[100% Working] Top 11 Free SD Card Recovery Software in 2023

Memory card is a widely used storage media in digital devices like cameras, smartphones, tabs, etc. However, they can also get corrupted due to several reasons and data becomes deleted or inaccessible. In such a situation, people look for free SD card recovery software to recover deleted photos, videos, audios from SD card. No matter what the symptoms and causes of losing memory card are, here, you’ll get a complete solution.

Well, countless memory card data recovery software are available but the best of them are listed in this article. So, let’s get started….

How Can I Recover Deleted Files From My Memory Card For Free?

After the deletion of media files from the SD card, a common question comes in mind that “Can I recover deleted files from My SD card” or “How can I recover data from SD card?”

However, it is very essential to know whether there is a possibility to do SD card recovery or not.

Actually, when the files are erased from the SD card, generally some users think that those data are gone forever. But, the thing is different and those deleted files reside in the memory card itself. Hence, those deleted files are only recoverable by using a skilled tool like SD card recovery.

So, now, it’s time to know the best free SD card recovery software that will definitely help you to recover deleted photos from a memory card.

Find Out The Best SD Card Recovery Software

Here, you’ll come to know the 11 best memory card data recovery software that helps you recover deleted data from memory card in no time.

In the below listing software, each of them is so effective but the best one you can try is Stellar Photo Recovery. I am saying so because I have already used it when my photos got deleted from my memory card. It’s my personal experience and I would like to recommend this tool to those who want to recover deleted data from memory card without losing its original quality.

So, stay tuned with this blog and have a look at the best data recovery tools along with its pros and cons. First, let’s make a list of the best memory card data recovery software

  1. Stellar Photo Recovery

  2. Recuva

  3. Recoverit Data Recovery

  4. Disk Drill File Recovery

  5. EaseUs Data Recovery

  6. Remo Recover

  7. Recover My Files

  8. iCare Data Recovery

  9. TestDisk Data Recovery

  10. PhotoRec Data Recovery

  11. MiniTool Data Recovery

#1: Stellar Photo Recovery


Recovering deleted data from memory card has never been so easy. But now time has changed. Several tools are available to do so.

Yes, Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the reliable and the best memory card recovery software 2020 that recovers data from memory cards without losing the original quality. This recovery tool contains some advanced features like RAW file recovery, turn on-off preview, remote recovery, resume recovery, etc. This is the reason why this has become the first foremost choice for several people out there.

Stellar Photo Recovery Tool recovers data in all scenarios like formatting and deleting very quickly and easily. It is so quick to download and install and also easy to scan. The interface of this data recovery tool helps you recover media files even without having technical knowledge.

It is actually a lifesaver in getting lost or deleted data not only from memory cards but also from other storage mediums like MicroSD card, SDHC card, CF card, etc.

If you want a guaranteed recovery then you should download this data recovery tool and see the results.

Some Features Of Stellar Photo Recovery:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Offers fast recovery
  • Risk-free program
  • Suitable for non-technical and beginners
  • Offers preview feature before final recovery
  • Recovers data from other storage devices like USB flash drives, SDHC card, CF cards, external hard drives, etc

Supported Platforms:

Stellar Photo Recovery software can run on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and macOS


  • Easy to use
  • Preview option before final recovery is available


  • Data recovery is limited
  • Too large size of the program

How To Recover Memory Card Data Using Stellar Photo Recovery Tool

With the help of this easy guide, one can easily recover media files from memory cards. Download and install this SD card data recovery tool and follow the steps below to recover data from the memory card.

emidTry Photo Recovery For Windows emidTry Photo Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable items.

Step 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. After selecting, click on 'Scan'.


Step 2: Preview Recovered Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media files after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on 'Recover' option to save them at the location you want.


#2: Recuva 


Recuva is a lightweight freemium memory card data recovery software. With the help of this recovery tool, one can easily recover data from storage media on Windows. The interface of this recovery tool makes the media files recovery easy and quick. Recuva also supports Windows 10 and its earlier versions.

Recuva is much more stable of the free version but it has a limit to recover files. However, users can purchase its professional version as it supports virtual hard drive as well as automatic updates.


  • Provides an easy user interface
  • Preview screen before recovery
  • Works on both; NTFS and FAT systems
  • Also supports email recovery of Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, etc


  • The interface is not at all attractive & interesting
  • Do not support the free version

#3: Recoverit Data Recovery


Another trustworthy file recovery tool is – Recoverit data recovery software. It is one of the best choices for users to get back photos or videos from memory cards, computers, SD cards, USB flash drives, hard drives, digital cameras, and more.

It has specific data recovery modes dedicated to each data loss scenario like file corruption, deletions by error, emptied recycle bin and Mac trash, formatted hard drive/devices, lost partitions, virus or malicious attacks, and even computer system.


  • The high recovery rate for almost all the data loss situations.
  • The useful & friendly interface for beginners.
  • The speed of scanning is the fastest
  • Has tons of customer support options.


  • A deep scan option will take a longer time to finish.
  • The expansion of the free version (maximum restoration: 100MB).

#4: Disk Drill


If you want to get success in recovering deleted data from memory card then Disk Drill is capable to do so. It has the ability to search via older files with its special feature called Deep Scan.

This application is developed by CleverFiles and is able to scan external as well as internal storage devices which also includes portable USB drives and SD cards as well.

Disk Drill is available for all current versions of Windows as well as Mac OS. It allows you to recover up to 500MB of photos, videos, and audio files for free. Isn’t it a good option…?

Not only recovers data from memory card but also from other storage devices like microSD card, Sandisk and Samsung SD card, CF card is possible.

Disk Drill free SD card recovery software is thus suggested for video, audio, and photo recovery.


  • Filters the results by date and size
  • Takes 4 steps for data recovery
  • Organizes files found by category
  • Supports multiple file systems


  • Free for 500 MB only
  • Takes too long to scan the files

#5: EaseUs Data Recovery


Just like the other data recovery software mentioned in the above list, the EaseUS Data Recovery tool is available in both; free and paid versions. EaseUS Data Recovery offers features like standard quick scan and deep scan features. These features allow you to look for recent files or conduct a more thorough check.

This SD card data recovery software also has a trial for those who want to try it before buying. The trial is limited to not more than 500MB of data recovery. But if you want to recover larger files then you have to pay for a license before you scan the files to recover.

As compared to other best free SD card data recovery software, this tool sometimes runs slower scans. Nevertheless, it takes up a lower amount of energy on the system. So, if you have patience then you have to wait for the scan to finish, EaseUs Data Recovery is a good option.


  • Offers simple interface
  • Recovery results are overall good


  • Slow scan
  • The poor recovery rate for video files

#6: Remo Recover


Since a long time, Remo Recover has been added to the list of best free SD card recovery software 2020. It has the ability to restore lost data not only from a memory card but also from an external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.

The simple, bright, easy installation and unique design of Remo Recover allow recover data from memory card on Windows s well as Mac.


  • Execute data recovery on Windows & Mac
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Recovers data from non-booting failed and crashed drives
  • Restores those files that were deleted using Shift + Delete, emptied Recycle Bin, and using command prompt


  • Takes too long to scan files
  • Do not allow to scan or sort by file types
  • The free demo offers only to scan and preview lost media files
  • Results for RAW files recovery is not good

#7:  Recover My Files


Recover My Files is another best free SD card recovery software that allows you to recover deleted files on Windows. With this tool, one can also recover lost data that have been emptied from Recycle Bin.

Also, it recovers files that have been lost because of the reinstall or format of a hard drive, removed files because of virus attack, unexpected shutdown, and more.

One can easily recover media files from SD card, external hard drives, iPod, floppy disk, USB Zip drives, etc.

This memory card data recovery tool is fast and easy to use. There is no need for any technical skills to recover deleted data.


  • Sort out files by date
  • Scan the backup of a partition
  • Adjust the layout of the viewed items


  • The free version allows to scan and preview the lost and deleted data
  • The software interface is old-fashion

#8: iCare Data Recovery


When it comes to know the best free SD card recovery software, how can I forget about iCare Data Recovery? The best part about this recovery tool is that it can recover 2GB data for free using iCare Data Recovery.

This data recovery tool can restore 90% of the lost media files from different scenarios of data loss. However, it takes time to scan the files that have been deleted from the memory card. This tool is compatible with Windows but not with Mac OS.

The only worst thing about this tool is that it does not support JPEG file recovery.


  • Works well for any scenario of data loss
  • The tool is easy to use


  • Compatible with Windows platform only
  • The scanning process is slow

#9: TestDisk Data Recovery


When it comes to know the best free SD card recovery software, TestDisk is also included in this list. TestDisk Data Recovery is an open-source tool that was first created with an aim to restore lost partitions. Also, it fixes non-booting disks and is a portable application. There is no need to run an installer.

TestDisk Data Recovery tool is easily able to restore lost or deleted partitions from hard drives and also recover the boot sector, fix the partition table, etc.


  • Resolve or recover lost partition table
  • Open resource software
  • Offers recovery of a boot sector
  • Recovers files from NTFS, ext2, FAT, exFat file systems


  • Not suitable for regular users
  • Need technical skills to use this tool

#10:  PhotoRec Data Recovery


PhotoRec Data Recovery is a free SD card data recovery software that recovers lost data from memory cards with ease. Not only from SD cards, but it also recovers from computers, digital cameras, external hard drives, etc.

As this utility ignores the file structure of the device, it recovers data even when the file system is corrupted. However, you can even upload a corrupted or damaged file to the online checker of the utility to see if it can restore the data before trying several files. It takes very long to scan the deleted files in any scenario of losing data.


  • Recovers all image, video, audio file types
  • Completely free data recovery tool
  • Smaller in size (1MB when installed)
  • Supports Windows & Mac OS


  • A bit complicated to understand the command line interface
  • Do not offer preview option
  • Need technical skills to use this tool.

#11: MiniTool Data Recovery

minitool-power-data-recovery2-100528693-large copy

Last, but not the least, MiniTool Data Recovery is a professional software for both Windows as well as Mac users. This tool has the ability to recover any type of lost/ deleted media files under numerous data loss situations. It also allows the preview option before finally restoring the deleted files.

You can simply save previous scanning results and then import the data to resume data recovery without scanning again. You can choose the free or paid edition based on your own needs.


  • Recovers deleted data in just a few clicks
  • Restores lost data from all storage devices like SSD, USB, HDD, SD card, SD card, and more
  • Offers to preview the files before recovering them finally
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Windows & Mac OS


  • The scanning process sometimes freezes
  • The quality of the recovered files may not be the same as the original one
  • The preview feature is limited

My Recommendation For Best Free SD Card Data Recovery Software

After mentioning all the best memory card recovery software 2020, I would like to recommend you to use the Stellar Photo Recovery Tool. This is because I have already mentioned that I have tried this tool when my photos got deleted from the memory card. And, the best part is that it worked well and I was able to recover deleted photos.

Well, before trying this tool, I tried to recover deleted files from the memory card using the cmd option. But it was completely time-wasting for me.

With the best scanning speed, easy interface and to recover deleted files from memory cards from Mac and Windows, Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the best memory card data recovery software.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Best Free SD Card Recovery Software?

In the above section of this post, I have already listed some of the best software like Recuva, Photorec, Recoverit, EaseUs, and more to scan your SD card and perform the data recovery from SD card. Among the best SD card recovery software, the Stellar Data Recovery tool has proven the best data recovery software to recover data from memory card free.

How To Fix And Recover Data From Corrupted SD Card?

No matter how you have lost your files from a corrupted SD card, you can always get those stuff back with the help of photo recovery software. When you first notice that your crucial files have been deleted, then you need to stop using the SD card and take it out of your camera or Android phone. After doing so, find a PC, download & install the data recovery software and restore your data.

Can I Recover Data From A Broken SD Card?

If your SD card is fully broken/damaged, then I am not sure that you’ll be able to find any solution to recover data from a broken SD card. Though, if your memory card is slightly or a little bit broken & if it’s recognized by your computer then you can copy & paste your files from the SD card to the system’s hard drive. After doing so, you can try a third-party SD card recovery tool to recover a broken SD card data.

Is It Possible To Recover Data From Formatted SD Card For Free?

The answer is YES, it is possible to recover data from formatted SD card for free. However, if you have created a backup of your lost media files then you can easily restore them from the backup folder. But, in case if you don’t have a backup of your data, you can retrieve stuff from the memory card with the help of a reliable SD card recovery tool. I am suggesting this program because it is the best data recovery software and you can use this tool in both Windows as well as Mac PCs.

Time To Verdict

Well, the SD card is a widely used storage media for storing data like photos, videos, audios, and more. However, it may get corrupt due to several reasons and the data store in it gets inaccessible. To recover this data, you need a memory card data recovery tool.

Here, I have summed up 11 best memory card recovery software 2020 that plays an important role in recovering deleted data from the SD card.

So, go through them completely and choose the best one for you as per your niche.

The choice is all yours….