How to Fix External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error

external hard drive not formatted error

Have you ever met up an error ” disk is not formatted” while trying to open or access your external hard drive? If yes, it could be quite frustrating as it restricts you from accessing your personal data. This error message usually popups when your drive turns to RAW. In such a situation, you’ll need the perfect solutions on how to fix external hard drive not formatted to resolve this issue.

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7 Common Digital Camera Errors & Their Solutions

solve camera errors

If you own a digital cameras and using it for several months then you must be familiar with the problems and errors that is mentioned below. If you have not experienced any problems or if you are a beginners, then also the below listed common camera problems and their solution will help you a lot.

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[7 FIXES] How To Unlock A Locked Memory Card Without Data Loss

Memory card locked error

Memory cards are commonly used in digital devices such as – cameras, camcorders, smartphones etc., for data storage.  However, at times while using your digital device you often encounter errors like – “memory card locked”, “memory card error 1010” “this memory card cannot be used” etc. These error messages usually prevent you from accessing the data stored in the memory card.

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[Fixed] How To Format Memory Card Using 6 Different Ways

How To Format A Memory Card

Sometimes it is quite important to format memory card in the mobile, camera, or PC just because of the issues like slower speed, full storage space, or virus attacks.

Thus, if you want to know how to format memory card when it is not formatting in simple ways, read this post till the end. To format SD memory card, you can either use the cmd option or format the card in the camera or in the system (Windows & Mac).

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