PNG File Repair – 5 Sure-Shot Fixes To Repair Damaged PNG Files

Today, I am going to write a blog on how to repair damaged PNG file. As I have seen already in so many forum sites that people have lost their PNG files due to corrupt or damage issues, so I have decided to write on this topic.

There are several people who are looking for solutions to repair corrupted PNG file. Here, in this blog, you will get to know what are PNG files, what causes PNG file corruption or damage. Also, you will definitely know how to fix corrupted PNG files.

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I think you must be now very eager to know its steps to repair damaged PNG file. But, before I proceed to its user guide, let me first provide you some information related to PNG files and its causes of corruption.

What Are PNG Files?

PNGPNG file is a compressed image file format. It stands for Portable Network Graphics. This image file format uses a lossless compression algorithm that reduces image size. But the image quality never reduces even after compression is done. The file extension used for PNG files is .png.

This file supports more than 16 million shades. PNG image file is one of the preferred file formats that is used for internet graphics. PNG file is also known as the patent-free bitmap file format.

Nowadays each and every browser supports PNG format. Image file gets corrupted because of virus-infected data storage devices, corrupt or unsupported graphics drivers, or corrupted OS files.

Some Common Errors Related To PNG Files

These are some of the major errors that occur when the PNG file becomes corrupted or damaged in any scenario:

  • Unable to read file
  • Unsupported file system
  • File is not recognizable
  • No preview available
  • File cannot be accessed

To resolve all these errors, it is very important to know how to repair damaged PNG files but before that, let’s have a look at the causes of corruption.

What Causes PNG Files Corruption?

There are several reasons due to which the PNG file becomes corrupted. Here are some major reasons below:

  • Presence of bad sector in the storage device makes PNF files corrupted or damage
  • Storage device is infected with virus
  • Resizing the PNG file frequently
  • Corrupt drivers in the system
  • Using corrupt software to open PNG file
  • Improper file transfer or plug out the device during the file transfer or power failure
  • Removing the memory card when in use

If any of the above scenarios happen to you then there is a possibility that your PNG file will become corrupted. And, a result, you have to look for how to repair PNG files.

How To Repair Corrupted PNG Files

As I have already mentioned that using PNG File Repair Tool, you will be easily able to fix damaged PNG files, so just try it once. This tool has some special features that allow you to repair damaged PNG files easily.

This repair tool not only repairs PNG files but also other image file formats like JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, DNG, CRW, CR2, NEF, etc.

The best part about this tool is that it is compatible with both the platforms which include Windows and Mac.

You can download and install the tool as per your niche.

Try Photo Repair For Windows Try Photo Repair For Mac
* Free version of this program only previews repaired photos.

Now, let’s look at the easy steps to repair corrupted PNG files below…

Step 1: Download, install and launch Photo Repair Tool on your computer. Click on 'Add File' to repair corrupt/damaged image files.

photo repair-1

Step 2: You can then select the files for repairing. Next, click on 'Repair' to begin the repairing process.

photo repair-2

Step 3: Finally, click on 'Save' button to preview and save repaired images on your desired location on the computer.

photo repair-3

Other Alternatives To Fix Damaged PNG File

Fix #1: Convert PNG Image to Another Format

The best option you can try to fix PNG file is to convert the PNG file to another image file format. There are several online converter tools available on the internet for free that you can use. You can simply search the best sounding tool to repair damaged PNG file.

But before converting, make a copy of that PNG file and then convert the copied image to another image file format and the try it to open.

Fix #2: Use System File Checker Option In Windows

System File Checker or you may call it sfc.exe is an inbuilt utility in Microsoft Windows. You can use this utility option as this allows you to restore Windows system files that are corrupted or damaged. So, you can try this option to fix damaged PNG file. In order to run sfc/scannow command, follow the below steps:

  • Type ‘Run’ in the search option.
  • Now, in the run Windows, type cmd and press Enter key
  • After this, in the command prompt Window, type sfc/scannow and then press Enter

This will check the corrupted system file and if there exists any then restart the system and try to open the PNG image again. Maybe this time, it will open easily.

Fix #3: Run Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)

System update readiness tool or DISM can fix component corruption error in the Windows. It helps to prevent service packs and Windows updates from installing.

You can try these options in DISM:

CheckHealth and RestoreHealth

Use Windows + X keys together on the keyboard shortcut keys to open the menu with Command Prompt and then select the command prompt option.

Next, enter the below commands and then press Enter key:

  • DISM ⁄ Online ⁄ Cleanup-Image ⁄CheckHealth

CheckHealth: to check whether corruption exists in the system or not.

  • DISM ⁄Online ⁄ Cleanup-Image ⁄ RestoreHealth

RestoreHealth: To repair automatically the corrupted files.

NOTE: If you are using Windows 10 & 8 then DISM is installed by default.

For Windows 7 and earlier versions, users have to download and run the ‘System Update Readiness Tool’.

Fix #4: Repair Damaged PNG File Due To Corrupted Graphic Card Drivers

You can repair corrupted PNG files that have become corrupted because of graphic card drivers. To do so, you have to follow the steps below:

  • First, you have to restart the computer and then insert Windows bootable media. Now the Windows setup box gets displayed and there you have to click ‘Next’.
  • After this, you have to click on the option ‘Repair your computer’ and then choose an option on the screen and click there Troubleshoot.
  • Now, you have to click ‘Advanced Options’ from Troubleshoot screen, and from advanced option, click ‘Command Prompt’.
  • You have to now open Command Prompt Window and type there C: and then press Enter key.
  • Next, on C: you have to type the command – BCDEDIT /SET {DEFAULT} BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY, and then simply press Enter
  • Now, enter EXIT command to exit the Window and then go back to ‘Choose an option’ screen and after that click Continue to restart the system.
  • While restarting the system, press F8 key to open advanced boot options and there select the option ‘Safe Mode’ and then press Enter
  • Next, log on to the system with the account that has the administrator privileges and then go to Control Panel.


  • Now, you have to choose Device Manager and then right-click the graphics driver and then uninstall the driver.


  • Next, you have to reinstall the graphics drivers from a trusted source. After reinstalling, you will notice that your PNG files are opening.

In this way, you can easily repair damaged PNG files in no time.

Tips To Prevent PNG File Corruption

You can follow these below tips to prevent PNG files to become corrupted:

  • Use antivirus in the system to avoid virus attack
  • Never remove the memory card when in use
  • Do not click images or record any video while the battery is low
  • Please wait until the file transfer operation is done before you remove or unplug the device

Programs Used To Open PNG File

  • Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw

Some Technical Features Of PNG File

  • Text feature makes it possible to add text such as copyright information, description of the image, etc.
  • Supports Truecolor images of up to 48 bits per pixel
  • No image quality loss during compression
  • Grayscale images of up to 16 bits per pixel
  • Supports several graphic software such as graphic designer, Helicon Filter, Xara photo, Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Time To Conclude

As you can see that I have provided some easy to apply fixes to repair damaged PNG file. All these fixes are so easy to apply that you don’t even have to think once if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

One of the best options you can try is to use PNG File Repair Tool. This tool will definitely allow you to troubleshoot PNG files easily.

Also, you might have known something about PNG files including its causes of corruption, programs that open PNG files. Also, I have mentioned some tips to prevent PNG file corruption with the help of which you can make your PNG completely safe from corruption.

So, without wasting any time, just try the above solutions if your PNG file has been corrupted.

However, in any case, if you find that your PNBG files have been lost or deleted unintentionally then do not worry at all. You can easily recover deleted PNG files from the backup option. Yes, if you have a backup of your files, then you can restore it from there.

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