How To Solve The HTML5 Video ‘File Not Found’ Error? (7 Methods)

Are you facing an issue while watching videos on YouTube, Mozilla Firefox, or some other websites? Getting an error that denotes HTML5 Video ‘File Not Found’ issue? Want to know why this error actually takes place and how to solve the HTML5 video ‘file not found’ error? If yes, then I must say that you’ve reached the correct webpage.

I am saying so because here in this post I am going to mention the 7 quick & simple ways to troubleshoot the “HTML5 file not found” error.

Before proceeding to fix this issue, let us first know something about the HTML5 video file, HTML5 video not found, and major factors behind getting this problem.

Video On How To Solve The HTML5 Video ‘File Not Found’ Error

Just watch this video as it explains how to solve the HTML5 video ‘file not found’ error. Follow the solutions to HTML5 files not found & play your video without any interruption.

What Is HTML5 Video File?

HTML5 video file is an innovative video element that is used to play videos on a web browser. It’s a new method to implant video on the web page since an older tactic of playing video files on the web using Adobe Flash plugin is very frustrating & difficult.

However, it’s supported by all the browsers & even helps to control the video playback with its control attributes such as autoplay, volume, stops pause, etc.

Now, it’s time to discuss what does HTML5 video ‘file not found’ error mean?

What Is HTML5 Video “File Not Found” Issue?

If you come across an “HTML5: Video file not found” error when you try to play a video on any website then it indicates your browser does not support HTML5 format codecs or the correct video codec installed.

Well, there’re different reasons for occurring “HTML5 video not found Firefox”. So, read the next section of this article and know the possibility of getting this error.

Why HTML5 Video Not Found Error Occur?

The above-specified error can be prompted on any of your video files that you’ve downloaded from the internet. Let’s get the common causes that can lead to the file not found an error in HTML5.

  1. Using the outdated web browser
  2. Inadequately embedding a video file on the webpage (Website issue)
  3. If the necessary codec isn’t present within a video or the web browser
  4. Due to the excessive number of Cookies, cache, saved passwords & bookmarks data

Fortunately, HTML5 video file not found opera problem can be quickly solved without any difficulty. Yes, you heard right, simply try the below free methods to solve the HTML5 video ‘file not found’ error.

[Easy Solutions] How to Solve “HTML5 Video File Not Found”?

In this section of this article, I’ll tell you the best techniques to fix HTML5 video not found. Therefore, follow the below techniques to solve the HTML5 video file issue.

Solution #1: Update Your Browser

Sometimes, the HTML5 video error can occur due to the outdated web browser. So, you require to update your browser if there is any new update available for your browser.

Below I’ve mentioned the easy steps to update the Google Chrome to the latest version. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • First of all, open your Google Chrome >> click on the three dots which you can see in a top-right corner.
  • Choose the Help option >> click on the About Google Chrome >> Update.
  • If the Chrome is updated then your browser will specify that the Google Chrome is up to date.

Google Chrome is up to date

Nevertheless, if your browser having an outdated version then update Google Chrome instantly & press the F5 key on a specific page to reload it. After doing so, the video file will be played.

Solution #2: Start The Browser In A Safe Mode

Many problems can be easily solved by starting the web browser in a Safe Mode. Well, it has the capability to fix minor issues, not major ones.

Thus what happens to a browser in the Safe Mode?

  • The Safe Mode automatically disable the hardware acceleration
  • It resets a few settings
  • All the plugins, add-ons, etc. are disabled

After starting the web browser in a safe mode, if your video file plays without any interruption, it means that any of these settings in a browser could be creating the error. Hence, just change those settings that actually cause the HTML5 file error.

Solution #3: Clean Cookies & Caches

The caches & cookies mainly help your web browser to run fast, provides a better user experience, and easy to access. Many times, the cookies and cache data can lead to a slow browser issue and also cause errors while playing videos. In order to fix unexpected errors and problems, you need to clear the cache and cookies.

I am suggesting to clear the cache & cookies because most of the time it works. And after deleting the cookies, cache, and browser history, try to play your video and watch it again.

Here, I will take Google Chrome as an example. Follow the below instructions to delete the cache files:

Step 1: Firstly, click on three-dot menu >> choose the Settings.


Step 2: In the second step, you need to tap on Clear browsing data option from a Privacy & security section.

Step 3: At this time, set the Time range, select what you need to delete >> click on the Clear data.

Privacy & security

Solution #4: Download the HTML5 Supporting codecs

The HTML5 video ‘file not found’ issue specifies either the web browser that you’re using does not support the HTML5 or webpage does not have a correct video codec.

However, you have to contact the website’s developer in order to install the HTML5 supporting codecs for your video file format.

Solution #5: Fix Using An Incognito Mode

Another option which you can try to deal with such an HTML5 video error is to open your webpage in an Incognito mode. It will surely help you out to isolate the error as it doesn’t refer to any of the existing settings/cookies on Google Chrome. Hence, to open Chrome in an incognito mode, you have to press the Ctrl + Shift + N.

Now, if your video is playing & if an HTML5 video not found is solved in the Incognito mode, it means that;

  • Your chrome settings are set to default.
  • You’re having any suspicious add-ons or plug-in installed onto your Google Chrome browser
  • You need to remove the plugins, add-ons, and reset the Chrome settings in order to solve the html5 video ‘file not found’ error in a normal mode.

Note: Incognito Mode in Safari and Mozilla Firefox browser will be named as New Private Window.

Solution #6: Toggle The Hardware Acceleration

When you disable hardware acceleration in a web browser then your PC’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) will be actually used to process all graphics-intensive media.

Here are the easy steps for how you can turn off the hardware acceleration with ease:

Step 1: Just go to the chrome and make a tap on three dots on a right corner

Step 2: Next, click on the Settings option

Step 3: After that, go to the Advanced >> System.


Step 4: Now, disable the option “Use hardware acceleration when available 

Use hardware acceleration when available

Step 5: Restart Chrome.

After completion of these steps, try to play your video in the browser. Now, it would not throw ‘HTML5: Video file not found’ issue.

Solution #7: Enable The Flash to Play Video

Even after trying all the aforesaid ways if you’re still getting HTML5 video not playing in chrome, then one more option left for you. Yes, enabling the Flash player will help you to manually play the video file.

Here are the easy steps that could help you to fix HTML5 video errors using Flash.

  • First, click on padlock of a site where you’re not able to play your video
  • Choose the Site settings as displayed in the image below.

Site settings

  • Then, locate the Flash in a Permissions section & change it to Allow as shown below.


  • Now, go back to a webpage >> press the Your “video file not found” issue will be resolved.

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[Tips] – How To Avoid HTML Video ‘File Not Found’ Error In The Future?

Video files are a very important fragment of today’s websites as it makes them attractive & expressive. On the other hand, videos can slow the websites if the size of a video very large and take time to load. Therefore, to avoid this problem you need to follow the beneath useful tips.

  • You ought to know the target device where your video will be played.
  • During the making process of video, check the quality settings of the video because high-quality settings videos take more space and large.
  • Control & measure the size of the video during making it, so, you can avoid the compression process.
  • Also, check on the format of videos because some browsers are not supported by all types of video formats.
  • Select a good & reliable video hosting website, try to use the paid version rather than the free version.
  • The video attributes like height, width is very imported, set them in the code as it is.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Can't I Watch HTML5 Videos?

If you are unable to play and watch your HTML5 videos on chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other websites then it means that you don’t have the supported video codec. Apart from that, your HTML5 video file couldn’t play due to the outdated browser or an excessive number of Cookies, cache, saved passwords, bookmarks data, etc.

How Do I Watch HTML5 Videos In Chrome?

In order to watch an HTML5 video file on chrome, you need to follow the below-given steps;
Step 1: Open the Chrome developer inspector tool.
Step 2: Right-click on src value (from that video), and choose Open in the new tab
Step 3: Then you get this default HTML5 video player from the Chrome web browser.

Wrap Up

I know it’s quite annoying to face HTML5 MP4 video not playing in chrome issue no matter which browser you’re using. However, you can try any of the aforementioned solutions on how to solve the HTML5 video ‘file not found’ error.

Hopefully, after you try the above fixes, at least one of them will definitely work for you.

In case while trying the techniques stated above in this post, if your video file somehow gets corrupt or damage then don’t worry at all. You ought to try Video Repair Tool to fix corrupted or damaged MP4 files. This program has the ability to shot all video-related errors and bugs with ease.

So, all the very best to you…..

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