SD-card-recoveryDigital camera use memory cards to store photos and videos, it acts as an extra storage device for the camera. As the camera offer a limited capacity so the storage space and memory cards can greatly helps for expanding the amount of photos and video footage. Memory cards include the SD cards, CF cards, XD-Picture card and Memory Stick. But for some reason it may get corrupted or damaged during the power shortage, removal of memory card while shooting or viewing of picture this leads to temporary unusable and unable to display or offload photos and videos.

These corruption or damaged is marked by error messages like “memory card error”, “card locked”, “card error” that are displayed on the camera screen which makes your valuable pictures to get disappear and lost. In some cases the camera or windows may prompt to re-format the memory card or refuse to take pictures or view old pictures.

Problems associated with Memory Card

Memory Card is locked The SD memory card can get locked or prevents the memory card from being stored on the card while the lock is on the “On” position.  If the memory card is in the locked position and user tries to record photos or videos then frequent error message gets displayed defining that the memory card is write protected or locked.

Card cannot be used-This message gets displayed which makes the memory card unusable.

Missing or Unread Files If the memory card is working finely, it is stores photos and videos but somehow these may appear missing or unreadable.

Memory card runs slow- If the memory card transfers the data much slowly than normal than the actual problem is with the card.

Corrupted or Damaged Card Memory Card are sensitive devices that are prone to corruption or damage. Many things such as water or extreme heat or cold can make them to corrupt or get damaged.

Computer unable to read the card Sometimes computer does not able to read the memory card although if it working fine with the camera. This can be due to transferring of photos and videos to a practical storage device inconveniently.

Card is “write protected” error message The card contains “lock” switches on the left side of the card but if the switch is on the lower/bottom position then the card is locked and write protected means that you cannot write on the memory card with new data.

Causes behind the corruption and error of Memory Card

The above errors and corruption can occur due to various reasons that range from virus infection to memory card data structure or size corruption most common reasons are as follows:

  • Due to improper formatting of memory card.
  • The file system of the card may be damaged or the file system property might be RAW.
  • Due to fault card reader.
  • Due to virus and malware attack.
  • Due to improper disk structure which leads to corruption of memory card.
  • Due to improper power failure or pulling out the memory card without switching off the camera.
  • Switching the camera when the camera is still writing photos on the memory card.
  • Run out of battery or battery low while the files being transferred or while clicking pictures.
  • Shooting quickly may delete the images as when you are clicking pictures and it has not written fully on the memory card and another picture shoot make let the images deletion from memory card.

Tips to Avoid Memory Card Problems

To avoid or to minimize the frequency problems that arises with the memory card can be tacked some of the solutions are- memory card should not be removed while transferring, saving or displaying the photos or videos. The memory card should be remaining in the camera while the camera is being turned on or off. It can also be avoided while viewing and taking photos and videos at the time of battery low.

To recover or rescue from these situation Rescue Digital Media is very helpful it will help you to recover all the deleted or lost or corrupted pictures and videos from the Memory Card without any hassle. It is helpful it the memory card gets damaged and if the computer as well the camera is unable to detect the memory card.