GoPro Video Recovery – Recover Deleted GoPro Video Files With Ease

GoPro Hero’ is a commonly used digital camera, as it captures high definition videos of sporting events and adventure sports like play surfing, water skiing, jet-skiing, Motorsports, etc. It is not just a regular camera because its features are excellent waterproof, wearable, and shockproof capabilities. Sometimes, it happens that you may lose your important photos videos and other stuff from GoPro hero due to several unexpected reasons. And it would be highly demotivating but, you need not worry anymore. Here in this post, you’ll get the best GoPro Video Recovery Tool to recover deleted GoPro video.

To recover deleted GoPro video files, we recommend this tool:

This software will restore data from corrupted, formatted, encrypted storage media and works in all data loss situations. Now recover your lost and deleted data in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download this Media File Recovery Tool rated Excellent on
  2. Select the storage media from which you want to restore the media files & click Scan.
  3. Preview the recoverable files, select the items you want to recover and click Recover to save the files at desired location.

Can You Retrieve Deleted GoPro Videos?

Well the answer is ‘YES’, the video footage can be easily retrieve from Gopro Hero Camera. Everyone wants to get their deleted video footage or other stuffs immediately so that they can relax. But actually nothing can retrieve instant? You will take some time to recover those files.

However, if you have saved backup of you deleted videos then, you can recover deleted GoPro footage from there. In case if you don’t have backup then you can directly try the professional data recovery GoPro software. In the next section of this blog, you will get its user-guide.

How To Recover Deleted GoPro Videos With GoPro Hero Recovery Tool?

Using GoPro Hero Video Recovery Tool, you will be easily able to recover deleted GoPro files. It is one of the best reliable and trusted data recovery tools that ensure 100% recovery from internal and external hard drives as well.

This Gopro video recovery tool is very easy to use and it does not even require any technical knowledge to perform the steps to recover accidentally deleted GoPro videos.

Let’s find out its more marvelous features:

  • Recover lost or deleted files from GoPro Hero digital camera instantly
  • Retrieve deleted videos and photos from other digital camera brands as well such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, etc.
  • Get back deleted photos file formats like PNG, PSD, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc
  • Support all GoPro Camera such as Fusion, Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 5, Hero 6, etc.
  • Show Preview images and videos before recovering.
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac

emidDownload Photo Recovery For Windows emidDownload Photo Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable items.

This video recovery comes with efficient scanning algorithm that extract every single multimedia files in cases of all card corruption or deletion.

You can go through its step by step guide to know how to retrieve deleted GoPro videos using this best GoPro deleted file recovery tool.

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Gopro Plus Backup?

GoPro offers a cloud storage service for its users to backup photos, videos and other stuffs from all types of GoPro cameras. The videos get automatically uploaded to GoPro Plus anytime, if you’ve taken the service subscription then recover deleted GoPro video from this cloud storage. To do so, follow the below given steps:

  • Firstly, open your GoPro Plus account either via GoPro mobile app for desktop or in browser via
  • Then, you can see and then restore deleted video files from there.

But if you maintain your own backup folder on local drive, check there for the lost GoPro videos.

What Cause Loss Of Videos From GoPro Hero 5 Camera?

However there are several scenarios which occur and user find themselves in tragic situation because of their digital data [photos, videos, audios] corruption. Therefore it is necessary to know the causes for the data loss from digital media.

  • Damage in storage media– Many times it happens that your storage device gets damaged or corrupt and the data stored in it gets damaged. Virus attack is one of the main reason behind corruption.
  • Wrong removal– When digital media is plugged on PC, if it is removed wrongly then data loss is surely to happen.
  • Clearing recycle bin– whenever the data is deleted, it directly goes to recycle bin, but if the recycle bin is also deleted then there is a chance that you will lose all your data completely.
  • Formatting– Whenever your digital device gets damaged then it pop-ups to format the entire device. This is also one of the reason to lose your data.

How Do You Fix A Corrupted GoPro Video?

You can simply fix a corrupted GoPro videos with SOS. To do so, first insert the SD card that includes the corrupted video in a GoPro camera. After that, turn on the camera. The camera might then display an SOS signal, or + repair icon on its LCD to highlight that it detected a corrupted file.

If so, simply press any button on your camera when you see the repair icons or SOS signal to initiate a corrupted file repair; and wait until the camera stops blinking red. In case after trying this method if you are unable to resolve this issue then, try Video repair tool to fix a corrupted video.

Is GoPro Good for Photos?

GoPros are best known for video, but they can also be used to shoot still photos. All GoPros can take pictures as JPGs and some can shoot RAW as well.

How Do I Recover Deleted Videos From My GoPro 5?

You can recover deleted videos from Gopro 5 using the best and most reliable Video recovery software. It not only retrieves videos but get back photos and other stuffs as well. It supports all GoPro Camera such as Fusion, Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 5, Hero 6, etc.

But remember one thing that once lose data from your GoPro card then immediately stops using it. Else it will overwrite the existing data and you will lose the chances for recovery using this software.

Why Can’t I Play My Gopro Videos?

When you can’t play GoPro video footage smoothly on your system, the first thing I suggest you to do is to check if you’re playing video directly from GoPro camera’s card. If so, copy your videos from memory card to hard drive and try again.

How Do I Reset My Gopro?

  1. When the GoPro is off, press and hold down the shutter button (top button).
  2. While still holding the shutter button, press power button (on front of the camera).
  3. Then, the camera will now power on and it will reset to the original settings.

Can I zoom GoPro?

Yes, you can zoom in your GoPro camera. The zoom is digital and you will use the touch screen to zoom in.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss

Once you have deleted data from your storage device, you would never face the same situation. So its better to take some preventive measures so that you can save your crucial data without losing. Some of them are mentioned:

  • Don’t forget to take a backup of all your data as this is must to have. Make this a habit so you cannot forget it.
  • When your device battery is low then stop using it
  • Use anti-virus software to prevent your device from any type of virus infections
  • Avoid unexpected system shutdown by using some reliable power source
  • Don’t use the same storage device if it is full. If possible then mark those storage devices which are full or already used.
  • Properly eject the device before you remove it from computer
  • Don’t avoid any kind of warning message and try to solve the issue
  • More importantly, before deleting any data, just make sure you don’t want them or check twice

Time To Conclude

When you lose your important videos from any means then you cannot relax yourself until you get those back. This is a situation with almost every users. But there is no need to worry. You are guided with best GoPro file recovery ways on how to recover deleted video from Gopro Hero 7.

No matter how you lose your videos but using proper methods to recover data from Gopro hero camcorder can really help you. All in whole, you are given the best tricks to handle the data loss situation.

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