Sony Memory Card Data Recovery on Windows/Mac

By | May 25, 2016

Sony Memory card data recovery

Easily Recover Deleted/Lost or Corrupted Data Such as Photos, Videos, Music and other media Files from Sony memory card instantly

If you have lost your precious data such as photos, video, music and other media files from your Sony memory card or any other memory card brand then you can now easily recover such data with Sony Memory Card Data Recovery Tool. Using this software, you will be able to:

  • Recover deleted or lost data from memory card instantly.
  • Retrieve lost media files from an external hard drive as well.
  • Retrieve photos belongs to different file extensions like JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, PIC, BMP, etc
  • Instantly recover lost or courted data from other memory card brands like Toshiba, Sandisk, Transcend, Verbatim, Kingston, Kingmax, etc.
  • Get back deleted data from other memory cards like SD card, MMC card, memory stick, CF card, SDHC card, SDXC card, etc.

Recover Deleted Data From Sony Memory Card

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* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Sony is a popular company that is known for the manufacturing of electronic gadgets such as Smartphones, Digital cameras, handycam, Walkman, Memory cards, memory sticks, etc.

Among these gadgets its memory cards are used in different gadgets because it offer great speed of data transfer, portability, comes in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32Gb, 64GB, etc and therefore many user like to use Sony memory cards.

Sony Card is also prone to corruption and data loss. But with appropriate data recovery tool one can easily restore deleted/lost data from Sony card.

Common mistakes of data loss FRom Sony Memory Card

Data loss from Sony memory card is very common situation. There are lots of reasons that can affect the storage media and make the stored files corrupt/inaccessible.

It is recommended to have a look on some common causes of memory card data corruption in order to prevent the data in future.

  • Careless while Data Deletion– It is always suggested to only delete one by one, as when you select and delete  a bunch of data for deletion then sometime important file will also get selected and deleted along with the junk file. So when you want to delete multiple files then always double sure that what files you are going to delete.
  • Hardware Confliction– System’s hardware malfunctioning can generate lots of issues. Among them data corruption is a common one. Due to hardware failure or confliction, system gets crashes/restarts. It becomes worst when occurs while transferring data from memory card to computer or vice versa.
  • Antivirus– Sometime antivirus program can also affect the stored information on memory card. If your memory card is infected with any malicious infection and you connect them from your computer which has an antivirus program then the antivirus program can encrypt the entire memory card’s data in order to prevent virus from being viral.

Best solution to Recover Deleted Data from Sony Memory Card

Restore Backup:

If you have a complete and updated backup of your deleted data or memory card then you can easily get your data back. Simply restore the backup of your memory card and make all of your data accessible. But make sure that your backup is updated as restoring memory card with an outdated backup can again generate data loss situation.

Check for Hidden or Encryption

Sometime antivirus or any other security application can encrypt the memory card or hide the data in confusion of virus. So to verify this situation you need to do some changes on your system’s options.

Go to the folder options and choose Show Hidden Files option. Save the changes and now connect your memory card with your computer. If the files are hidden then you can easily access them, immediately copy the appeared files on any secured place.

Go Automatic:

If you are unable to recover data with the help of above given manual tricks then you need a professional Sony Card Recovery Tool. This recovery software will help you to get back all types of data without need of backup. With the help of this Recovery software one can get back any type of data from any storage media as it supports all types of memory card which include SD card, CF card, XD card, etc.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Data from Sony Memory Card

Step 1 – Install "Photo Recovery" software and launch it on your computer. Click on "Recover Photo, Audio & Video" tab to recover photos, videos and audio files from any SD card, external USB drive or computer hard drive. Connect the media to your computer and then perform the process.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 1

Step 2 – Select the drive from which you want to recover files. All the hard drive and external media will be shown in the list. Now select the desired drive to scan and then click on "Scan" button.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 2

Step 3 – Once you click on "Scan" button the software will show that scanning is in progress. The software will search for all multimedia files from your selected drive or attached media.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 3

Step 4 – After scanning, all the files that are found in the selected volume, hard disk or other storage media devices are listed. You can now select the files to preview them and then you can click on "Recover" button to finally save them on your computer.

Stellar Photo Recovery Screenshot 4


All the above discussed tricks, tips and other information will surely help you to overcome from data loss scenario. All the factors are briefly described so you don’t need any professional experience and knowledge to execute the given tips and tricks.

You can also visit the Sony’s official discussion page and join any conversation that comes to your niche. The recovery methods discussed above also applicable for other memory card and storage device. So doesn’t matter what storage device you are using simply follow the given recovery tricks and make your data accessible again.

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