fix memory card erorrs unread and missing files

fix memory card erorrs unread and missing files

Recover unreadable or missing photos, videos and audio files from memory card!!!

Overview – Are you getting unread or missing error message while accessing photos, videos and audio files from memory card? Do you want to restore your valuable and important image, video and audio files from error throwing memory card? If “yes” then you have landed on the right webpage. Here you will learn step by step guide on how to rescue unread or missing media files from card with the use of powerful Digital Media Recovery Tool. With the help of this recovery tool, you can:

  • Get back unread, missing, inaccessible files (photos, videos & audio) from various memory cards
  • Recover media files from memory that throws following errors – Memory Card Locked or Write Protected, Card Not Recognized, Card Shows not Formatted, Files & Folders Hidden, or Have Become Shortcuts, Deleted Photos, or Formatted Card by Accident, Memory Card Says There’s No Space, Unable to Format Card, etc
  • Also retrieve files from various memory cards such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD, MMC, CF, TF, xD, etc of various brand such as SanDisk, Toshiba, Transcend, Kinston, Kingmax, Transcend, Apacer, Samsung, HP, etc
  • The recovery software comes separately for both Windows and Mac users
  • Read-only program, 100% clean, safe & easy to use

Efficiently Get Back Unread or Missing Files From Memory Card

Free Download Photo Recovery for Windows
Free Download Photo Recovery for Mac

* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Memory card is utilized to store photographs and other media documents which are utilized by camcorders, computerized Polaroid, cellular telephones and PCs. It is getting more and more popular for storing some memorable photos of any event or any occasion. Self-storage within camera offer limited capacity of storage space; memory cards can expand the amount of photos and video footage which a camera can hold. While using a camera, you might experience an error in memory card.

The error in memory card can vary in type and case of the damages of logic. When error messages occur, it temporarily is unusable or unable to display or offload photos and videos.

Some of the common problems associated with memory card are:

Memory card is write protected or locked

Memory cards have a lock on them which prevents memory from being stored on card while the lock is on the “on” position. If the memory card is in locked position then a message will appear which tells that the memory card is write protected when you try to record videos or photos. Therefore the solution for this is simple, only you have to check how to unlock a memory card.

Missing or Unreadable files:

In some case, photos or videos appeared to be missing or unreadable. To solve that, you need to use software which will help you to restore the seemingly lost photos and videos. If the software does not work, then you should take your memory card to a computer or camera repair center otherwise sent it to data recovery software. No matter these methods will be successful in recovering photos and videos or not, the memory card should always be formatted after recovery is attempted.

Card cannot be used Error message:

Sometimes your camera display a message that memory card cannot be used. In that situation, it is not clear what the problem is. After receiving such message, turn the camera off and back on. After that you will be able to view photos and videos by pressing the camera’s playback button.

Memory Card runs slowly:

Sometimes it might seem like memory card is transferring data much more slowly than usual.  In that case, it may not the problem with the card. Every memory card has a speed rating that indicates how quickly photos and videos can be transferred from the card to another storage device. If the card has low speed rating, then transfer times will be longer. In such case, formatting the card may solve the problem.

Damaged or corrupt card:

Memory card are sensitive devices which are prone to damage if the camera is immersed in water and being subjected to extreme heat or cold, which can damage or corrupt a memory card. In such case, the memory card is generally unusable. The best which can hope for this is to recover the data on the card.

How to fix error of missing or Unread Files?

The simplest way to fix the error of missing or unread files on a memory card is to format the card. Sometimes, if the memory card contains too much data then the card may also become unreadable. Therefore to avoid such error, its better not remove the memory card while transferring, displaying or saving the videos or photos. You should remember that when your memory card shows data is unreadable, it does not mean that all data in the card are unreadable. Sometimes one corrupted file on your memory card may prevent the other data inside the card from being read. Therefore you should always use your memory card properly and never plug it out from your computer or camera.

If you want to recover all the videos or photos from such situations, Rescue Digital Media is very helpful. This will recover all the deleted or lost or corrupted photos and videos from Memory card without any problem. This is helpful when the memory card gets corrupt or damaged.

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Steps to fix Error of missing or unread files:

Step 1: Firstly, Download and install “Photo Recovery Tool” on your system.  Now, click on “Recover photos” tab in order to recover missing or unread files from SD card. You are required to connect the media to your desktop and perform the process.

photo recovery1

Step 2: Select the drive from where you want to recover missing or unread files, and external media will be shown in a list, if not then press “Refresh Drive” button. Select your desired drive and press “Scan now” to scan the drive. If you need to customize the recovery on the basis of file type then you can press “Advance Scan” option.


Step 3: In this section you can scan as per the file type like photos, videos,  music recovery3

Step 4: Once you click on the“Scan Now” button the tool will display the progress in scanning. The Recovered files will be displayed in the left side of your system.


Step 5: After scanning is complete, you can select those missing and unread files and preview them and then press “Recover” button to restore them on your computer.


Step 6: Select the location on your system where you want to restore those recovered files. And the recovered files are successfully stored on your system.

photo recovery 5