27 SD Card Errors & Their Effective Solutions [Last Updated on 22/06/2020]

SD Card Errors

SD card has become an essential part of our daily life. It used to store large amounts of data including photos, videos and audio files. For this reason, memory cards such as SD cards, SDHC, SDXC and other variants of cards have become more easy way for storing data in different media storage devices. Among various variant of cards, SD card offers:

  • Good speed read/write process
  • Fast transfers of data
  • Higher memory capacities
  • makes the storage portable in various digital devices

However, due to some uncertain circumstances, the SD card becomes damaged or corrupted or throw some SD card error messages.

Well, keeping all such issues in mind, I have decided to write a blog that will help you know the common SD card error messages and how to fix SD card errors.

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5 Quick Fixes To Resolve ‘SD Card Unexpectedly Removed’ Error

Fix SD Card Unexpectedly Removed Error

Smartphones and digital cameras always come with limited storage space. But the best part is that you can gain extra storage space by adding SD card with different storage capacities. Although, you can sometimes get an error “SD card unexpectedly removed” error due to some reasons.

Here, in this blog, I am going to discuss the fixes to resolve ‘external SD card unexpectedly removed’ error. But, before knowing the fixes, let us first look at some common reasons that can cause this to happen. So, without wasting any time, let’s just get to the point.

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7 Common Digital Camera Errors & Their Solutions

solve camera errors

If you own a digital cameras and using it for several months then you must be familiar with the problems and errors that is mentioned below. If you have not experienced any problems or if you are a beginners, then also the below listed common camera problems and their solution will help you a lot.

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How To Fix Unreadable SD Card & Recover Data From It (2022)

Fix Unrecognized or Inaccessible Micro SD Card

Concerned about how to fix unreadable SD cards? If it is so, then read this post till the end and get the best fixes to get rid of it.

Several users are using SD cards on their devices like Android phones, tablets, cameras, or DSLRs to expand the storage space. Besides that, it is also helpful to keep a backup of the crucial data like photos, videos, or other documents.

But sometimes, it may happen that your SD card becomes unreadable to Windows PC or Android. In such a situation, you might feel upset since you can’t access the data saved within an unrecognized memory card.

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9 Working Ways To Fix ‘Card Is Write Protected’ Error Message

Fix Card Is “Write Protected” Error Message

Are you getting an error message ‘SD card is write protected’ while writing a new picture to the SD card. Do you want to remove this error message from SD card as it is restricting you to write new data to the SD card? If yes, then do not worry here you will get the complete fixes to know how to remove write protection from SD card and how to recover data from SD card using SD Card Recovery Tool if lost.

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But, before that, let’s know something about card is write protected error message on SD card….

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[Fixed] How To Format Memory Card Using 6 Different Ways

How To Format A Memory Card

Sometimes it is quite important to format memory card in the mobile, camera, or PC just because of the issues like slower speed, full storage space, or virus attacks.

Thus, if you want to know how to format memory card when it is not formatting in simple ways, read this post till the end. To format SD memory card, you can either use the cmd option or format the card in the camera or in the system (Windows & Mac).

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