Learn 5 Easy Solutions To Fix And Recover Corrupted Half Grey Photos!

Summary: Is your photos greyed out? Is your pictures showing half or full grey or black? Or grey box covering your images? Just calm down! In this tutorial we are going to present 5 solutions that will help you to fix and recover half greyed out pictures, images showing half or full grey/black or grey box covering your photos.

For easy, quick and direct solution, it is recommended that you must use JPEG Repair software to fix and recover half greyed out JPEG pictures.

With the help of JPEG Repair Tool, you can:

  • Efficiently fix half grey jpeg photos, full black/grey jpeg pictures, grey box covering jpeg images from bottom/top/left or right.
  • Fix half grey pictures that got corrupted in Android, iPhone, digital cameras, Windows, Mac, external hard drive, memory cards, USB drives or other media storage devices.
  • Fix multiple damaged or corrupted JPEG files at one time.
  • Preview fixed or repaired JPEG/JPG photos within software before final recovery.
  • 100% safe, secure and easy to use.

Free Download JPEG Repair Tool To Fix Half Greyed Out Pictures

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Sometimes, you may get shocked to see that your photos, particularly your JPEG images saved in your Android, Windows/Mac computer, iPhone, SD card, USB drives, digital cameras or some other devices shows up half or full grey/black. There are many users out there encountering with such issues.

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For example, we have taken some real users practical scenarios!

Practical Scenario 1

Why are the bottom half of my images gray?

why are my pictures greyed out

– Original Post From Super User

Practical Scenario 2

Corrupt jpg files – missing colors on half or more of image

I am experiencing what appears to be a corruption of some of the jpg files on my hard drive. The file will often load fine from my camera card or scanner and appear OK but at a later time it will “lose” some of the color on the image. The bottom half (more or less) will be discolored all one hue (red or blue) or sometimes just darkened slightly. Does anyone have any experience and/or fixes for this problem?

Thanks in advance, skimmet

– Original Post From CNET Forums

Just like above practical scenarios, there are several users out there facing such problems.

I know you might be thinking – what makes pictures/photos/images half or full greyed out?

Well, there could be several causes. Some of the common causes are mentioned below!

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Causes: What Makes Pictures Half or Full Grey/Black?

  • One of the prime causes is that your photos have got corrupted or damaged.
  • Images does not get transferred or copied completely or properly.
  • Interruptions while transfer of photos is in process.
  • You have used untrusted or unreliable photo recovery software to recover your deleted photos.
  • The photos you saved in hard drive, memory card, digital camera, USB drive which has physically damaged or corrupted.

Above mentioned causes are encountered by many users out there and made their photos half or full grey or black.

That’s why many people ask why are my pictures greyed out? How to fix corrupted picture which shows up half or full grey/black? How to fix half grey pictures on Mac or Windows? Or questions like that.

Well, it doesn’t matter whatever may be the causes that makes your photos half or full grey. Here we bring 5 easy solutions that you can follow to fix your half or full greyed pictures.

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Solution 1: Download The Photos Again

If your photos have been downloaded incompletely or if photos have not been transferred properly due to improper internet connection, sudden computer shutdown, etc can cause your photos to appear partially. So, try downloading the photos again or transfer them again properly.

Solution 2: Restore Pictures From The Backup

It is always suggested that you must keep a habit of backing up your important pictures to handle any corruption or loss of pictures. So, if you have kept the backup of your half greyed out pictures, then simply restore the original pictures from the backup.

Solution 3: Repair Half Grey Picture With Command Prompt

In major cases, Command Prompt fixes minor corruptions in picture on Windows computer. Below follow the steps to fix half missing parts in photos.

  • On your computer, click Start and type “cmd” in search address box.
  • Right-click on CMD and select “Run as Administrator”.
  • This will open a new command prompt window, now type “sfc/scannow” and hit Enter.

Once the scanning process gets complete, you can then open and view your photo. I hope your problem might be solved.

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Solution 4: Open Greyed Out Photos In Image Editor

You can try to fix the corrupted half greyed out images by opening them in image editor software. Open the half greyed out images in software like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or any other photo editing tools. Make some minor changes and “Save As” the photos to the same destination path, overwriting the original greyed out photo.

Most of the time this solution has helped many users to fix the issue as it writes the missing data in the photo file, which might be missing in the original photo.

Solution 5: Repair And Recover Half/Full Greyed Out JPEG Files Using JPEG Repair Tool

JPEG/JPG photos which are half or full greyed out or black out or having grey linings or missing parts can be efficiently repaired with the help of JPEG Repair Tool. This half grey photos recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac computer, hence you can easily fix half grey pictures on Mac as well as Windows PC.

Download JPEG Repair For Windows Download JPEG Repair For Mac

Please note that you will find several photo repair software out there on internet, but most of the software are not smart enough that can help you to fix half grey pictures. But this JPEG Repair software effectively fix unreadable JPEG with corrupted header, invalid or unknown JPEG marker, invalid JPEG file structure along with maintaining the original quality of the photo.

Advantages of Using JPEG Repair Tool:

  • Repair severely corrupted pictures and recover them with its thumbnail recovery features.
  • Quickly repairs multiple images at a time.
  • Support all types of media storage devices such as SD cards, HDDs, digital cameras, USB drives, Android, iPhone, etc.
  • Preview repaired images in the preview screen of the software.
  • Available for both Mac and Windows computer.
  • Safe, secure and easy to use.

Below follow the steps to fix and recover corrupted half/full greyed out JPEG/JPG photos by using JPEG Repair software.

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Steps To Repair Corrupted Half Grey JPEG Pictures And Recover Them

Step 1: Download, install and launch JPEG Repair software on your computer. Click on "Add File" to repair corrupt/damaged JPG/JPEG files.

Stellar JPEG Repair Screenshot-1

Step 2: Selected file be listed. You can click on "Remove File" to remove file form the list. You can check "Select All" to select all files for repairing. Next, click on "Repair" to begin the repairing process.

Stellar JPEG Repair Screenshot-2

Step 3: You can see that repairing of JPEG files is in process.

Stellar JPEG Repair Screenshot-3

Step 4: Once the repairing process gets completed, you can then select any files to see its preview in the right panel.

Stellar JPEG Repair Screenshot-4

Step 5: Finally, click on "Save" button to recover and save repaired JPEG/JPG images on your computer.

Stellar JPEG Repair Screenshot-5


Those were the five solutions that you can follow one-by-one to repair/fix half or full greyed out pictures. However, if solution 1 – 4 fails, then it is highly recommended that you must try JPEG Repair Tool mentioned in solution 5 as it is specifically designed to repair corrupted or damaged JPEG photos. And if your JPEG/JPG photos are showing half or full grey/black, then this JPEG Repair software will help you to effectively fix and recover them back in just few mouse clicks.

Free Download JPEG Repair

Pictures Half or Full Greyed Out? Here Is The Real Fix!
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