How To Retrieve Lost/Inaccessible Media Files From Toshiba Memory Card

Toshiba is a brand and popular company and it manufactures several electronics gadgets. It also offers different memory cards such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD & microSDHC and UHS ESCERIA cards. These all cards are used in different gadgets like in digital cameras, smartphones, PDAs, computers, home entertainment, audio players, video players, etc.

Sometimes it would be really painful, if your all essential data may get deleted or damaged by mistake or hitting the reformat button which would format the memory card of your digital camera and in this way you lose all data from the camera.

But as mentioned above that data stored on your Toshiba card can also lose as like other memory cards, due to intentional or unintentional deletion. There are various reasons for the loss of data from a memory card. But Toshiba external hard drive data recovery can be easily performed with some of the effective ways mentioned in this blog.

To retrieve deleted data from Toshiba card, we recommend this tool:

This software will restore data from corrupted, formatted, encrypted storage media and works in all data loss situations. Now recover your lost and deleted data in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download this Media File Recovery Tool rated Excellent on
  2. Select the storage media from which you want to restore the media files & click Scan.
  3. Preview the recoverable files, select the items you want to recover and click Recover to save the files at desired location.

Similarly, here in this article, you’ll get a complete guide about How to Retrieve lost media files from Toshiba memory card but before that, you’ve to first take a look towards the scenario.

Practical Scenario

“I use 32GB Toshiba SDHC card on my digital camera to save recorded videos and images. However, today I used this SDHC card on couple of other devices after which it turned corrupt and stopped showing files saved in it. This card holds most of my precious pictures and some rare video clippings that I don’t want to lose at any cost. Is there any possible way to recover files from Toshiba SDHC memory card? If yes, then please suggest some useful tips.”


However, there are some of the reasons that can cause data loss from your Toshiba memory cards. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.

Reasons For Data Loss From Toshiba Memory Card

Below are some of the common reasons which can lead to loss of files from memory card are.

  • Because of malware intrusion or when data is saved on a full memory card can be the reason for data loss
  • Due to accidentally formatting the memory card, there is a chance to lose your essential data
  • Unwanted deletion from Toshiba memory card during the transfer of files or accidentally pressing the “Delete All” button
  • Because of improper handling of memory card can make your data loss and you can face the terrible situation

How To Recover Deleted Data From Toshiba Memory Card

When you lose your data then you should take preventive measures so that you can retrieve lost data from SD card. However, one important thing to note is when you lose your data then avoid all write operations on your card. Stop using it completely so that you can have a chance to get back the deleted data.

Method #1 Automatic Solution To Retrieve Deleted Data From Toshiba Memory Card

You can go for a third-party tool like Toshiba Memory Card Recovery Software. This is one of the best and qualified programs that can help you to recover all the data you have lost from your memory card. It has the power to mac SD card recover deleted or damaged or formatted data. It supports every brand’s memory card and easy to use without any original data loss.

Using this effective tool, you can easily:

  • Restore lost data from a Pen drive/USB drive/Memory Card
  • Recover damaged photos, videos from corrupted or damaged memory card
  • Recovers data from External storage device and Hard Drive as well
  • Retrieve lost or corrupted data even from different memory card types such as SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card, etc
  • Get back deleted data from other memory card brands as well, for example, Sandisk, Transcend, Verbatim, Kingston, Kingmax, etc.

emidDownload Photo Recovery For Windows emidDownload Photo Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable items.

Steps To Recover Deleted Media Files From Toshiba Memory Card

Step 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. After selecting, click on 'Scan'.


Step 2: Preview Recovered Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media files after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on 'Recover' option to save them at the location you want.


Method #2: Recover Deleted Media Files Through Backup

If you have ever created a backup file then now is the time that you can utilize it. Backup files can really help you in critical situations and also one of the best ways to restore your lost files. That is why it is always recommended to create a backup copy of all your files in a safe place.


I hope after going through the complete post regarding how to retrieve deleted/lost media files from Toshiba Memory Card, the given solutions will surely help you to get back data from Toshiba Memory Card.

Also, read the reasons behind the deletion of media files from Toshiba SD card and the given tips and tricks carefully. Although the given ways are so efficient, anyone can use them easily to get back lost data from digital devices.

Hopefully, this post will helpful for you all.

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