How To Fix SD Card Is Write Protected Error [Tried & Tested]

Is your SD card is showing an error message “SD card is write protected” when trying to save new data to the SD card?

Want to know how to remove write protection on micro SD cards as it is restricting you to write new files to the SD card? If your answer is yes, then just relax, here you’ll get some tried & tested fixes for the memory card is write protected in camera/PC.

Apart from that, here you will also get to know how to recover data from write protected SD cards using the SD Card Recovery Tool if lost.

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But, before that, let’s know something about the disk is write protected SD card error that is shown in the below image….

SD Card Is Write Protected

What Does It Mean When Your SD Card Is Write Protected?

Write protection is one of the features on the SD/memory cards that used to prevent data stored on the SD card so that new data cannot be added.

This feature exists just to ensure that no one can write data on the SD card. Also, no one can delete the SD card saved files or format it to make space.

Therefore, when your SD card is write protected then it simply means, you can easily read the data saved within the card, but you can’t do any changes to the stuff inside your card.

Why Does Memory Card Need Write-Protection?

As I have mentioned in the above section, the write protected SD card doesn’t allow modifying, adding, or deleting any files on your SD card, it is read-only.

But sometimes, the write protection feature comes in handy as it protects your data saved within it from unauthorized access or erroneous operation.

Moreover, having such a write protection feature will avoid any malware/virus infection on your microSD card.

(Reasons) Why Does SD Card Say It’s Write-Protected?

The disk is write protected SD card happens because of the physical or logical causes. There are some other reasons as well that can lead to such errors. They are as follows:

SD Card Is Write Protected

As you have known the major factors for this error, now let’s proceed to know how to fix write protected SD card with possible ways.

How To Fix “SD Card Is Write Protected” Error?

Here I have shortlisted some of the quick ways to get rid of it. Also, you can watch this video to learn how to fix the ” SD Card Is Write Protected” Error.

Fix 1: Check The Write Protection Switch

SD Card Is Write Protected

Some of the SD cards have a physical write protection switch on the sides of the cards.

So, simply check both sides of your memory card for physical switch. If this switch is set to the write-protect position then it is likely to get this error message on your screen.

All you need to do is to turn OFF this switch to remove write protection on SD card. After doing so, reconnect your card to your PC and check if you can easily access the content stored inside the card.

However, if your card doesn’t have the switch, try the next fixes.

Fix 2: How To Remove Write Protection On SD Card Without Switch Using Diskpart

Diskpart utility is a special feature present in the Windows system that allows you to manage the disk partitions and volumes. Even sometimes it solves the hectic issues on volumes and partitions on the PC.

Since your SD card write protected you are unable to modify, add, or delete any new files on your card. So, let’s try to eliminate this problem with the help of diskpart.

  • Connect your card to a PC first.
  • Press the Windows + R keys together, type the cmd in a Run dialog box >> click “OK“.
  • Once the command prompt window opened >> type there ‘diskpart’ >> hit Enter to begin the utility.

SD Card Is Write Protected

  • Next, you’ve to type the ‘list disk’ to show the list of disks that are available in the system.
  • Now, you have to type the select disk n (where n is the disk number of the SD card).
  • After this, type attributes disk clear readonly.

SD Card Is Write Protected

Doing so will change the properties of the SD card so that the SD card will no longer be read-only.

Fix 3: Use Registry Editor To Fix SD Card Is Write Protected Error

Before you try the registry editor method, it is suggested to take a backup of your SD card data somewhere else.

Since your memory card is write protected you might be unable to create a backup of your SD card data. Therefore, just try this method first and then use SD Card Recovery Tool to regain your SD card data back if they get deleted.

 Here is how to remove write protection from SD card with the Registry Editor:

  • Go to the ‘Start’ >> then type Regedit in the search box.

how to fix write protected SD card

  • After this, click on ‘Yes’ to open the Registry editor when you see that it is displayed at the very top of the list.
  • Next, you have to navigate to the following key:


  • If there is no folder available as a StorageDevicePolices, simply create one:
  • Make right-tap on the “Control” then tap “New” >> “Key” option, rename it as the “StorageDevicePolicies”.
  • Again, right-tap on the StorageDevicePolicies >> click on “New” then “DWORD Value“. Just name it as the “WriteProtect“.

how to fix write protected SD card

  • Twice-click on the “WriteProtect” & change a Value Data to the “0”. Click “OK.”
  • Lastly, you have to then close Regedit and then restart the computer.

Now, you should find the write protection is removed and the SD card is no longer said to be write-protected.

Fix 4: Scan SD Card For Viruses

It might possible that the SD card is unable to save the new files or format it due to the presence of some harmful viruses.

Therefore, it is suggested to scan the SD card using some best antivirus tools to fix SD card is write protected error message. This method will allow you to perform further essential actions on your SD card.

Fix 5: Check SD Card’s Properties & Space

There’s an exceptional facility available in Windows system that can help you to remove SD card write protection.

Yes if your SD card is full then you can even receive an SD card is showing write protected issue.

Hence, to troubleshoot the problem using this, follow the below steps:

  • Connect your card to PC using a card reader.
  • Go to “This PC” then find your memory card >> right-tap on it.
  • Choose “Properties” option.
  • Here, you can see the total space of your SD card & ensure that your card is not full.

That’s it…

How To Recover Data From Write Protected SD Card?

Sometimes it happens that after removing write protection, you may lose data from the SD card and so you need an SD card recovery solution.

In such a case, using Memory Card Recovery Tool is the best option to recover data from write protected SD card.

This recovery tool recovers media files from almost all the SD card brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung, PNY, Strontium, Sony, HP, Lexar, Apacer, Kingston, etc.

Apart from that, it supports both the platforms; Windows as well as Mac.

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* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

The steps used in the recovery process are so easy that you can easily use it without having any technical knowledge.

Here is the step-by-step guide of this software.

How To Format SD Card That Is Write Protected?

You can format the memory card that is write-protected by inserting it into the computer. But before that make sure that you have a backup of your memory card content because after formatting the memory card all the stored information will get erased or wiped.

Here are the steps to format an SD card:

  • Connect your SD card to your PC.
  • Open a File Explorer by its icon in a taskbar (Alternatively, you can press Windows + E keys).
  • Tap on “This PC” from a left-side panel.
  • Find your SD card and make a right tap on it >> choose “Format” option.

how to fix write protected SD card

  • At this time, select the NTFS as a file system to format it.
  • Click on the “Start” option to being the formatting process.

how to fix write protected SD card

Final Words

So, this is all about how to remove write protection on micro SD cards by applying the above methods.

All the fixes listed here are so easy to apply that you do not need any technical help or knowledge for this disk is write protected SD card.

Furthermore, if you find your SD data has been deleted mistakenly then you can use SD Card Recovery Tool to restore deleted pictures, videos, or any other media files without any backup.

Thanks for reading…!