How To Fix “Class Not Registered” Error [In 10 Easy Ways]

Many Windows users are facing Class Not Registered error on their systems. This error usually occurs due to the programs or apps with unregistered DLL files or whenever you try to open a particular program, the Class not registered Windows 10 appears.

So, if you’re also facing the same issue while opening your apps like Internet Explorer, Start menu, windows media explorer, etc then you are in the correct place. Here, in this blog, you will get a complete guide on how to solve class not registered problem with ease.

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What Is A Class Not Registered Error?

Class not registered” error is related to Windows computer, and it mostly occurs when the users upgrade Windows 10. You will not be able to view photos because of class not registered internet explorer’ error.

However, this error can be resolved by some fixes and troubleshooting. In the below section of this blog, I have listed the best working solutions to fix class not registered error when opening pictures.

How Do I Fix A Class Not Registered Error?

You can easily fix class not registered arcgis error, by following the below effective solutions.

Solution #1: Bring Back Photo Viewer In Windows 10 And Open/View Photos

Here follow the steps to set Photo Viewer the default software to open/view photos:

  • First of all find the existing image and write down its path.
  • You can open notepad. In the notepad copy/paste the path of the image. To get the path, right-click on the image and select Properties.
  • From Properties, note down the exact path and write it down in the notepad. For example: C:\users\jacob\desktop\image9.jpg
  •  Then in the next line in the notepad, copy and paste the following command:

%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe “%ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll”, ImageView_Fullscreen

  • Now you have two lines in the notepad. Next copy the path of the image and paste it to the end of the second line just after Fullscreen, this should now look like this:

%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe “%ProgramFiles%\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll”, ImageView_Fullscreen C:\users\jacob\desktop\image9.jpg

  • Now simply copy the entire line starting from % till the .jpg.
  • Press Windows Key + R to open Run dialogue box. In the run dialogue box paste the command and then click on OK.
  • This will open the photo in the Photo Viewer.
  • Close it and then again open the same image.
  • Now you will get the option to make Photo Viewer as default app to open and view the images.

Solution #2: Reset Windows 10 Store (Apps) Using PowerShell

PowerShell in Windows is a task-based command-line that is used to control the administration of the Windows OS and its applications. You can use PowerShell in order to reset Windows 10 and resolve “Class not registered” error.

Here follow the steps to fix “Class not registered” error with PowerShell:

  •  Hold Windows Key and press X Key. This will open a command prompt window.
  •  In the command prompt window type Powershell and hit ENTER.
  •  The command prompt will now change to PowerShell Prompt.
  •  Now type the following command in the PowerShell Prompt window:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Make sure that you enter the command exactly as it is stated above, or else you will run into errors. If you do run into the error, then check the command and then re-run it to correct errors.

Now check, if your ‘class not registered’ error fixed or not when opening JPEG/JG photos. If you still encounter the error, then follow the next solution.

Solution #3: Run Component Services

You can also run component services to fix error Class not registered while opening photos on Windows 10 computer.

Here follow the steps to run component services:

Step 1: Press Windows + R key to open Run dialogue box. Type dcomcnfg in the Run dialog box and hit ENTER. This will open ComponentServices window.

Step 2: In the Component Services Window, click on “Computer” to expand it and then click on “My Computer”. Then double-click on DCOM config.

Step 3: You will get DCOM Configuration Warning message. Simply click “Yes”. Next, you may get another message for another component. Simply register or record all these messages with ‘Yes’ option.

Step 4: Once, done, close the Component Services Windows.

Step 5: Reboot your PC. Now open the image, I hope your problem of “class not registered” error might be solved now.

Solution #4: Set A Default Program For Opening JPG/JPEG Image Files

Set default program or app to open JPEG/JPG image files in Windows 10 and check if problem gets resolved or not.

Here follow the steps to set the default program/app to open image files in Windows 10:

  • Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  • Click on Choose default applications by file type

Solution #5: Reset Default Apps

Reset the default apps in Windows 10 maybe this can fix your issue of ‘Class not registered” issue.

Here follow the steps to reset default apps:

  • Go to Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  • Scroll down to “Reset to the Microsoft recommended defaults.
  • Click on “Reset”.


Solution #6: Run A System File Checker (SFC)

System File Checker (SFC) is the in-built utility designed to scans for corrupt files in Windows PC and repairs them. If, while opening photo you are getting “Class not registered” error due to corruption in system files then SFC will fix the issue.

Here follow the steps to run SFC scan:

  • Press Windows + X key, choose Command Prompt (Admin).


  • In the command prompt type the following command: sfc /scannow


  • Hit ENTER.

Wait for the process to get completed. Once completed close the command prompt window and try to open the image, hope your problem is resolved.

Solution #7: Disable iCloud

This is a quick solution reported by many users that disabling the iCloud in the Task Manager in computer helped them to fix  ‘Class not registered” error when opening pictures.

Here follow the steps to disable iCloud on Windows computer:

  • In the Windows search bar type the “Task Manager” and open the Task Manager from the search result.
  • Go to Startup


  • Look for “iCloud Services”, right-click on it and select Disable.


Solution #8: Just Create A New Account

If all of the above solution fails to fix “Class not registered’ occurring on opening of photos, then it is simply suggested that you must create a new Microsoft account on your Windows computer.

First of all log-in to your PC with local account and then follow the below-mentioned steps to create a new Microsoft account.

  • On your PC, go to Settings >Accounts and select Select Family & other people.
  • From the right side Menu, click on “Add someone else on this PC”.
  • Now enter your “Microsoft account email” and click “Next”.
  • Logout and then log-in through the new Microsoft account.

Solution #9: Remove Microsoft As The Default Browser

  • Firstly, go to Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs>Set Default Programs.
  • Now, change the Microsoft Edge to Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Remove term: Solved Class not registered when opening photos on Windows 10 Solved Class not registered when opening photos on Windows 10

  • Restart your PC, to check class not registered error is resolved or not.

Solution #10: Re-Register Windows.Dll Files

To re-register Windows files on your computer:

  • Firstly, press Windows + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).

Remove term: Solved Class not registered when opening photos on Windows 10 Solved Class not registered when opening photos on Windows 10

  • Then type FOR / R C : \ %G IN (*.dll ) DO “%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe” / s “%G” and hit Enter.

Remove term: Solved Class not registered when opening photos on Windows 10 Solved Class not registered when opening photos on Windows 10

  • This command will search for all dll files and it will re-register them with regsvr
  • At last, reboot your system.

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People Also Ask

Why Does It Say Class Not Registered?
It says “class not registered” because a shared DLL files becoming unregistered for some reason. The most common causes for this problem is when the default file extensions for jpeg/jpg’s, png’s, BMP’s and gifs have changed for some reasons. Generally, it is changed when you install a new program or an app.
What Does Class Not Registered Error Mean?
DLL files contain information and instructions necessary for programs to run correctly. This particular “Class not registered” error happens when a DLL file become unregistered. It can affect almost any software.

Final Words

After going through the whole blog, now you must have come to know that what causes the “class not registered Windows 7” error. And how to fix it.

Try the above-mentioned 10 effective solutions which are very easy to execute and with the help of those solutions you will able to fix class not registered error when opening photos on your Windows easily.

In case, while fixing this error, if your data gets deleted then you can try Data recovery tool to get them back.

If you find this post helpful, then please do not forget to share it. Your sharing might help others to fix issue who all are encountering with the same error.