How to Keep Your Memory Card Healthy?

By | September 23, 2014

how to keep your memory card healthyThe most frequently neglected parts of the digital photography is the Memory card. But they are very important as they are responsible for storing your photos safely to the time when you transfer them to your computer. Sometime you want to keep photos safely in your memory card until you transfer to your computer so it is very important to take proper care of them. For keeping your memory healthy, some points are mentioned below which let you know how to take proper care of memory cards:

1.    Format new cards as soon as you get them

Most of the memory cards are advertised as “pre-formatted” and “ready to use”, but when you get a new memory card it’s very important to reformat it again as some cameras need some special requirements for the file system of memory card.

2.   Should never completely fill your card

Some Cameras tells you how many more photos you can take before occupying the full space of your memory card as they are having some special kind of indicator on the LCD screen. Always try to concentrate on the number so that you never get too close to the number because if it happens to shoot a photo when it’s already full, it will still try to write part of the photo to the card which can easily damage your memory card.

3.   Never let your batteries discharge completely

It is very important to never let your battery discharge completely as there is a good chance that the camera will only write part of the file if your camera runs out of power at the particular moment when it is trying to write a photo to the memory card. It can easily corrupt the rest of the files on the card.

4.   Never delete your photo, always reformat your card

Always reformat your card which makes sure that the card is in a format in which the camera expects. Never delete photos on the card from your computer because it may harm your memory card.

5.    Use good quality or branded memory cards

Because of the expensive camera bodies and lenses, it saves money by getting some cheap off-brand memory cards. But the most important issue is to store your photos safely which is not possible by using some memory cards of low quality. Always get branded cards such as SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar, etc which ensures that storing photos in such cards are safe as compared to other off-brand cards.

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