9 Ways to Fix 0xc00d3e8c Error in Windows 10/11

Fix 0xc00d3e8c Error

The error code 0xc00d3e8c is mostly encountered by Movies & TV (Films & TV) app or Windows Media Player users due to incompatible/missing video codecs. Updating the video drivers and installing the required third-party video codecs can assist you in fixing it.

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4 Ways to Fix This Video Format is Not Supported Error

Fix This Video Format is Not Supported Error

You may encounter “This video format is not supported” error either due to the missing codecs or due to video file corruption. Regardless of the reasons, this error can be fixed by applying a few basic tricks like- converting the video file format, installing the proper codecs, and others mentioned in this post.

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4 Ways to Repair Corrupt Hikvision Video Recording

Repair Corrupt Hikvision Video Recording

Hikvision video recordings might often get corrupted due to improper transfer of data or interruption during the data transfer process. Luckily, you can repair corrupt Hikvision video recording by renaming the video file, repairing the video file header, and trying other methods mentioned here.

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9 Ways to Fix MOV File Only Playing Audio No Video

MOV File Only Playing Audio No Video

If your MOV file only playing audio no video, it may be due to a video file corruption issue or using an incompatible Codec. Hence, it can be fixed by performing a few tricks like– using a VLC media player, fixing incompatible codecs, & others listed in this blog.

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5 Best Ways to Fix Video “Moov Atom Not Found” Error

Fix Video 'Moov Atom Not Found' Error

When the video ‘Moov atom not found’ error occurs then it makes the video unavailable or unplayable. It mainly triggers due to incomplete video downloading or transferring processes. However, downloading the video file again, fixing it with the FFmpeg feature, and using Video Repair Tool can fix this issue.

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9 Ways to Fix ‘VLC Could Not Identify the Audio or Video Codec’ Error

VLC Could Not Identify the Audio or Video Codec

Unidentified codec: VLC could not identify the audio or video codec error occurs when you try to stream your favorite movie in VLC Player but it refuses to play. It happens due to incorrect Input & Codecs settings and missing required video codecs. Fortunately, it can be fixed by restarting the VLC program, enabling the video/audio output settings, etc.

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11 Ways to Fix Kodi Can’t Connect to Network Server

kodi can't connect to network server

Generally, Kodi can’t connect to network server due to poor internet connection, entering the wrong source URL, using outdated Kodi add-ons, etc. However, the error can be fixed by checking the internet connection, verifying the source URL, enabling the proxy server, and updating the Kodi add-ons.

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10 Ways to Fix VLC Player Pixelated Videos

Fix VLC Player Pixelated Videos

VLC player pixelated video issue mainly occurs when you excess compress the video file to make it smaller & reduce the memory usage. Besides, corrupted video file or outdated version of VLC can also trigger this problem. To fix it, you can reopen the VLC player, update VLC, use an advanced Video Repair Tool, etc.

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How to Repair Corrupted Video Files in 5 Easy Ways?

how to repair corrupt video files

It is common to encounter several issues like video file is not opening, becoming choppy, jerky, or inaccessible when trying to watch or stream your beloved movie. This might happen due to a corrupted video file or broken video header. So, it’s important to fix this issue immediately. You can repair corrupted video files using Video Repair Tool.  

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