FAT32 Data Recovery: Recover Data From Fat32 SD Card In Easy Way

FAT32 is a famous and commonly used file system. It is generally used on numerous storage devices like USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, iPod etc. Sometimes, it happens, you may accidentally delete data from FAT32 SD card. But, you need not worry anymore. In this specific blog, I am going to share 100% working and effective solutions to recover data from fat32 SD card.

To recover data from FAT32 SD card, we recommend this tool:

This software will restore data from corrupted, formatted, encrypted storage media and works in all data loss situations. Now recover your lost and deleted data in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download this Data Recovery Tool rated Excellent on Pcmag.com.
  2. Select the storage media from which you want to restore the media files & click Scan.
  3. Preview the recoverable files, select the items you want to recover and click Recover to save the files at desired location.

It doesn’t matter how careful you are in protecting your card, once in a life you encounter with data loss situation. And you look for simple & quick methods that can help you to recover files from FAT32 volume.

So let’s get started…

Best & Safe FAT32 Data Recovery Tool

FAT32 Data Recovery Tool is the best and reliable software to recover files from FAT32 SD card. It not only gets back data FAT32 but also recovers lost videos and other stuffs as well.

By using this data recovery software FAT32, you can customize your scan of deleted data, preview selected files from search results and retrieve those data which you actually need from FAT32 SD card.

Let’s find out its more ingenious features before I proceed any further.

  • Restore data from deleted and erased FAT16, FAT32 SD card
  • Recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 formatted partitions or drives. Even, it helps to restore data from FAT volumes in few steps
  • Get data back from formatted FAT hard disks
  • Identifies and recovers all file types including photos, audio with ease
  • Supports recovery of data from memory cards (SD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), FireWire drives, USB external drives and iPod
  • Preview recoverable FAT32 data within the software, before you proceed to save them on the system
  • 100% risk-free, read-only program & user-friendly interface

Download Data Recovery For Windows Download Data Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Below you can find the step by step guide of this feature-loaded tool to restore lost fat32 files effectively.

Step 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. After selecting, click on 'Scan'.


Step 2: Preview Recovered Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media files after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on 'Recover' option to save them at the location you want.


What Is FAT32 File Format?

FAT32 is a file system used for storage devices, and file systems are ways of organizing storage on devices such as hard drives, SSDs, memory sticks, microSD cards, and so on.

How Does FAT32 File System Work?

FAT32 stores the root directory in the Data Region, along with files and other directories, allowing it to grow without such a constraint.

What Reasons Are Responsible For Data Loss From FAT32 SD Card?

Below, you can see the most common causes that can lead to FAT32 SD card data loss:

  1. Converting FAT32 SD card to other file system like NTFS or exFAT will remove entire data from it
  2. SD card formatted with FAT32 file system will be corrupted in case you connect it to a computer which is infected by viruses
  3. Interruptions at the time of moving files from FAT32 SD card to your computer could erase files from FAT32 SD card
  4. Other issues such as power failure, improper removal, accidental deletion might make you lose few files from it

How Many GB Does FAT32 Support?

FAT32 supports drives up to 2 terabytes in size. Microsoft Windows 2000 only supports FAT32 partitions up to a size of 32 GBFAT32 uses space more efficiently.

Can I Use exFAT Instead Of FAT32?

FAT32 is compatible with the old operating systems. However, FAT32 has limits on single file size and partition size, while exFAT does not. Compared with FAT32, exFAT is an optimized FAT32 file system that can be widely used for removable devices of large capacity.

What’s The Difference Between NTFS And Fat32?

Well, the FAT32 is simple while the NTFS structure is quite complicated. NTFS can support larger file and volume sizes along with large file names relative to the FAT32 file system. FAT32 does not provide encryption and much security whereas NTFS is enabled with security and encryption.

How To Prevent FAT32 Data Loss From Storage Devices?

By following the below tips, you can prevent FAT32 files from your external storage devices. So, let’s have a look at them one by one:

  • Before you format any drive, check once the storage device if there is something important that you don’t want to lose
  • Never use any devices when the battery is low
  • Do not remove the files when the FAT32 file transfer process is on
  • Make sure that you have a copy of the vital files or folder so that you can avoid data loss situation
  • Use a reliable power supply source which can help the system prevent from sudden shutdown

Final Words

After going through the above sections of the blog, it must be clear to you that FAT32 SD card data deletion takes place due to several reasons. However, in that case, it is important to keep a regular backup of your data.

So, that if it gets deleted by mistake then you can easily recover files from fat32 external hard drive from backup folder.

For instant result, you can try FAT32 Data Recovery software to recover data from fat32 SD card easily. This is the best option you can ever try.

I hope, this blog will be helpful and will never let you down.