SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery: 4 Ways To Restore Deleted SanDisk Files

If you want to perform SanDisk pen drive recovery then you are at the correct place.

Well, it happens several times that due to accidental deletion or by mistake we lose our valuable photos, videos and other files from our storage media. Those situations are really distressing and we can’t find a solution on how to retrieve data from SanDisk pen drive.

But now with the help of the best SanDisk pen drive data recovery solutions mentioned here, you need not worry anymore. All the given approaches will definitely be going to help you out to effectively restore photos, videos, movies, and other stuff as well.

To recover data from SanDisk pen drive, we recommend this tool:

This software will restore data from corrupted, formatted, encrypted storage media and works in all data loss situations. Now recover your lost and deleted data in 3 easy steps:

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  2. Select the storage media from which you want to restore the media files & click Scan.
  3. Preview the recoverable files, select the items you want to recover and click Recover to save the files at desired location.

Something About SanDisk Pen Drive 

SanDisk is a leading and most popular brand that is famous for manufacturing storage devices such as memory cards, pen drives, USB flash drives, SSD cards, external hard drives, and many more.

Usually, a pen drive is used to store or transfer essential files like photos, audio, and videos. However, the data stored in a pen drive or flash drive get deleted due to various reasons such as unintentional formatting, accidental deletion, virus attacks, corrupted media files, or human errors.

What To Do If Your SanDisk Flash Drive Data Gets Deleted?

Maybe you’re not aware of the fact that when your pictures, videos, or other files get deleted from storage media then they’re not permanently deleted. They are still present on your storage device itself but become invisible.

As soon you come to know that your SanDisk pen drive files have been lost, immediately stop using it because adding new files will overwrite the existing data. After that, you may lose the SanDisk pen drive data recovery chance by using the solutions mentioned below.

Thus, now the question arises – Is it possible to get back lost data from SanDisk pen drive.

Is It Possible To Retrieve Deleted Files From SanDisk Pen Drive?

The answer is “Yes”, it is possible to recover lost or deleted files from SanDisk pen drive, until and unless deleted files or existing data is not overwritten.

Hence, it is recommended that you must stop using your SanDisk pen drive while you encounter data loss on it and do not add any new kind of data on it.

After that, with the help of this professional recommended SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery tool, you can efficiently restore lost or deleted files from the pen drive in just a few mouse clicks.

Below find out the best SanDisk Pen Drive Data Recovery solution!

How To Recover Corrupted SanDisk Pen Drive Data? (Recommended)

You can easily retrieve lost/deleted files from SanDisk Pen drive using the SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery Tool. Yes, this is one of the best and suitable software for SanDisk pen drive data recovery online. So, feel free to use this program.

This SanDisk pen drive recovery software not only recovers deleted data from SanDisk pen drive only but also from other brands of pen drive.

Apart from that, it recovers deleted data from external storage devices as well as SD cards, memory cards, microSD cards, memory sticks, external hard drives, etc.

Below you can find its more amazing features:

  • Recover lost, deleted, erased, missing, disappeared, formatted data from SanDisk Pen Drive.
  • Retrieve digital media files such as photos, videos & audio files from SanDisk pen drive or other storage devices.
  • Recover digital media files from formatted, damaged, broken, virus infected, corrupted, SanDisk pen drive.
  • Preview recoverable files of the pen drive within the preview screen of the software before final recovery.
  • 100% read-only. Safe, secure, and easy to use.

The best part about this photo recovery software is that it is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Download Data Recovery For Windows Download Data Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

So, follow the step-by-step guide of this tool to recover deleted media files from SanDisk Pen Drive…

More Alternatives You Should Try To Restore Lost Data From SanDisk Pen Drive

Solution #1: Restore Deleted SanDisk Data from Existing Backup

Well, if you are using a backup utility on your Windows PC, then you can easily restore all your missing files from there.

 Step 1: Firstly, tap on “Start” & type the “Control Panel” in a search box.

Step 2: Then, open the Control Panel, choose the “System & Maintenance

system & security

Step 3: After that, click on “Backup & Restore”.

Step 4: Now, tap on the “Restore my files” option to start the restoration process.

Restore My Files

Solution #2: Use CMD For SanDisk Data Recovery

Now, how to recover deleted files from Pendrive using cmd is possible, even without using the software. Follow the given steps to know how to execute this solution.

  • Firstly, press Windows + R keys together in the search box and then type CMD


  • Next, type chkdsk ‘drive letter’ /f in the command prompt window and then hit Enter As for example C : \ USERS\ PROGRAM FILES\ chkdsk D : /f


  • After this, type Y until the command line starts again
  • Now, again type the drive letter and hit Enter key
  • Now simply type [drive letter : \ >attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.*]. This command will help you retrieve the erased files in the SanDisk pen drive.

Use ‘attrib’ command

Solution #3: Restore The Previous Version

Restore previous versions” is a very useful feature on Windows which allows retrieving deleted files from SanDisk pen drive

  • Firstly, connect the pen drive to your computer
  • Now, navigate the folder on it where the deleted files that stored before deletion.

Recover deleted files from corrupted SanDisk Pen Drive

  • You need to right-click on the selected folder and then choose “Restore previous versions” option. Thus, some options will appear to recover the files.
  • Choose the folder version and then click on the Restore button.


So, all these are some of the effective solutions applying to which you will perform SanDisk recovery easily.

How Can I Recover Data From Corrupted Pen Drive?

SanDisk Pen drive can get corrupt due to virus infection, file system crash, availability of bad sector, etc. But you can still recover data from a corrupted pen drive. Either you can repair your corrupted USB flash drive by using CMD command or you can use a reliable Pen drive data recovery tool for SanDisk flash drive recovery.

Apart from that, you have one more option left that is corrupted pen drive recovery via backup option with ease.

[Related FAQ] – Frequently Asked Questions By People

How Can I Recover My SanDisk Pen Drive?

In the absence of backup, you can easily solve your issue of how to recover deleted files from Pen drive by using the above-given solutions.

Can I Delete The Files On My SanDisk Flash Drive?

Yes, you can delete your SanDisk flash drive files using a PC. First of all, insert the USB flash drive into the computer’s USB port. Now, go to the removable device >> select the files that you want to delete. Click Yes to confirm the delete.

How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Phone To A SanDisk Flash Drive?

You can open Android's Settings app and tap Storage & USB to see an overview of your device's internal storage and any connected external storage devices. Tap the internal storage to see the files on your device using a file manager. You can then use the file manager to copy or move files to the SanDisk flash drive.

Bottom Line

Since, there are various causes that can lead to the loss or deletion of files on your SanDisk pen drive, hence you have to prepare yourself to handle such unexpected data loss scenarios.

So, in order to recover deleted or lost digital media files from SanDisk pen drive you must try SanDisk Pen Drive Recovery Tool.

Hopefully. you will be easily able to retrieve data from SanDisk pen drive that has been deleted mistakenly using the given solutions.